A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 142 + 143

By Chunwa

The promised second set of chapters, my editor was out sick so it got delayed a bit, sorry about that.

A big thank you to Dewi Fullerton and Martin Küster who donated for another sponsored chapter, as well as my patreons, namely stormbreeze, Jean-Jacques Beesley-Edgar, Daniel Richardson, Jacob Goerke, Milad Eslamifar, Jonas Erhult, Antonio Islas, Rip Woodham, kristian kellmer andersen, John Cook, Lord Vanyal, Pascal Salmon, Brad Hawthorne, Preston Payne, Tyler K.,  Jordfaar, adrian roed S.,  Joshua B., and Lithaera, you guys rock.

You can find the chapters here and here~

Happy Holidays ~

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