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Welcome to Gravity Tales! We’re a group of passionate translators, authors and editors that work to get you the newest and hottest novels from Chinese, Korean and English. On our site you can freely read thousands of chapters from thirty-nine different novels, with more added every day! So whether you are looking to find a sword wielding healer or a traditional Xianxia novel or a warrior necromancer or even something a little risque, we got you covered!

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Many of our novels have daily updates of one or more chapters and have already been translated far into the hundreds. 

I’ve been throwing around the word Xianxia so let me explain what it means and various other terms that you’ll come across on our site. Let’s start with the genres that we translate

Xianxia(仙侠) - Xianxia is a combination of two Chinese characters which respectively mean immortal and hero. Combined together, you get Immortal Hero which is what Xianxia stories are centered around; the rise of an hero who tries to become an immortal.

Cultivation - Cultivation ties into Xianxia in that it’s the process which our heroes get stronger. They cultivate. Every novel has a unique take on the cultivation process but almost all of them start with strengthening one’s own body before pushing to higher heights.

Wuxia(武侠) - Wuxia is similar to Xianxia in that it’s the combination of two Chinese characters. However, in this case, the first part mean martial arts. Thus, Wuxia stories are a little more down to earth without as much magic or fantasy elements that Xianxia is famous for.

There are countless more terms waiting for you to discover in our novels so I won’t waste any more of your time here.

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