Demon's Diary Glossary

Da Xuan Country – Country of Liu Ming’s Birth
Savage Island – Island where Liu Ming was sent to when he was young
Barbarian Ghost Sect – Sect of Liu MIng
Ancestral Hall – Where the founder is honored by the new Spirit Apostles for the inauguration
Spirit Spell Pavilion – Where Spirit Apostles go to check out books for Arts and information
Scripture Pavilion – Where Spirit Apostles go to learn their cultivation techniques, first timers get one for free, can change for contribution points
Technical Training Terms:
Spiritual Pulse – Prerequisite to becoming a Practitioner and beyond
Spiritual Opening Ceremony – Ceremony to open Spirit Seas
Spirit Sea – A “sea” of Yuan Li/ Fa Li
Practitioner – A special kind of people that can use “spells” with the help of Practitioner Weapons
Spirit Apostle – Practitioners that have opened their Spirit Seas and are able to generate Fa Li
Spirit Master – Level above Spirit Apostles
Yuan Li – Special “power” within Practitoners
Fa Li – Spirit Apostle version of Yuan Li
Enchanted/Practitioner weapons – Weapons that Practitioners/some Spirit Apostles use
Tiger’s Bite Bracelet – First Practitioner Weapon of Liu Ming

Sect Terms:
Outer Sect Disciples – Practitioners under the Sect
Spirit Apostle – Practitioners who have awakened their Spiritual Seas                                          
Spirit Masters – Practitioners who have ascended above Spirit Apostle

Liu Ming – Mysterious boy who grew up in Prison Island with the ability to literally split his mind in two
Liu Yang Zong – Liu Ming’s father
Gu Lao San/ Guan Lao Da – Practitioners serving Bai Chong Tian who was killed by bandits and forced Liu Ming to act as Bai Chong Tian
Bai Clan/Family – Clan where Bai Chong Tian grew up
Mu Ming Zhu – Girl Gao Chong likes, she doesn’t have enough talent to become a Spirit Apostle
Gao Chong – Loose Practitioner that is shown to have great talent (spiritual pulse)
Lei Zhen – Youth with a lot of confidence and decent talent
Lei Clan – Huge practitioner clan
Shi Xiong – Sect Leader of the Barbarian Ghost Sect
Mu Yun Xian – Mu Ming Zhu’s Aunt, wanted to rope Liu Ming into her clan, but was blocked by the Nine Infants Faction
Cui Er – Spirit Marrow Body, High Level Spirit Apostle
Qian Shi – Cui Er’s upperclassman and self-imposed tutor
Yang – An important and mysterious cultivator that has not been talked about much yet
Huang Shi – Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader
Ru Lan – Aphrodite Body Spirit Apostle, fake name Shu Er (potential harem member for Liu Ming)[I wish there were strikethroughs] Chi Qi – Baneful Yin’s faction leader
Gui Spirit Master – Nine Infants’s faction leader
Lin Caiyu – Ghost Dance’s faction leader
Xiao Feng – Nine Spirit Pulse Apostle in Nine Infants Faction, Gloomy
Yu Cheng – Red haired Loose Practitioner in Nine Infants Faction, Upbeat
Xue Shan – Nine Infants Faction, Three Spirit Pulse with Liu Ming, Practices Earth Spirit Method
Wan XiaoQian – Nine Infants Faction, Three Spirit Pulse with Liu Ming
Shi Chuan – Upperclassman in Nine Infants Faction to Liu Ming and his group
Ruan Shi Shu – Grants cultivation methods to new Spirit Apostles, has a sleeping cultivation method, no faction


Black Tiger Guard – Warriors that tried to capture Liu Ming
Eight Factions in Barbarian Ghost Sect – Dancing Ghost, Baleful Yin, Mysterious Glyphs, Nine Infants, Poisonous Spirit, Corpse Refinery, Heaven’s Secret, and Blood Control

GGP – The God of Gravity

师兄 – Shi-Xiong > Used for a more Senior Male Disciple
师弟 – Shi-Di > ‘Younger’ Male Disciple
(Note that younger might not refer to age though it is usually the case, sometimes it might be based on how many years the member has spent in the sect)
师妹 – Shi-Mei > ‘Younger’ Female Disciple
师姐 – Shi-Jie > Senior Female Disciple
Above are respectful ways of address, usually between people of the same Sect.
Or studying under the same master
They usually come together with the Family Name of the individual in Question
e.g. 圭师兄 > indicates that his Family Name is Gui 圭 (Gui)
Also this system allows for us to get a glimpse into the seniority or some sort of hierarchy within the Sect.
For example Person A, B and C and ranked 1,2 and 3 within the sect respectively
A will call both B and C 师弟 (Shi-Di)
C will call both A and B 师兄 (Shi-Xiong)
While B will call A 师兄 (Shi-Xiong)
and B will call C 师弟 (Shi-Di)