Zhan Long

Chapter 536

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Chapter 536 King of the Barbarians

After 30 minutes of violent fighting, a huge crowd of ghosts lie dead in front of our formation. Qing Qian and Wolf took a small team over to sweep the battlefield. Exclaims started to rise around us——

“Woah, an Emperor Tier!”

“F*ck… I’m not seeing things right? A Lv 1 Hybrid Demon actually dropped a Lv 94 Emperor Tier bow? My sister Ru Xuang finally has a weapon. This is great….”

“Eh, there’s even Spirit Stones? These monsters really are generous!”

“Hei hei, no need to put the items in the guild storage, just keep it with yourselves for now….”


I sheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked across the battlefield and surveyed [Zhan Long]’s situation. After this battle, we only had 500+ people left. This meant that everyone still alive was the top of the top. Most of them were Knights, Swordsmen, and Berserkers who had the defense and [Dou Qi Armor] to block the Lv 1 Hybrid Demon attacks. With the heals from the Healers, they could pretty much continue battle like that.

The entire battlefield was covered in bodies. Of the ten thousand players that came, only 3800 were left and of the 3000 NPC that came, only 1500 were still standing. These high level NPC’s survivability was a little stronger than ours, something that was understandable. For example, Frost and Luo Lei were extreme examples who completely overpowered the Lv 1 Hybrid Demons.

“This time we must be careful….”

As I got ready to set out, I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword. With a sword in each hand, I stood in front of the [Zhan Long] camp and said, “Ignore all of the weapons along the roadside. No matter how beautiful it is or how much you like it, you cannot touch it. Otherwise, you’ll bring trouble upon all of us. Us [Zhan Long] players must remain open minded, don’t be too greedy…”

Dong Cheng suddenly cried out and puffed her chest out, “Wa, look over there. What a beautiful staff. It even has a large ruby on top of it. Wa wa, I like it so much. Can someone bring it to me!”

One Second Hero raised his hand, “Beauty Cang Yue, do not worry. I will bring it to you!”

Li Mu wryly smiled, “If you dare try I’ll strip you of team leader status….”

One Second Hero raised his shield and said, “Then I’ll just stay right here….”

I glared at Dong Cheng, “Dong Cheng, don’t be stubborn. Those are all items. Even if you take it, you won’t be able to equip it. Just stay out of trouble. The owner of that staff is probably some ancient mage. If he were to revive, then that’s enough to trouble us all. Our losses are great enough. If another wave of monsters come, and they’re magic types, then we’ll be screwed….”

Dong Cheng pouted her lip, “Alright already, I’ll just not take it. Then, Brother Xiao Yao, after this quest you have to take me to Pizza Hut!”

“That’s all….” I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything more.


But, even if [Zhan Long]’s players didn’t touch anything, that didn’t mean that nobody else would. After a few minutes, one of the [Valley of the Gods] team leaders walked into the wild grass and accidentally stepped on a pile of bones. Suddenly “PA!” he grabbed a flaming battle axe and laughed, “F*ck, its a Divine Tier weapon. Motherf*cker its a Divine Tier Battle Axe! It’s attack power is over 5000! I’m rich!”

I suddenly jumped. Jian Feng Han turned around and roared, “That [Valley of the Gods]… you… are you a F*cking dumbass! Did you think that it was that easy to get a Divine Tier weapon? Hurry up and put it down! You’re going to kill us all!”

Yan Zhao immediately raised his long sword and said, “Prepare your defenses! Another idiot was too greedy. That motherf*cker, I’m going to murder him… Is it not possible at all to minimize our losses?!”

However the [Valley of the Gods] team leader kept holding onto the battle axe. In the end, the hand holding onto the other end of the battle axe ended up pulling the rest of its body up. Then with a roar, a three meter barbarian hero suddenly jumped up, a cruel expression on its decayed face. A red crown rested on his head. With a ghostly voice he roared, “Damned bastard, you dare touch my royal Holy Fire? Boy, pay with your life!”


With a swing of his battle axe, he threw an attack with the same effect as [Flame Axe]. “Ka Cha!” The team leader was cut in half and a large damage number popped up. It was so large that nobody could breathe after seeing it——


It was a critical attack! But even if it was a critical attack, the attack power behind it was just too strong.


I suddenly glanced over and listed the BOSSes stats in the guild chat and shouted, “Hurry up and build a formation. This definitely isn’t as simple as a regular BOSS!”


[Barbarian King – Lu Lin] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 110

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Barbarian King, he was once the Duke of the Southern Lands. Lu Lin had a natural gift of strength. When he was only 17 years old, he became a leader of the Barbarian Tribes and lead 4 battles. Like that, he brought peace to the Southern Lands, and helped the Barbarians take over a big half of the continent. After the battle of the Demons and Gods, Lu Lin lead a army of elite barbarians but still died in battle. In the end, his spirit was tortured and broken and he became one of the Hybrid Demons.


“I can’t see the attack power, but it definitely isn’t weak!”

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and said, “Let’s not aggro the BOSS just yet. The barbarian soldiers around him are about to revive. Let’s deal with those first. Since the [Valley of the Gods] people woke the BOSS, then let’s let them deal with him for now!”

I nodded in agreement, “Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest, prepare to battle with the BOSS at any time. Use all of your control type skills. Keep him busy for as long as possible. He might come after the players on his own!”

It was just as we had predicted. Lu Lin swung his battle axe and after killing a few of the main forces in [Valley of the Gods] he raised his battle axe and shouted, “Sleeping warriors of the Barbarian Tribes. Open your eyes and awaken! The time for us to battle once again has arrived!”

“Hua La La” the piles of bones all began to shiver and rise up. They were all enormous creatures with incredible strength. All of them swung their battle axes and heavy maces and charged towards [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], and [Enemies at the Gate]. We were too spread out and so we took the first attack.

“Careful, shrink the defense line!” Old K shouted.

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes were shocked, “Pig, don’t underestimate these monsters. They… they’re Lv 2 Hybrid Demons!!!”


I shuddered. Lv 2 Hybrid Demons. That’s a bit terrifying… Similarly, we couldn’t see the Lv 2 Hybrid Demon Stats. All we could do was learn as we went.


Taking Matcha, Tang Xin, and One Second Hero, the three Knights, I charged forward. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the crowd of monsters. The Barbarian Warriors shivered and then lunged back at me. Against a monster with this much strength, we couldn’t drag out the fight. We had to kill them as quickly as possible, or else their attack would f*ck us over.


A barbarian warrior raised his battle axe and charged towards us. The blade of the axe had flames licking its edge. He leapt up and threw an axe skill, yelling, “Die, pretty girl with 34Cs!”


Even with the buffs of [Holy Phantom Shield] and [Dou Qi Armor], that one attack had forced Matcha backwards——


The [Dou Qi Armor] ignored 50% of the damage, meaning that if Matcha didn’t use it, she would’ve been instantly killed. These Lv 2 Hybrid Demons were much scarier than the Lv 1 Demons!

“Wu wu….”

After being pushed back, Matcha’s eyes suddenly lit up and she yelled, “Don’t use up your [Dou Qi Armor] too easily. Only use it when the monsters are about to use a skill. Otherwise, you’ll be instantly killed! The attack power of these Lv 2 Demons are just too strong, we cannot hold them off!”

On the perimeter of the formation, a group of [Zhan Long] heavy armor tier players stood their ground but screams of death still filled the air. In the blink of an eye, a dozen players were already killed. I raised my sword to make my way into the outermost border and set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow]. A mass of monsters poured forward at us. The speed at which people were dying was too high!

In the distance, Yan Zhao’s face turned green, “Who bets that we’ll all die within 2 minutes?!”

Jian Feng Han pulled his blade from a barbarian warrior, bringing out a deathly stench. He furrowed his brow and said, “Who has the heart to make bets now? Yan Zhao, stop joking around!”

Misty Clouds stood ground at the front side of the [Enemies at the Gate] formation, his face pale. He added, “I think that we really can’t hold them off. The attack of these monsters really is fierce!”


I gritted my teeth and didn’t hesitate. I spun the ring on my right hand and activated the Ring of the King——[King Domain]! I targeted it on all players within 500 yards!


A ray of light charged into the sky from my body and then exploded into millions of blades of light that fell onto the ground under all of the players. The skill raised their defense, magic defense, and attack by 100% and healed 10% of their health every 10 seconds. It was going to last for 120 seconds!

“Charge! Charge while we still have [King Domian]!” Li Mu laughed, “Guild Master, you are just too f*cking great!”

[Zhan Long] all gave up their defenses and charged forward to attack. After a 100% increase in defense, there was basically no worry of getting instantly killed. Furthermore, in a situation where your attack increases exponentially, you can only push forward!

The brutal struggle continued. [Zhan Long] wasn’t the only guild to receive this buff. [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate] all received the [King’s Domain]. 120 seconds wasn’t very long, but it at least allowed us to hold off the initial lunge from the Hybrid Demons and mess up their rhythm and let us kill large amounts of them. This way we managed to stabilize our formations.


After another ten minutes, most of the barbarian warriors in front of the [Zhan Long] formation had been killed.

I turned around to look and saw that the Barbarian King Lu Lin had also killed most of the dozen small guilds that were beside [Valley of the Gods]. To top it off, Luo Lin and Frost had been tangled up with another Hybrid Demon army that was before us, and wasn’t going to be able to provide support anytime soon. There was no choice but to kill the Barbarian King ourselves.

I glanced around. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wan Er, and Dong Cheng all realized the same thing. In the distance, Simple walked towards us and said, “We won’t fight amongst ourselves this time. Us guilds should band together to kill this Divine Tier BOSS. Guild Master Xiao Yao, is that alright?”


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Let’s move! Before the last BOSS is dead, let us not fight over equipment. We’ll have a wise and just man decide on who gets the equipment!”

“Who?” Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song asked at the same time.

Simple, Wan Er, Li Mu and I all cast a glance on the Guild Master of [Prague], Yan Zhao Warrior.


“Hei hei, wise and just…”

Yan Zhao coughed, “I’m only 49 years old… I’m still considered middle-aged…”

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