Way of Choices

Chapter 476

Chapter 476 - The Storm of Enrolling Students (V)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bie Tianxin continued to narrow his eyes, his gaze growing sharper. He had not imagined that his opponent, even knowing his origins, would still act so brazenly.

He had originally come to the capital to take care of some matters, but he had unexpectedly found that one of his elders had encountered some trouble. In addition, he had heard the names of the Orthodox Academy and Chen Changsheng many times over the past year. He viewed them with disdain and was naturally not convinced, so he made a personal appearance. Guan Bai had given Chen Changsheng one year of time, but he did not have that sort of patience. As for the fact that this was the strong bullying the weak, he also did not care. It must be known that he lived his whole life carried along by the wind and currents. His talent was outstanding, his background astonishing, and no matter where he walked, he received the reverence of all. Once when his travels had taken him through Xunyang City, even Liang Wangsun had treated him with utmost respect. Even though Painted Armor Xiao Zhang, that madman, had no love for him, his family background had prevented him from being truly troubled. He could never have imagined that today of all days, he would encounter this opponent who defied common sense.

"I know that you must be very angry right now, but…you can only bear with it. What can you do? Could it be that you can kill us? I just don't understand, for what reason are you worthy to act so high and mighty before us? How old is Zhexiu? How old are you? How old were you a few years ago? What's there to be so satisfied about beating him? Think about when you were his age; would you have been able to beat any of us?"

The first part of these words were precisely what Bie Tianxin had said to them a moment ago. Tang Thirty-Six was now returning his words.

"Are the Storms of the Eight Directions so arrogant? In other places, perhaps you could rely on them to arrogantly order others around, but I must trouble you to open your eyes a little and take a look at where you are."

He pointed behind at the gate of the Orthodox Academy, still new despite having been put up a year ago, and sneered, "Here is the Orthodox Academy, here is the Wenshui Tang clan, here is Su Li, here is the Orthodoxy, here is three Saints! I've never been much of one to bring up things like background and supporters because I think that's far too childish, too shameless. But there's always people like you popping up who just love to bring these sorts of things up. The problem is, if we do bring these things up, do you even have a chance of beating us in that aspect?"

Bie Tianxin's complexion became deathly pale at these words because it was only now that he abruptly realized that everything Tang Thirty-Six had said was true. When that senior of his wanted to suppress the Orthodox Academy, they had done so step by step, advancing cautiously and prudently. He…seemed to have acted a little too impulsively.

But in the end, he was still a member of the Proclamation of Liberation, still a descendant of two of the Eight Storms. Tang Thirty-Six's word had left him without a gracious path of retreat, so how could he just leave like this!

His face was pale, both because he had understood and also because he knew that he had to take action, or else both his and his family's reputation might soon suffer a heavy blow!

At some point, his right hand had come to clench the hilt of his sword.

Chen Changsheng stood in front of Tang Thirty-Six, his right hand almost touching the Stainless Sword. He stared into Bie Tianxin's eyes, extremely calm and focused, without the slightest intention of backing down.

Xuanyuan Po had already finished his preparations for battle. When he saw the extremely vicious expression in Bie Tianxin's eyes, his normally simple and honest air was replaced with the berserk aura that foreshadowed metamorphosis.

They all knew, if Bie Tianxin were to attack, then he would be the strongest person the Orthodox Academy had ever confronted since the opening of the All-School Martial Exhibition.

Moreover, if Bie Tianxin truly were to attack with murderous intent, no one could foresee how this situation would end.

A deathly stillness hung over the area in front of the Orthodox Academy. The crowd had long since dispersed, and the atmosphere was particularly tense.

Tang Thirty-Six, on the contrary, wasn't nervous at all. Peeking out from behind Chen Changsheng's back, he said to Bie Tianxin, "Think it over clearly, if you randomly act out, just what the consequences will be."

Then he turned to the Li Palace priests and Orthodoxy cavalry and yelled, "Just what are you standing around for? Do you not see that your future Pope is about to be killed before your eyes!?"

These words were naturally yelled out for Bie Tianxin to hear.

By a table in that tea house, those two individuals were still seated.

"Ah, truly childish." Mao Qiuyu gazed at the distant activity occurring in front of the Orthodox Academy, but it was up in the air whether he was talking about Tang Thirty-Six or Bie Tianxin.

He was keenly aware that Bie Tianxin's parents had extremely good relations with Daoist Siyuan and Linghai Zhiwang, similar to the relationship Zhu Luo and Guan Xingke had with the late Archbishop Mei Lisha. He was also keenly aware that though Bie Tianxin was praised by the common people as being able to calculate the hearts of men, he was ultimately just a noble son spoiled by his parents. Or else how could he have not realized before he appeared on the scene that these youths of the Orthodox Academy were not people he could offend?

"Ah, just take him away," Mao Qiuyu said to Daoist Siyuan across from him. "His parents originally placed him in your care. You can't just let him get into trouble in front of you."

Daoist Siyuan's face was rather unsightly, but he remained silent. Standing up, he walked out of the tea house.

Mao Qiuyu turned once more to the Orthodox Academy, commenting, "After so many years, his temper hasn't changed one bit. No wonder he's never been able to match up to Guan Bai."

Bie Tianxin departed.

The Orthodox Academy obtained victory in this struggle.

In the view of many, this struggle was exceptionally childish and ridiculous, more mischievous than the mischief of children. However, to those who knew of Bie Tianxin's true identity, this childish and ridiculous struggle was an indication of many things.

The Orthodox Academy had once more proved to the capital its powerful backing and hidden strength, and that its power was fully mature. Yes, even if the power of White Emperor City represented by Princess Luoluo was set aside, with the attention of the Pope and the relationship between Chen Changsheng and Su Li, outside of a proper method like the All-School Martial Exhibition, would there be anyone that dared to suppress the Orthodox Academy through nonlegal means?

Those students who came from the provinces and counties did not know Bie Tianxin's identity at the very beginning. Upon learning of it, they couldn't help but admire Tang Thirty-Six's unyielding attitude, so much so that they almost wanted to grovel on the ground before his feet. They also had a completely new impression of the Orthodox Academy. As a result, the work of processing applications, which had momentarily slowed, became all the more intense. Those young students that had withdrawn their application attempted to take advantage of moments of inattentiveness to re-apply again, but how could they conceal themselves from Tang Thirty-Six's eyes? He drove them away without the slightest courtesy.

Chen Changsheng commented, "Too severe."

Tang Thirty-Six replied, "I've never been one to rub sand into my eyes. I'm not even willing to tolerate Bie Tianxin, so why should I tolerate these guys?"

Chen Changsheng was very curious about this friend of his, inquiring, "Have you been like this since you were small?"

Tang Thirty-Six responded very matter-of-factly, "If the only thing behind me was the Wenshui Tang clan and I had to face these two Storms, I would naturally have to consider it. I might have even been the first to concede, but don't I have you now?"

Chen Changsheng was made speechless by this matter-of-factness. After a long period of silence, he said, "As I said before, rudeness and cursing is bad. You must restrain it a little."

Tang Thirty-Six arched his brows. "What's bad about it? Isn't being straightforward good?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "Getting angry injures the liver, and in addition, it's not good for children to hear such profanity. Quite a few people have already come to complain."

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