A Dragon's Curiosity 120-123

By Chunwa

It's been a while since the last post, sorry for worrying everyone. I've been busy recently with my university tasks and did not quite have the time due to an unexpected issue cropping up. Next time I'll try to give a quick status update even without a chapter update, but at least there are four chapters this time, which should catch up to the current week.

My thanks go to Milad Eslamifar, aimee hebert, Jonas Erhult, Antonio Islas, Kevin, Rip Woodham, kristian kellmer andersen, John Cook, Jacob Goerke, Lord Vanyal, Narthor,  Jannis H., Orion Brown, Michael Newberry and Stanton Daries for supporting my Patreon.

Also thanks to chuchutrain for editing ~

The chapters are here, here ~, here ~~ and here~~~

Enjoy ~

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