A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 113 + 114

By Chunwa

For a fresh start in the new month, have the chapters I was supposed to post last week.

As a quick update, I didn't stop writing or anything, the chapters are on my drive and on the Patreon page, I'll post them slowly together with the portion for this week and one bonus chapter I finished.

I'd like to thank Rip Woodham, aimee herbert, kristian kellmer andersen, John Cook, Jacob Goerke, Lord Vanyal, Narthor, Benjamin Lee, Jörn Peters, CadiLACi and Michigo for supporting my Patreon.

On top of that, another thank you to Geoffrey Harbord and Xavier Martin for donating, the bonus chapter counter has been updated.

Finally, chuchutrain did a great job with the editing, making the overall quality from barely readable mess into actual chapter! :)

Enjoy them here and here ~

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