Way of Choices


After saying these words, the middle-aged man took his leave. Chen Changsheng stood on the mountain path, baffled at what had just occurred, and naturally also a bit angry. After a little time had passed, he realized that the man had mentioned at the very end that there was someone at the front of the Mausoleum that was looking for him. Arriving at the Mausoleum’s entrance, he saw the still closed stone doors, which made him reminisce on the scene from last night of Xun Mei walking out those doors. Just as he had begun to feel somewhat melancholy, he suddenly heard somebody calling his  name.

He followed the voice to the side of the stone door and saw that there was a small window set into the wall, through which Priest Xin was waving at him. Somewhat surprised, he paid his respects through the window then asked, “Why did sir come?”

Priest Xin passed some things through the stone window and replied, “His Excellency the Bishop asked me to come and check on you.”

Chen Changsheng received the things and replied, “All of our luggage is still on the carriages. Yesterday they didn’t let us bring it in.”

“Those are the rules of the Mausoleum of Books. After they’ve finished checking them, they will return it to you. It should probably all be done by the end of the day.”

Chen Changsheng thought about those sour-smelling stinky blanket back in the grass hut and decided to ask, “Could I trouble sir to get us some clean blankets?”

Priest Xin was surprised, then replied, “That won’t be difficult.”

“Since they will be returning our luggage to us, then I don’t think there’s anything else I need.”

Chen Changsheng looked through the things Minister Xin had handed over, and realized that there was actually a bag of boiled chicken eggs. He couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked, “In the Mausoleum of Books, do we have to manage all three meals by ourselves?”

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