Notable Quotes

***Minor Spoilers ahead***


“... what I fight for is the survival and glory of my race! We of the human race, will not be condemned as food for the monsters from the time of our births!”

—— Zhong Yue <Chapter 145 - Inauguration>


“Overcoming hardship and difficulty … isn’t that the reason we are born into this world?”

—— Zhong Yue <Chapter 165 - The Sword Eye>


“Why do I seem like a monster? It’s not that my heart longs for blood, but the indifferent reality, and the harsh truth ... that drives me to kill.”

—— Zhong Yue <Chapter 167 - The Xiao Mang Celestial Temple>


“The Fuxi are never ones to bend the knee, the ones that do so ... are not Fuxi!”

—— Anonymous Fuxi <Chapter 553 - The Last Fuxi>


“How far you go is not determined by your bloodline ... but by your heart.”

—— Zhong Yue <Chapter 649 - Waist-tall Grasses>


“The Fuxi, never bent the knee, never surrendered, and never gave in. The Fuxi were the vaunted gods of war. They ... are not Fuxi!”

—— Si Ming <Chapter 860 - Naivety>


“I vow to bring humanity out of this epoch of darkness and subjugation … so that we will never again be condemned as slaves!”

—— Zhong Yue <Chapter 958 - A Vow to Freedom>


“Securing the lives of your soldiers. That … is the only justice!”

—— Zhong Yue <Chapter 1005 - Justice and Evil>


“The Fuxi were the exalted gods of war. You may carry the bodies of the Fuxi, the blood of the Fuxi, and the arts of the Fuxi, but you lack the will of the gods of war. All of you … do not deserve to be Fuxi.”

—— Feng Jikai <Chapter 1352 - The Returned God of War>



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