Notable Quotes

"Risk had always been an important element of success."
— Gluttonous Taoist <Chapter 7 - Tight Timing>


"How many of the people in the current society had ever been desperate or experienced poverty?"
— Gluttonous Taoist <Chapter 72 - Deliberation>


“Whatever life holds in store for you, you shall never forget these words, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ This is your gift, your curse. Who are you? You’re the saviour of our world.”
— Katrina Riven <Chapter 107 - Conflict of Idea>


“Pressure can burst a pipe, but pressure also makes diamonds.”
— Gluttonous Taoist <Chapter 121 - Chaotic Situation>


“It came to me. Mine, My love. Mine. My precious.”
— Katrina Riven <Chapter 125 - Barrier troops>


“There is no greater glory than to die for your nation!”
— Jos <Chapter 128 - Backhoe Loader>


“What difference is there between people and salted fish if men don't have dreams?”
— Jos <Chapter 131 - Refused>


“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a madman.”
— Zhou Qingfeng <Chapter 160 - Joyous>


“War! War never changes.”
— Gluttonous Taoist <Chapter 165 - Suffer in Silence>


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