Zhan Long

Chapter 538

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Chapter 538 Hell’s Battlesong – Lin Han

“Gu Dong!”

Fallen Wolf couldn’t help but swallow and say, “That Demon Heart Necklace… aren’t its stats a little too strong? Even though it’s an Assassin type equipment, but…. But it would be good for any close combat Swordsman or Berserker….”

Fushen Thousand Blade raised his heavy shield and walked over, “Guild Master Yan Zhao, this necklace’ stats are pretty good. It’s good for any close combat player. From what I see, why don’t we let the top three close combat players roll for this?”


Dong Cheng glared at him and said, “What are you guys just going to eat the 20% increase in agility? Do you guys know how much agility a Lv 100 Assassin has and what a 20% increase would do? This clearly is a necklace for Assassins. You actually want to hog that kind of equipment now? Uncle Yan Zhao, do what you think!”

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled, “I understand….”

As he said that, he raised the Demon Heart Necklace and clearly said, “The Demon Heart Necklace, with a 40% increase in close combat attack, a 20% increase in agility, and 3000 in health. This is clearly an Assassin type equipment. Of all of the Assassins that participated in the killing of the BOSS, the top three are Cang Tong, Yue Qing Qian, and Yue Wei Liang. And so, this Demon Heart Necklace will be decided upon the same way as before, to the beautiful Cang Tong. There’s no need to debate over it, this is what I decided.”

In the next moment, the Demon Heart Necklace went to Wan Er. The beautiful little miss was so happy, she put it on as soon as it reached her hand. Smiling, she said to me, “I have over 18,000 health now!”

I was a little shocked. As long as the equipment was a high enough level, then a top tier Assassin’s health wouldn’t be much lower than a warriors. Even if they didn’t have as much health, that just meant that they couldn’t wear heavy armor to increase their defense. However, Wan Er had a set of godly skills, multiplying her defense. In reality, she had the strength to break through the enemy front lines. Plus, her success rate already surpasses that of Swordsmen and Berserkers, so her survivability shouldn’t be much lower than my own.


Continuing on, Yan Zhao raised the last spoil of war. It was a majestic crimson mantle that had fire like words imprinted on it. It was clear that it had some kind of godly power. Yan Zhao’s hand shook as he revealed the stats in the air. Everyone was dumbfounded. Just as we thought, coming to the Graveyard of Heroes definitely had its rewards——

[Ruler’s Mantle] (Divine Tier)

Defense: 1350

Strength: +127

Stamina: +125

Agility: +122

Magic: +120

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 27%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 55%

Additional: Increases the user’s health by 4000

Special: [Wind Stepper] Increases the user’s movement speed by 35%

Special: [Cleansing Wind] Recovers the user’s health every second by 2%

Required: 95


Nobody had ever seen such a strong piece of equipment. Furthermore this mantle wasn’t’ the same type of equipment as a cloak, meaning that a high defense mantle like this could be worn by Mages, Assassins, and warriors alike. This was the one piece of equipment that all light armor classes wanted. Looking at the Ruler’s Mantle, everyone couldn’t utter a word——

Don’t be Foolish gripped his halberd, “Damn… These stats are just too strong. 35% increase in movement speed. Doesn’t that mean that the person will be just as fast as the wind? They can come as they wish and be gone with the wind?”

North Pole replied, “Dumbass, all you want to do is escape. Why don’t you look at that 4000 increase in HP and the 2% health recovery? Even if you didn’t get any heals, you would get all of your health back in 50 seconds. That is where it’s really OP…”

The Tyrant of Western Chu Liu Ying’s eyes were filled with greed, “F*ck…. Looks like none of us are going to be able to get that piece of equipment…”

On the side, Windy Walker gripped his dagger and said, “Boss, not necessarily!”

Little Piggy shouted, “Don’t be an idiot. Look how many of [Prague]’s players are standing by Yan Zhao Warrior and keeping guard? He himself has over 20,000 health. Do you think he’d be killed by you? Just keep quiet and watch from the side. [Wrath of the Heroes] must get through as much of this quest as possible. We’re not going to die in the hands of someone else for a piece of equipment!

Windy Walker shut his mouth and didn’t say anything else. After listening to Little Piggy, he thought about it and realized that he had no better words to say in response.

Jian Feng Han on the other hand tried to steal the spotlight. He smiled, “This is a piece of equipment that any class can use. To be honest, the heavy armor types, the Musketeers, and the Archers can all use it. I think, how about every class choose the strongest DPSer and then ROLL for it?”

Wan Er flashed a cold smile, “Guild Master Jian Feng Han’s calculations really are fast… Unfortunately, we should do it as we’ve been doing it. For all players that can use this cloak, whoever’s DPC and dealt damage is the highest, then they’ll get the cloak. Uncle Yan Zhao, what do you say? Wa, look at that greedy look on your face. You wouldn’t be thinking of taking it for yourself, would you?”

Yan Zhao Warrior chuckled, “How could I?! Speaking of which, haven’t I done some business with the Tian Jin Corporation? How could I upset your dad over a Divine Tier equipment? He he, there are some people I cannot afford to offend.”

Wan Er tossed her dagger from hand to hand and sweetly smiled, “Oh, Uncle really is a good person…”

Yan Zhao Warrior raised the mantle and said, “Then we’ll just decide as before. The player that can wear this mantle must have dealt the most damage. The top three are Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Jian Feng Han and Cang Tong. Of them, Xiao Yao Zi Zai dealt 740,000 damage and took 17,000 damage. That’s 41% higher than the other two, and so this mantel will go to Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

As he said that, Yan Zhao tossed it over to me. I caught it with one hand and equipped it. My defense and health all increased a ton..


My total health was near 30,000, and my defense was close to 8000. Like this, I wouldn’t have too much of a problem surviving. I then took off my War Swept Cloak and handed it to Yue Wei Liang. Even though it was only a Valkyrie Tier equipment, its stats were extremely good. Yue Wei Liang’s damage output was only a little less than her sister’s. We just needed to increase it a little more.

Once everything was settled, we looked into the distance and saw that Luo Lin and Frost had already lead complete victory over the magic army. Even though the ground was still littered with bodies, all in all they came out victorious. At least the players who survived had earned quite a bit of profit. Especially Wan Er, Simple and I who got equipment.

“Hu…. hu….”

Luo Lin raised his long sword and glanced at the corpses lying around. He grit his teeth and said, “The corpses of the heroes have all been trained into demons. They will no longer fight for freedom or honor. Everyone must be more careful. The most terrifying Hybrid Demons are pressing closer and closer to us!”

Frost leapt up and suspended herself a dozen meters in the air. Her snow white long hair flowed in the air and she looked down at everyone and softly said, “King Luo Lin, you are right. A great mass of Hybrid Demons are coming straight towards us. There’s tens of thousands of them. We must defend ourselves at this place, or else we’ll quickly be scattered and eaten.”

Luo Lin also leapt up and looked into the distance. He slightly trembled and gritted his teeth, “Damn it… It’s a King Level demon, a King Level…”

Su Ke was stunned, “My lord, what’s different about a King Level?”


Luo Lin’s voice was a little hoarse, “Those are all old demons that have lived for tens of thousands of years. Legend has it that there are a total of 27 King Level Hybrid Demons in the territory. However, after the God and Demon War, only 14 of them were left. The ancient texts have recorded their names, but we’ve always thought of it as a mere legend. Nobody dared to believe that they existed. Today, us Dragon City Warriors will prove with our lives that they are still alive…”



Luo Lin looked down at the ground and angrily shouted, “There’s a small hill behind us. We’ll go there to defend ourselves so that they will be charging at us from below. The true enemy has come. It is one of the legendary 14 King Level Hybrid Demons, the death reapers—— Hell’s War Song – Lin Han. Damn it all, this bastard is actually still living!”

“Hell’s War song…. Lin Han?” Su Ke was dumbfounded.

Frost softly said, “The empire’s history books have talked about him once. Lin Han was originally one of the guardians of the strongest empire on the continent. He had the power of the Holy Domain. His entire life he had fanatically pursued the art of death. However in the end, he fell into the darkness and became one of the kings of the Hybrid Demon Territory. After ten thousand years, he had already trained to a high level. God knows just how strong they are…”

As she said that, Frost had a little despair in her eyes, “Everyone, prepare to die. But, as long as we have a sliver of strength left, then we will bring the godly weapon Despair back to Ba Huang City!”

“Yes my lord!”

The Dragon City Warriors all retreated to the little hill. Wan Er and I exchanged glances and quickly took our 400+ [Zhan Long] players along with them. The hill wasn’t that small, enough to fit the thousands of us so that we could build a formation!


My Cloud Stepping Boots moved across the broken stones on the hill. I turned around to look, and I felt as though a stone dropped into my heart. The land in front of us was covered in crowds of monsters all charging towards us. There was so many of them that I couldn’t imagine us winning. Furthermore, all of them were probably Hybrid Level monsters. Their stats were far higher than that of Thunder Tier monsters. This time we were really putting our lives on the line!

Behind the monsters, there was an enormous black figure flying in the air. It’s cloak fluttered in the wind, but I couldn’t see its face clearly. However, its entire body was covered in an aura of death. It was as though it had crawled straight out of hell. In its hand was a crimson thorny blade. I could see it smile, “Bugs from the South, aren’t you guys supposed to be hiding South of the Ice Ridge Mountains? What’s wrong? Have you decided to come to the north and die?”

Luo Lin gritted his teeth and made a fist, “Lin Han, I knew it was you!”

In the distance, Lin Han laughed, “Unfortunately, I do not know who you are. But, that is not of importance. After all, you are a dead man in my eyes…. All warriors of hell, charge forward at these ignorant humans! Swallow their flesh and blood, and relish in this feast that has brought itself to us!”

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