The King's Avatar Glossary

Game Terms and Mechanics

Note: The first line/paragraph of each term gives the basic info. The following lines/paragraphs give more detailed but not necessary info.

Aggro – Aggression or attention of a monster. For example “That monster has aggroed onto you.” or “Aggro that monster”.

If a monster or a mob of monsters is under attack by more than one player, then the monster(s) will attack whichever target has the highest threat to them. In general, the more damage a player does to the monster(s), the higher the player’s threat level.

Holding aggro is usually done by the Tank (see below MT), who often uses dedicated skills to raise his threat level and make the monster(s) attack only him. Controlling aggro is not just the Tank’s responsibility, however. The other members of the party must also control their threat level (ex. reducing their damage output) in order to avoid having the aggro turned onto them.

Aggro Radius – the distance from a player at which a monster or mob will be alerted and engage the player in combat. If a player is not in the aggro radius, then the monster will not aggro onto the player.

Pull – Starting a combat by obtaining the target’s aggro.

There are two ways of pulling:

  1. By attacking the target from afar, thus dealing damage and drawing the target’s aggro.
  2. Moving inside the aggro radius (see above Aggro Radius).

MT – “Main Tank” – A playing style often associated with a character class. Tanks take enemy attacks and aggro for the party in order to protect other often low-health or low-armor characters or units. The tank often takes a lot of damage, so the tank has high defense and health in exchange for low damage. The healer (ex. Cleric) will heal the tank to ensure that the tank survives and maintains the target’s aggro onto himself.

OT – Off Tank; a mistake by the tank which occurs when the aggro shifts from the Main Tank to a non-Tank and often results in the death of the non-Tank.

KS – Kill Steal – someone else makes the last blow on another player’s target enemy.

This is considered bad manners and can often cause other players to be angry by the KSer’s action. On normal monsters, whoever makes the last blow, takes 1/3 of the experience. Thus, the KSer takes much of the credit while doing very little of the actual work.

There are two primary reasons that players kill steal. One is to easily reap the rewards with little effort. And the other is to intentionally annoy other players, often to make the player feel good about themselves.

PK – Player Kill. Used in 1v1 situations between two players.

“Getting on TV” – Term for getting on a system announcement (ex. for records, first-clears, etc.)

DPS – Damage Per Second. Damage output.

DoT – Damage over Time

AoE – Area of Effect

HP – Health points; health

MP – Mana points; mana

Durability – Equipment Level 20 and up had Durability. Durability is depleted during battle. When the Durability falls to 0, then the equipment breaks and then disappears.

Iron Triangle – Tanking, Healing, Damaging

Hand Speed/APM – Actions Per Minute. The total number of actions a player can perform in a minute.

Hand speed is categorized into two types: Absolute hand speed and Effective hand speed.

Absolute hand speed is just how fast you can hit the keyboard and click the mouse with your eyes closed. It’s how fast you can move your fingers.

Effective hand speed is how many useful actions you can do. It is absolute hand speed after getting rid of all of the useless actions. This is what most players refer to when they talk about hand speed.

The faster the hand speed, the more actions a player can make. Skill usage in the game was complicated. So the number of fine actions that needed to be done were high. High hand speed can mean faster skill combos, more quick and precise movements and more attacks done. This is why hand speed is often associated with skill, though it is not the only factor (ex. game knowledge, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion).

In Glory, 200 APM is the publicly recognized skill level divide. When ordinary players try to go above 200 APM, they’re basically hitting their keys randomly. Even for pro-players, going above 200 APM needs a certain battle scenario. The level of the opponent can’t be too weak or else they wouldn’t need 200 APM to battle.For ordinary players, 70% of the players arebetween 80 to 120 APM. 25% can’t even reach 80 APM and the other 5% exceed 120. Though among experts(5%), it is said that there was no lack of players that can reach 200 APM, that minimum pro-level hand speed.

Mechanical Skill – reflex, speed, and precision of actions. High mechanical speed is pretty much the same as having high hand speed -> similar to hand speed/APM (above)

Level Suppression – A higher-leveled monster will have an increased advantage. In Glory, physical attack, magic attack, Bleed, Stun, Root, and other status effects have levels, which are the same as the player’s level.

Ex. If a character was Level 21. If he used Double Stab to cause a hidden BOSS to Bleed, then the Bleed’s level would be 21.

Level 21 damage or a Level 21 Bleed would have a reduced effect on Level 22 and up monsters. The higher the level gap, the greater the reduction. This type of situation is called Level Suppression.

Z Shake – Move left, move right, while continuously moving forward. All done extremely quickly. The track left behind looks like a “Z”. Difficult to pull off in real combat.

One Wave Rush – Gather up enemies and then kill them in one rush with AoE skills.

Crowd Control (CC) – Spells or skills which limit a target’s ability to fight (Ex. Stuns, Roots, Knock Ups, Blow Aways, Strangle, etc.) CC is often used to reduce the number of monsters the party fights at once. They are essential to preventing the party from being overwhelmed.

Status Effects

Red Blood – Low health (10%).

When a BOSS hits Red Blood, it will turn Enraged.

Enraged – Becoming Enraged is the BOSS’s way to save itself in when it is in critical danger.

Red Blood isn’t the only scenario where the BOSS becomes enraged. Other conditions can make the BOSS become Enraged. For example, for the Blood Gunner, when a 200 Hit Combo was made onto it, it would summon a legion of monsters. And the Blood Gunner summons monsters.

Other examples of an Enraged status are the Spider Emperor, which gains Super Armor, and the Frost Thain,which gains Super Armor and also casts magic faster.

Bleed – Damage over time.

Blind – Black screen for the duration of the Blind

Burn – Damage over time

Cursed – Stats are decreased

Dizzy – Accuracy lowered

Frozen – Unable to do anything while frozen

Stasis – Untargetable and invulnerable for the duration, but also unable to move, attack, use skills or use items during this time

Silence – Class skills are unable to be used, but normal attacks, common skills, and normal actions such as running, walking, jumping can still be used.

Stun – It’s a stun.

Poison  – Damage over time

Root – Able to attack, but unable to move

Taunt – Pull aggro to oneself

Blow Away – A strong knock-back

Super Armor – User has increased defense and the user cannot be knocked down, knocked back, or hit stunned/flinched. However, the user is still vulnerable to status effects and grabs.

Armor Break – Skills that break Super Armor. They are extremely useful because they allow the user to maintain control on the target. Ex. Back Throw, Wave Wheel Slasher.

Knock-Up – Launch upwards into the sky.

Critically Ill – All stats are reduced by 80%. Occurs when revived after death. Goes away after 10 minutes or through an NPC healer.

Moves & Tactics

Walk – Moves slowly, but Stamina slowly recovers

Jog – Moves faster, but Stamina does not recover

Swift Run – Moves the fastest, but Stamina depletes while running

Roll – A roll

Quick Recover – An instant rebound or roll when landing on the ground.

Aerial Fire (Gunner) – A Gunner skill that allows the user to shoot and use the recoil to move in the air

Delivery Gun (Gunner) – The target would be delivered to a desired location via continuous firing

Gun Shake (Gunner) – Shakes the gun to spread out the bullets

Z Shake – A quick direction-changing movement. Move left, move right, while continuously moving forward in the shape of a Z.

Vanishing Step – You always knew that your opponent was at your side, but you would never be able to see him.

False Combo – Combos are strings of attacks that cannot be dodged or blocked if the first hit connects. “False combos” are similar to combos, except they can be dodged or blocked, so they are technically not true combos and thus aren’t counted by the system.

One Wave Rush – All of the monsters would be pulled and then completely killed in one turn.

Dual Linking Ghost Boundaries (Ghostblade) – The effects of two ghost boundaries cannot overlap, but one can be used to fill the gap while the other is on cool down.

Screen Cannon – A strategy of using firepower to protect one’s teammates. This type of coordination was called a Screen strategy. It was a support type strategy that long-range classes used.  Because Launchers had the highest range in the game, their ability and range to support was the best, so this strategy gradually began being called “Screen Cannon”.


Special thanks to Charlatan for providing a list in Chinese!

(Level learned, if known) First chapter it appeared in

Mage – Battle Mage

Sky Strike – Knock-up (1) 5

Dragon Tooth – Stab – Brief Stun (5) 5

Double Stab – Two successive attacks, Hidden Effect: Bleed (10) 13

Falling Flower Palm – Strong Blow Away (15) 36

Circle Swing – Knock-down + Negates Quick Recover + Ignores Super Armor (20) 48

Battle Mage Level 20+

Neutral Chaser – Successful completion of Dragon Tooth triggers it – Larger combos make the Chaser bigger + gives white movement speed buff (Upon Classing) 58

Ice Chaser – Triggered by Double Stab – brief Stun + chance to Slow + gives blue defense buff (25) 129

Fire ChaserTriggered by Falling Flower Palm – does damage + gives red STR buff (30) 169

Light Chaser - ?

Shadow Chaser - ?

Full Swing - ?

Battle Spirit – Awakening Skill – Increases stats in proportion to the combo hits (50) 270

Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart - Battle Mage skill with longest attack range (60) 319

Dragon Breaks the Ranks - Strongest physical skill for mages (65) 328

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky - An AoE attack that does both magical and physical damage - Ye Qiu’s legendary technique: Dragon Raises Its Head is a variation of this (70) 311

Dragon Rises from the Sea 310

Tyrant's Destruction - Sweeps spear in a circle at enemy's legs 92

Mage – Elementalist

Elemental Power - Slowest Knock-up, but has the widest range (1) 437

Electric Ring – Light Damage 5

Fireball – Launches a fireball. Fire Damage 35

Frost Ball – Ice Damage 35

Elementalist Level 20+

Raging Flames – Fire Burst AoE Damage + Knock-up 35

Blizzard – Ice AoE Damage over Time + Slow 37

Mobile Cast  – Core ability, allows the Elementalist to cast spells while moving 169

Ice Wall - Procures an ice wall, which can be broken 

Fire Storm - AoE fire damage

Thunder Apocalypse - AoE lightning damage

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire - a persisting damage attack with both lightning and fire properties. Lightning and fire erupt randomly within the skill’s area of effect. Each bolt of lightning or flare of fire deals damage.

Mage – Witch

Sweep – Knock Up

Magic Missile – Launch a missile of magic energy

Doll Shururu – Taunts enemies in a 2 meter radius

Disperse Powder – Remove a buff + Slow

Shadow Cloak – Bind enemies into a ball – Grab

Witch Level 20+

Broom Mastery – Passive

Frost Powder  – Endows a weapon with Ice Damage for a duration – chance to Slow

Lava Flask - Creates an area of lava that burns any enemy who touches it

Acid Rain - Acid rain pours down

Star Ray - a fast missile

Broom Tornado - large AoE wind attack

Mage – Summoner

Summon: Goblin

Follow  – Commands summoned creatures follow behind the Summoner

Mark  – Marks a character/place as a target

Lash – Increases the summoned creature’s movement and attack speed

Summoner Level 20+

Strengthen Creature  – Core ability, increases the attack/defense of all summoned creatures

Summon: Thunder Spirit  – Stun

Summon: Fire Spirit  – Burn

Summon: Ice Spirit  – Freeze

Summon: Dark Spirit  – Blind

Swordsman – Blade Master

Upward Slash – Knock Up

Guard – Reduces damage

Lunge – Stab Combo + Knock Back

Falling Light Blade – The higher the user jumps, the greater the damage and the larger the shock wave

Sword Draw – A quick sword draw

Blade Master Level 20+

Sword Mastery – Passive

Triple Slash – Movement

Rising Dragon – Lift Off

Shadow Steps – Creates afterimages

Formless Phantom Sword

Swordsman – Ghostblade

Moonlight Slash  – Knock up

Ghost Slash  – Dark attributed attack – Knockback

Phantom Ghost: Sword Soul  (aka Sword Boundary) – Ghost Boundary – STR & INT Buff

Ghost Claw  – Grab

Full Moonlight Slash  – Strong Blow Away

Ghostblade Level 20+

Shadow Image  – Absorb and reduce damage

Ice Soul  (Ice Boundary) – Ghost Boundary – Ice Damage + chance to Freeze

Swordsman – Berserker

Back Slash – Knock Up

Collapsing Mountain – Strikes target down from the air to the ground

Heavy Hit – Damage depends on the weapon’s weight

Gore Cross – Knock Back

Colliding Stab – Movement + Knock Back

Berserker Level 20+

Blood Awakening - Core ability, lower health makes STR higher

Berserk - Status - Increases damage but decreases survivability for 20 seconds

Earth-Shattering Slash - AoE attack

Wild Blood Strike - allows a player to slice either horizontally or vertically

Crimson Storm - Level 70 skill - Extremely powerful, but it had a very slow startup animation. Can be interrupted with a Grab or with enough damage. Summons a humongous, blood-colored sword that descends towards the ground and spreads a bloody mist on impact.

Swordsman – Spellblade

Wave Splitting Sword (5)

Wave Wheel Slasher – Grab + Breaks Super Armor

Gunner – General

Aerial Fire – The user uses recoil to fly backwards in the air.

Delivery Gun – Not an actual skill. The term meant that the target would be delivered to a desired location via continuous firing. The effects between Deliver Gun and Aerial Fire could be considered opposite of one another. When comparing these two moves, Delivery Gun could be considered far more difficult to execute than Aerial Fire.

Everyone could talk about the theory of Delivery Gun, but only a few could actually execute it. This was a skill that not even all pro-players could grasp perfectly. Put into the normal player community, this was even more of a godly skill. BBQ can be considered as a cheap trick to execute Delivery Gun (although still impressive nonetheless).

Gunner – Sharpshooter

Floating Bullet – Knock-up

Slide Kick – Body Technique

Punisher – Steps on the enemy and fires the gun – Negates Quick Recover

Roundhouse Kick – Body Technique

Gunner – Launcher

Gatling Gun

Swing – Knock Up

BBQ  – Grab + Juggle

Anti-Tank Missile – Knock Back (Variation – Tri Shot)

Launcher Level 20+

Cannonball – Shoots out an energy ball

Laser Rifle – Power can be stored up, but had a strong recoil – The longest range – Knockback

(FIM-92) Stinger  – AoE attack – The artillery shell can explode into eight Stingers

Quantum Bomb  – Power can be stored up, but has a strong recoil – Powerful shockwave

X-1 Extruder  – Suction effect + Armor Break

Heat-Seeking Missile  – Very slow but large explosion radius

Satellite Beam  – Tons of Damage

Gunner – Mechanic

Machine Trace

Gunner – Spitfire

Floating Bullet  – Endows bullets with a Knock up effect

Spitfire Level 20+

Ammunition Expansion  – Core ability, increases the maximum loading capacity for special bullets

Ice Bullet – Endows bullets with a Freeze effect

Fighter – Striker

High Kick – Knock up

Front Kick  – Knockback

Dashing Jab – Movement + Knockback

Eagle Stamp – Steps on your head – Kick Combo

Striker Level 20+

Whirlwind Kick

Fighter – Grappler

Back Throw – Breaks Super Armor + Negates Quick Recover

Fling – Tosses target

Flying Hands - throw

Aerial Twist - throw

Fighter – Brawler

Uppercut – Knock Up

Slap – Raise aggro

Knee Attack – Hidden Effect: Back Attack = Knock Back

Strangle – Hidden Effect: Reduces enemy defense

Sand Toss – Blinds opponent if thrown at the eyes. Can be nullified with eyeglass type accessories or by looking in a different direction when sand is thrown.

Brawler Level 20+

Brick Buster (aka Brick) – Chance to Dizzy 50% for 3 seconds if hit on the head. Effects + damage reduced if Brick is thrown. Hidden Effect: Back Attack + Head hit = 100% chance to Dizzy for 4 seconds

 Apply Poison – Defense ignoring poison

Inject Poison – Armor Break + chance to Bleed

Powerful Knee Strike

Tiger Flips the Mountain - Grab + knockdown

Tyrannical Chain Punch - lots of damage

Night Walker – Assassin

Leaping Blade – Knock-up

Air Jump – Double jump in midair

Cut Throat – Defense ignoring back attack + Bleed

Cut Throat – Armor ignoring back attack + Bleed

Shining Cut – A Quick Attack

Assassin Level 20+

Shadow Move – Extremely Fast Movement Skill

Diving Arrow – Quick Drop Kick

Diving Arrow - Drop kick

Dual Blade Crescent Flow

Life-Risking Strike - percent health to both the target and the user

Night Walker – Ninja

Shuriken – Stun

Shadow Clone Technique – instant movement, clone in the original position

Body Bind Technique - Grab skil

Flame Cut

Hundred Streams - forms a water prison around the target. Impossible to break from the inside, but can be broken through outside help

Underground Tunneling Technique - The character dives into the ground. This skill allows the character to stay underground for awhile. Requires a ninjato to use.

Shadow Dance - Level 70 skill -Makes several shadows appear. After the skill duration ends, the character can freely choose which shadow to go to. Each clone in the Shadow Dance can move, but the clones must be manually controlled by the player.

Bird Fall - damaging move

Ninjutsu · Disappearing Body Technique - What places the Disappearing Body Technique can or cannot be used, whether or not the desired effects can be reachedall depend on the player. The ability to hide with the character’s back to the wall without falling down is an example of the usage of this skill. Maximum duration of 30 seconds.


Night Walker – Warlock

Curse Arrow – Can be charged for increased # of arrows.

Night Walker – Thief

Spike Trap – Roots whoever triggers it

Poison Gas Trap – Poisons whoever triggers it

Priest – Cleric

Heal – Heals

Cleric Level 20+

Sacred Fire – 5 Second DoT w/ a 3 second Silence

Priest – Knight

Repel - Knockback

Descending Phoenix Hammer - AoE shockwave

Falling Star Hammer - Ranged interrupt

Level 20+

Shield Attack - attack with a shield

Provoke (Glorious Provocation) - Single target crowd control skill. Generates a huge amount of aggro, while causing the Provoked target to lose its free movement. The target must attack the caster for 3 seconds. Glorious Provocation generates even more aggro and increases the forced attacks towards the caster to 5 seconds. 

Roar (Sacrificial Roar) - AoE crowd control skill. Sacrifical Roar has increased range

(Honest) Maelstorm Counterattack - a (guaranteed) chance of returning the damage taken from enemy attacks

Charge (Heroic Charge) - Charges at the enemy. Heroic Charge is faster and cannot be stopped. Variations: Arc Charge, Aerial Charge

(Just) Heroic Leap - the attack deals the same damage to every target hit

Knight’s Spirit - Refreshes cooldowns. Knight skills are buffed ()

Priest – Exorcist

Rising Emblem – Knock Up


Note/Format: Real Life Name (Nickname) [In-Game Name](Class) (First Chapter Mention/Appearance)

Note 2: If the name isn’t translated, then it is the character’s real-life name

Ye Xiu (Ye Qiu)  [Lord Grim](Unspecialized)(1) – Main protagonist of the story.

Known in Glory as a textbook and Battle God, Ye Xiu is a first-generation and top-tier player. In the past, he led Team Excellent Era to three consecutive titles as League Champions and was honored with the title of MVP three times. He won the title of Rising Star twice, One Hit One Kill once, and King of Dueling once.

He is kicked out from the Club due to all sorts of reasons. After leaving the pro-scene, he finds a job at Happy Internet Cafe, where he works as a Cafe manager. Possessing ten years of experience in Glory, he throws himself into the newly opened tenth server. With his past memories and an incomplete self-made weapon, he once again begins his journey back to the top.

Chen Guo [Chasing Haze ](Launcher)(2)  – The owner of Happy Internet Cafe and Ye Xiu’s boss. She is hot-tempered and emotional, especially towards Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu. And even though she often gets angry and scolds Tang Rou and Ye Xiu, she often means well.

Tang Rou [Soft Mist ](Battle Mage)(46) – Chen Guo’s friend and an employee at Happy Internet Cafe. She is extremely competitive and stubborn towards her goals. She is mechanically skilled, but is still considered a noob because of her lack of game knowledge and experience.

Steamed Bun Invasion [Steamed Bun Invasion ] (Brawler) (68) – A brawler in real life (security guard). A noob Brawler that Ye Xiu randomly met while stealing the Blood Gunner first kill.

Blue Brook Guild

Liang Yichun (79) – Blue Brook Guild Leader

             [Changing Spring ] (Berserker)

Xu Boyuan (12/16) – 10th Server Guild Leader, one of the Guild’s Five Great Experts

            [Blue River ] (Blade Master) – 10th Server

            [Blue Bridge Spring Snow ] (Blade Master) – Heavenly Domain

[Poplar Beach ] (Blade Master) (41) – Blue River’s hated enemy

[Ice of Dawn ] (Summoner) (167) – One of the Guild’s Five Great Experts

[Chilling Nightfall ] (Elementalist) (167) – One of the Guild’s Five Great Experts

[Flying Brushstroke ] (Spitfire) (167) – One of the Guild’s Five Great Experts

[Thousand Creations ] (Battle Mage) (58) – KS Lover

[Bound Boat ] (Cleric) (32)

[Flower Lantern ] (Knight) (33)

[Thundering Light ] (Elementalist) (33)

[Lunar Grace ] (Witch) (35)

[Returning Cloud ] (Elementalist) (35)

[Flowing Tree ] (Blade Master) – Huang Shaotian’s Temp Account

[Cloud Listening Blade ] (Blade Master) – Poplar Beach’s Temp Account

Blowing Clouds

Endless Flow

Groping Haven

Tyrannical Ambition

蒋游 Jiang You (104) – Tyrannical Ambition Guild Leader

         Wandering Peak (Elementalist) – Heavenly Domain

         [Crowd Lover ] (Elementalist) – Temp Account in 10th Server

[Cold Night ] (Knight) (62) – 10th Server Guild Leader

[Endless Night ] (Cleric) (40) – The Shameless One

Herb Garden (中草堂)

[Arisaema] (126) - Herb Garden Guild Leader

[Plantago Seed] (Witch) (40) - 10th Server Guild Leader

[Mugwort] (460)

Malva Nut

Giant Taro

Oriental Sweetgum

Temp Team Tiny Herb

[White Night Black Day] (Ghostblade) (127) - Zhou Yebai

[Fallen Angel] (Sharpshooter) (127) - Liu Fei

[Cloudy Heavens] (Battle Mage) (127) - Xiao Yun

[Ashen Moon] (Assassin) (127) - Qiao Yifan

[Weeping Crow] (Witch) (127) - Gao Yingjie

[Fiery Blaze] (Witch) (134) - Wang Jiexi

[Blood Frenzy] (Berserker) (134) - Liang Fang

[Slash Slash Draw] (Blade Master) (135) - Liu Xiaobie

[Untraceable Bullet] (Sharpshooter) (137) - Li Ji

Excellent Dynasty (嘉王朝)

陈夜辉 Chen Yehui (95) - Excellent Dynasty Guild Leader

Wind Following Sword] (Blade Master) (268) - One of the experts in the guild, famous for his craftiness

Forest Landscape] (Battle Mage) (345) - Chen Guo’s friend

Dreamland] (460)

Gray Black

Sea Breeze


Golden Fragrance

Nine Heroes

Samsara (轮回公会)

[Lonely Drink] (149) - 10th Server Guild Leader

[Three Realms Six Paths] (541) - overall guild leader

Blossom Valley (百花谷)

[Blooming Blossom] (372)

[Backlight Bomb] (Splitfire) (217) - 10th Server Guild Leader

[Dazzling Spring] (Spitfire) (583) - Zhang Jiale alternate account

Misty Castle (烟雨楼)

[Misty Lock] (371) - Overall guild leader

[Hazy Mist] (255) - 10th Server Guild Leader

Howling Heights (呼啸山庄)

[West Riding Wind] (371) - Overall guild leader

Void Walk (踏破虚空)

Royal Heritage (皇朝遗风)

Full Moon Guild (月轮公会)

[Maple Tree] (Sharpshooter) (147) - 10th Server Guild Leader

[Sleeping Moon] (Blade Master) (6) - “Little Moon Moon”

[Seven Fields] (Striker) (11) - Sleeping Moon’s Old Friend

[Sunset Clouds] (Blade Master) (15)

[Drifting Water] (Knight) (15)

Heavenly Justice (义斩天下)

[斩楼兰 - Loulan Slash]

Ocean Ahead. (Elementalist)

Homeward Bound (Battle Mage)

Night Tide

Thousand Falling Leaves (Cleric)

Random Players

[Immersed Jade] (Assassin) (29) - Noob Girl

[Hateful Sword] (Berserker) (108) - Liu Hao’s Temp Account

[Zero Kills] (Assassin) (238) - Random noob

[Grazing Fire]

[Bright Mushroom]

[Ascending] - random dude in Happy Internet Cafe

[Ma Chenyi] - Boss of Grand Internet Cafe

[Wolf Head] (574)

[Happy Sheep] (560)

[Wolf Claw] (574)

Side Accounts

Cleansing Mist (100) – Su Mucheng
Hateful Sword (108) – Liu Hao
 Flowing Tree (121) – Huang Shaotian

Team Excellent Era (嘉世)

孙翔 Sun Xiang (1) – Current team captain and trump card of Excellent Era Club. In the seventh season of the league, he won the title Most Outstanding Rookie, leading the mediocre Over the Clouds team to eighth place. He transferred to Excellent Era in order to take ownership of the character One Autumn Leaf. He has outstanding mechanical skill, but still lacks experience in the competitive scene.

         [One Autumn Leaf ] (Battle Mage) – “Battle God”, once owned by Ye Qiu

苏沐橙 Su Mucheng (1) – Ye Xiu’s close friend and currently a pro-player in Team Excellent Era. She and Ye Xiu have a deep, mutual understanding of each other and care greatly for each other. She is most proficient in the Launcher class. Her skill level can’t be considered top-tier in the pro-scene, but she is extremely popular. Moreover, after being around Ye Xiu and other pro-players for so long, even though her skill level may not be the best, her knowledge of the game and ability to strategize are top-tier.

        [Dancing Rain ] (Launcher) – All-Star Launcher

        [Cleansing Mist ] (Launcher) – Side Account in 10th Server

刘皓 Liu Hao (95) – Vice Captain

张家兴 Zhang Jiaxing (119) – Main Roster

申建 Shen Jian (119) – Main Roster

贺铭 He Ming (94) – Sixth Man

[Merciless Magic ] (Elementalist)

王泽 Wang Ze (95) – Sub

方锋然 Fang Fengran (95) – Sub

Team Blue Rain (蓝雨)

喻文州 Yu Wenzhou (182) – Team Captain, Master Tactician. He has a relatively low hand speed for a pro-player.

黄少天 Huang Shaotian (16/119) – Trump card of Blue Rain and a good friend of Ye Xiu.

In the pro-scene, he is famed for his astonishing decision-making and ability to take advantage of openings. He is amazing at Interrupts and a paragon opportunist. In the team competition, he often appears weak, even non-existent to his opponents. But once even a slight opening appears, he immediately seizes the opportunity to kill the opponent ruthlessly.

Contrary to his cold, ruthless combat, he loves to talk and will constantly chatter around, even if the person he is talking to isn’t listening. His ridiculous amounts of chatting caused the Glory Professional Alliance to create a rule specially made for him: dead players weren’t allowed to type.

            [Troubling Rain ] (Blade Master) – “Sword Saint”

李远 Li Yuan (182) - New player

郑轩 Zheng Xuan - the most unmotivated pro player, has a habit of saying “too much stress”

    [Bullet Rain] (Sharpshooter)

于锋 Yu Feng (335)

    [Brilliant Edge] (Berserker)

Team Tyranny (霸图)

韩文清 Han Wenqing (93/187) - Team Captain, Ye Qiu’s true rival

    [Desert Dust] (Striker) - “King of Fighting”

张新杰 Zhang Xinjie (187/231) - Vice Captain

    [Immovable Rock] (Cleric)

白言飞 Bai Yanfei (251)

林敬言 Lin Jingyan (211/309)

Team Tiny Herb(微草)

王杰希 Wang Jiexi (124) – Team Captain, the “Magician”

             [ Vaccaria ] (Witch)

邓复升 Deng Fusheng (133) – Vice Captain

             [Angelica ] (Knight)

高英杰 Gao Yingjie (127) – Vaccaria’s future successor

             [Kind Tree ] (Witch)

刘小别 Liu Xiaobie (135) – Widely known for his hand speed

李亦辉 Li Yihui (137) – Main Roster

梁方 Liang Fang (134) – Main Roster

肖云 Xiao Yun (128) – Half Main Roster Half Sub, leader of the reserve team

周烨柏 Zhou Yebai (128) – Senior Sub

            [Rangoon Creeper ] (Ghostblade)

柳非 Liu Fei (128) – Senior Sub

李济 Li Ji (137) – Main Roster

乔一帆 Qiao Yifan (128) – Rookie, Gao Yingjie’s good friend

             [One Inch Ash ] (Ghostblade)

Team Samsara (轮回)

周泽楷 Zhou Zekai (100/) – Current No.1 most popular player in Glory

             [One Shot Pierces the Clouds] (Sharpshooter) – “Great Gunner”

杜明 Du Ming (322) - “Berserk Blade Master”

江波涛 Jiang Botao (335)

     [Empty Waves] (Spellblade)

Team 301 Degrees (三零一度)

杨聪 Yang Cong (88/91) – Team Captain, #1 Assassin

         [Scene Killer ] (Assassin)

许斌 Xu Bin (93) – the “Grind King”

        Tide ] (Knight)

高杰 Gao Jie (89) – Main Roster

         [ Stellar Sword ] (Blade Master)

Team Misty Rain (烟雨)

楚云秀 Chu Yunxiu (88/) – Team captain, #1 female expert

李华 Li Hua (335)

     [Dark Forest] (Ninja)

Team Void (虚空)

李轩 Li Xuan (147/) – Team Captain, #1 Phantom Demon

     [ Sobbing Ghost ] (Ghostblade)

吴羽策 Wu Yuce (336) - Li Xuan and Wu Yuce - duo Ghostblade combo

     [Carved Ghost] (Ghostblade)

Team Hundred Blossoms (百花)

张佳乐 Zhang Jiale (217/)

     [ Dazzling Hundred Blossoms ] (Spitfire)

唐昊 Tang Hao (211/)

     [Delilo ] (Brawler)

     [Three Hits] (Brawler) - current  character

Team Wind Howl (呼啸)

林敬言 Lin Jingyan (211/)

            [Three Hits ] (Brawler)

Team Thunderclap (雷霆)

肖时钦 Xiao Shiqin (231/336) - Master Tactician

     [Life Extinguisher] (Mechanic)

戴妍琦 Dai Yanqi (302)

Team Royal Style (皇风)

田森 Tian Sen (336)

     [Peaceful Hermit] (Exorcist)

Team Seaside (临海)

赵杨 Zhao Yang (336) - Ace Player

Team Mysterious Fantasy (玄奇)

张益玮 Zhang Yiwei (133/) - Coach

Team Bright Green (明青)

李博 Li Bo (133/) - Coach