Mr Voltaire's Response to Gravity-Qidian

Hey everyone,

I'm not one to make public statements. I'm lazy and I don’t like dealing with the resulting nonsense, but after reading through many of the posts and comments, I feel that this is necessary. Let me start this off by stating that I'm writing this completely of my volition, and I have not been paid in any way to write this (by anyone: whether that's GGP, Gravity, Yuewen, Qidian, QI, or any other related person or entity).


I have been translating for over a year and a half now, and have been part of Gravity for close to half a year. Ever since I've joined Gravity, I've been constantly observing GGP, and after interacting with him for around half a year, I can confirm that he is indeed a good guy person. I must admit that he's had his shortcomings- lack of communication, less-than-satisfactory responses to questions, etc, but keep in mind that he's a human. An ordinary one at that. Yes, he's skirted around questions (such as whether Gravity was bought by Qidian/QI), but he has not lied. Yes, he provided misleading answers, due to the NDA, but he has not lied. He hasn't been trained to be an excellent PR or manager. He is, if I may, just a kiddo who's younger than even me (and I'm still in uni). He's been trying his best to deal with this whole mess despite the constant (irrational) criticism and hate he's facing, all while running Gravity, getting deals settled, studying in uni and translating. Please cut him some slack.

The deal

Moving on to the Gravity-Yuewen deal. As someone who's talked to GGP about this in-depth, I can say that as a translator, I'm quite happy about this deal. What this means is that translators at Gravity no longer have to avoid Qidian novels or fear a DMCA hitting the Qidian novels they're already translating. What this means is better deals for translators and editors, especially translators- to the point that I, as a law student, would consider giving up the legal profession for a career in translating. That means I get to do what I love as a job with full job and financial security, while readers get more chapters.

Furthermore, GGP retains full operating rights, and Gravity will be run exactly the same as before. And no, there will not be paywalls.


Moving on to the Yuewen/Qidian/QI side of things. First of all, please stop with all of the irrational hate, to the point of boycotting Gravity. What this will result in is simply harm to the translators and editors, which simply isn't fair on those of us who spend our time and energy to translate the content that you enjoy.

On a related note, please even stop boycotting QI. Why do I say this? Most of you are boycotting QI because you don't want them to benefit from the ad revenue your views will generate for them, and because of potential paywalls. However, the consequence of this is that this will instead push them towards paywalling- if they're making little to no money from ads, why should they continue with this business model? However, if they're doing well with ads, why sacrifice that and ruin everything with paywalling?

Others of you are boycotting because of them 'stealing' chapters from Wuxiaworld. I can't comment on the legality of this, because I have not seen the contract between them, nor do I know the full story. However, let me reassure you that if they are in the wrong, they will be sufficiently punished by the courts, while Wuxiaworld and the translators from Wuxiaworld will be adequately compensated.

All in all, I hope that makes some of you more comfortable with this change. I, at least, will continue to support Gravity and GGP, and I hope you do too.

Mr Voltaire