Glossary - Roland

【Roland Mist】 (Bronze-rank)
The Arbiter
Strength: 20
Agility: 19
Stamina: 20
Intelligence: 29
Will: 19
Charm: 19
Race Talent: War Angel Form, Sinful Devil God Form, Sword of Order, Titan Body
LV__ Order Knight/LV__ Chaos Witch King 
Soul Imprints: Mark of Justice, The Crown of Undead, The Ice Treader, Son of Light
Soul World: The Infallible Diffindor

Race Talent
   【Titan Body (Diamond-class Race Talent): Your physical body contains the primitive strength of the Titans. Your skin will gradually turn into that of the Titans. Reduce any damage and debuffs by 30% and reduce all damage incurred by 5 points.】
   【Sword of Order (Diamond-class Race Talent): Summon a weapon forged of the Power of Order and deal damage to the enemy from a physical collision and an explosion. Afterwards, the weapon will continue to exist for an additional minute per summoner’s LV. The tier of the weapon will be decided by the power rank of the summoner.】

Abilities/ Spells
   【Frozen Air: A kind of deadly cold air that is without sound or presence. It can be enchanted onto one's physical body and weapon, as well as paired together with Ice Magic as an attack. Those who are touched by the Frozen Air will have all movements slowed by 1% and suffer 1 point of frost damage per second. This debuff can be stacked. If the target's movement speed is reduced by more than 20%, a frozen effect will be inflicted. Many negative statuses will be inflicted, such as the freezing of one's thought. If the target's movement speed is reduced by more than 50%, then there is a chance that the target might die at any moment due to massive loss of heat.】
   【Aura of Plague: Hidden stat Luck +10%. Yes, increase, you didn’t see wrongly. However, as long as there is a possibility of meeting with misfortune, even if the chances are only 1%, someone is bound to meet with it. The lower the Luck, the higher the chances of meeting with the misfortune. If there’s no one who takes the blow, then the one who will be unfortunate will be you!】
   【Star of Misfortune Aura: The effect of the Aura of Plague will be boosted by 50% and its effects will prioritise your enemies first 】
   【Ice Aeon (Unusable)
   【Honorary Title King of Gentlemen: As the Gentleman among Gentlemen, the legendary uncrowned king, your reputation will spread throughout all dimensions. All Gentlemen who you meet will feel as though they are meeting with an old friend and their intimacy towards you will rise significantly. However, normal people will resent and avoid you. At the same time, as the King of Gentlemen, you will attract Gentlemen to you. Also, if you were to extend an invitation to them, there is a higher probability they would come under your command. 】

-Equipped with Time Distortion Ring (Real body: 14 years old)
   【Pale Justice】
   【Attack Power: 20-25. Tier: Epic (Superior)】
   【Two-handed Sword
Prerequisite: Strength 12+, Holy Knight Job】
   【Ultimate Sacred Flames: Deal additional 30 Silver Inferno damage to Chaos lifeforms. To normal lifeforms, deal additional 5 Silver Inferno damage.】
   【Perfect Courage: Immunity to all fear-related magic, death-related magic, race talents and abilities. The wielder will always be in a state of high morale. This effect can be shared with 3 party members.】
   【High Tier Protection from Evil: The damage dealt from Chaos lifeforms will be reduced by 10 points.】
   【The Judgement of Justice: Activate the Soul Gemstone's judgement ability. When this sacred sword strikes on a Chaos being, the target will be forced to undergo Judgement. If the target fails to pass the Judgement, the target will be directly destroyed thoroughly. Duration: 10 minutes. This ability can be used 3 times daily.】

Liu Huang Mountain City
Underground Alliance
East Mist Communal Country
Mist Country (Former)
Xiluo Empire (The Royal Faction)
Absolute Gentlemen Alliance

Wrath - Bastian
Greed - Harloys (Magic Pet)
Gluttony - Ah Dang

Prince of the Mist Country (Twin Stars)
Emperor Yongye of the Undead Calamity
God of Law Wumianzhe (Former Supreme Judge of Liu Huang Mountain City)
Lich Roland of Liu Huang Mountain City

-Disciple of Harloys
-Master of SemiGod Adam and Elisa
-Boyfriend of Marquess Elisa

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