Way of Choices

Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – She is My Fiancée

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The voice was not deliberately raised or intentionally impassioned. It was a very calm and particularly clear voice that seemed to be speaking on some trivial matter. The two words it spoke were extremely distinct, so much so that even though everyone within the hall hoped to convince themselves that they had heard wrongly, they could find no reason to think so.

Thus, those two words plunged the entirety of Weiyang Palace into silence.

It was different from that beautiful and expectant silence from before. The silence now was true silence, bringing with it a bizarre atmosphere.

In the next moment, the silence was shattered as the crowd erupted into a clamor.

The countless voices almost jolted apart the roof of the great hall!

A person objected?

A person actually objected to this marriage!

In the depths of the hall, Xu Shiji suddenly stood up and stared towards the door at Chen Changsheng, his complexion extremely nasty. Prince Chen Liu was somewhat startled, mystified as to what had just happened. Mo Yu also slowly stood up, her face displaying no expression, but a layer of frost seemed to gradually form on her face.

The reaction from the southern diplomatic mission was naturally even greater. The Qiushan clan head stared at the youth standing at the door but didn't know who he was. Only after forcing himself to take a few deep breaths was he able to suppress his fury. However, those youths in the group attending next year's Grand Examination had none of his sophistication. They could barely restrain their rage, especially Guan Feibai and the other two members from the Mount Li Sword Sect. They all had extremely frosty expressions, and stared at Chen Changsheng as if he was a corpse.

Qiushan Jun was their most esteemed eldest brother. They knew how much importance their eldest brother viewed this marriage with, knew the level to which their eldest brother cared for and cherished Xu Yourong, but just when a beautiful companion was about to become a member of the family, the important moment when their eldest brother's desire was about to come true, somebody dared to make trouble!

Wasn't this seeking death?

At any other place, these three young experts of the Divine Kingdom's Seven Laws would have immediately sent out their chilling sword glows and killed Chen Changsheng. However, this was the Great Zhou Imperial Palace and they were southerners, so they could only endure it for the moment and wait for the Zhou people to handle the matter first.

The handling came very quickly. Xu Shiji stared at Chen Changsheng with a gloomy look on his face and coldly shouted, "Where did this scoundrel come from! He dares to cause a ruckus within the palace! Somebody come and escort this person out!"

After being transferred back to the capital from the frontlines, due to the trust the Divine Empress had in him, he and Xue Xingchuan jointly took charge of the Imperial City's defense, one on the inside and one on the outside. The Imperial Guards within the Imperial Palace were all his direct subordinates, so when they heard this call, ten-odd Imperial Guards surrounded Chen Changsheng.

Xu Shiji stared at Chen Changsheng, his eyes extremely unkind, brimming with warning and an unconcealed killing intent—he would not give Chen Changsheng a single chance to speak. If he really was forced to that step, he would order those Imperial Guards to kill Chen Changsheng.

Many people within the hall noticed his killing intent, but they didn't associate it with anything else. After all, he was Xu Yourong's father, and if they were in his place and someone dared to cause trouble at their daughter's engagement feast, they would probably also have the urge to kill that person.

Those Imperial Guards did not take Chen Changsheng into custody, because someone stood in front of Chen Changsheng. At some point, Luoluo had left the Orthodox Academy's seating area. With the Falling Rain Whip in hand, she looked right past those Imperial Guards and stared deep into the hall at Mo Yu.

Soon after, another person stood in front of Chen Changsheng.

Tang Thirty-Six.

Earlier, when both Chen Changsheng and Luoluo had just left the hall, Tang Thirty-Six had just arrived at Weiyang Palace, so he had not seen the two of them. Moreover, all his attention had been on the Fourth Law of the Divine Kingdom's Seven Laws, Guan Feibai. Only after Luoluo returned to Weiyang Palace and he still failed to see any sign of Chen Changsheng did he begin to feel that something was strange.

He didn't know why Chen Changsheng wanted to object to the engagement between the Xu Estate and the Qiushan clan, he only knew that Chen Changsheng had a grudge with the Xu Estate. But regardless, he was too lazy to think about these questions. Since someone wanted to oppose Chen Changsheng, he naturally had to stand up.

Xu Shiji's expression became even gloomier. Staring at Luoluo and Tang Thirty-Six, he said, "I don't care who you two are or what your background is, but tonight, this general is going to arrest this criminal, and if anyone dares obstruct me, don't blame me for being merciless."

"Criminal?" An elderly voice, rather at a loss, came from Xu Shiji's side.

The speaker was the Archbishop of the Bureau of Ecclesiastic Education.

The elder had just opened his eyes and truly seemed at a loss, like he had just woken up.

He looked all around and then asked Xu Shiji, "Where's the criminal?"

He clearly knew the answer and yet still asked, causing Xu Shiji to have an extremely ugly expression.

The archbishop followed the gazes of the crowd towards the hall's doors. Seeing Chen Changsheng, he seemed to finally understand. "This little fellow is a student of the Orthodox Academy. I personally signed and issued the register, so I can't be wrong. Even if he's now somewhat late, he can't be considered a criminal, no?"

The Imperial Guards at the door turned to Xu Shiji.

Xu Shiji's face was even uglier. He had finally confirmed where the archbishop stood.

Prince Chen Liu was somewhat helpless, explaining to the archbishop, "Just a moment ago, he was saying that he objected to this marriage."

The archbishop looked at the people in the hall and smiled. "Since we have this step of asking the world, we naturally have to allow people to object. If we don't allow people to object, what need was there for His Highness to ask? If even laws do not need to be respected, then if you want to make an engagement, make an engagement—is there any need to come to my Great Zhou to propose?"

From a purely logical standpoint, these words could not be refuted.

Consequently, the people of the southern diplomatic mission only grew more furious. Many people aimed angry gazes at the archbishop, but the elder closed his eyes once more as if continuing his sleep, simply not caring for those gazes that were either as sharp as swords or cold as ice.

The archbishop continued to close his eyes and rest, but his words had set the tone for this matter. At least on the surface, these words represented the stance of the Orthodoxy.

There were not many people who had the right to question these words. Mo Yu was naturally one of them, but she did nothing. She slowly sat back down, her expression rather surprised. Just a moment ago, she had noticed that when Chen Changsheng had walked in through the doors, the Black Goat had simultaneously vanished back into the darkness outside the palace.

She naturally knew what the Black Goat signified.

The Black Goat had brought Chen Changsheng to Weiyang Palace. What did this mean?

Prince Chen Liu had not expected her to maintain silence and couldn't help but be surprised.

Just then, Mount Li Elder Xiao Songgong stood up and asked, "Your Highness, just what is going on here?"

This marriage between Xu Yourong and Qiushan Jun had long since ceased being a simple marriage alliance between the Divine General of the East's estate and the Qiushan clan. Before tonight, the Great Zhou Imperial Court and the various factions and sects of the south had engaged in many negotiations. Only when all sides had agreed did the southern diplomatic mission come to propose.

The so-called marriage proposal was out of respect for etiquette and laws, a necessary procedure, and so no person had imagined that anything out of the ordinary would occur. Xiao Songgong's question naturally had a basis. As this was the Great Zhou Imperial Palace, as the two sides had already reached an agreement, it was only right that the people of Zhou give an explanation.

Prince Chen Liu gave a bitter and silent smile, thinking, when the Divine Empress had me supervise tonight's matter, she truly didn't say anything. You come to me seeking an explanation, but who can I ask? His Eminence the archbishop has gone back to sleep and Principal Mao Qiuyu has lowered his head and is drinking. These old guys…are truly going too far.

After racking his brains, he could only ask those involved. "This…what's the circumstance?"

Prince Chen Liu gazed towards the door at Chen Changsheng, spreading his arms apart, looking very innocent.

From this detail, it could be seen that he truly held some kindness towards Chen Changsheng, or else he would not have allowed him to give an explanation.

"Just now when I was outside the hall, I heard Your Highness ask, 'Qiushan Jun desires to become husband and wife with Xu Yourong; does anyone object?'"

Chen Changsheng paused here, then continued, "So I said, I object."

This answer was not an answer, only a reaffirmation.

He did not make his tone any more serious, yet when those two words appeared once more, they oppressed the mood in the hall even more.

His stance was very clear: I object to the marriage of Xu Yourong and Qiushan Jun.



"Why do you object?"

"For what reason do you object?"

Two voices simultaneously rose up within the hall. One of these voices was Prince Chen Liu's. He creased his brow, somewhat puzzled and somewhat concerned. The other voice belonged to Elder Xiao Songgong. He arched his brow, extremely angry and incredibly unyielding.

These two questions were questions that everyone in the hall wished to ask.

Xu Yourong possessed the blood of the true Phoenix, Qiushan Jun the blood of the true Dragon. The two possessed a talent and potential rarely seen in a thousand years and had been selected by the human world as candidates to lead the resistance against the demons in the future. And they had even cultivated and studied together in the south, belonging to the same sect and interacting with each other at all times, so they could be considered childhood sweethearts. Let alone the fact that this marriage was critical to the unification of the northern and southern sects. In brief, there were countless reasons for them to be married, yet not a single reason could be found for why they should not.

What was a pair of immortal companions? This young man and woman were regarded by the world as a pair of immortal companions.

This utterly drenched youth with an almost unbearably wretched appearance actually objected to this marriage.

Why? For what reason?

Chen Changsheng used only sentence to simultaneously answer both questions.

"I have an engagement with Xu Yourong."

He said, "She is my fiancée, so she naturally can't be married off to anyone else."

The hall was once more in the grip of a deathly stillness.


He said that Xu Yourong was his fiancée?


The people within the hall were all too shocked to speak. They stared at Chen Changsheng, not daring to believe, thinking to themselves, this must be false!

Xu Shiji stared at Chen Changsheng, his face a little pale, his two hands hanging by his side faintly trembling.

He said it, this kid that should have died really…finally…said it!

He was overcome with limitless regret. At the very start, he should have killed him, rendered him into ash, and then spread the ashes into the Luo River!

After tonight, the Divine General of the East's estate would become a joke!

The people of the southern diplomatic mission were as furious as Xu Shiji, but they simply didn't believe Chen Changsheng's words to be true. They just thought that this youth had been incited by some factions to intentionally cause trouble, to humiliate the Mount Li Sword Sect and all the southern sects.

The Qiushan clan head had an extremely ugly complexion while the female disciples of Holy Maiden Peak frowned in silence. The anger of the youths of the Mount Li Sword Sect was written all over their faces, and Guan Feibai was so furious that his face had gone somewhat pale, his right hand already gripping the hilt of his sword!

"Impudent! Where did such a shameless student come from that he dares humiliate my Mount Li!"

Xiao Songgong suddenly turned around and looked to Mo Yu. "Why haven't you expelled this mad student from the palace! Just what do the people of Zhou want to do!"

How could this youth be Xu Yourong's fiancé!

Many people within the hall finally began to react, furiously rising up one after the other to incessantly hurl shouts of abuse at Chen Changsheng.

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