Way of Choices

Chapter 202

Chapter 202 – Tide Rush of Blood

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Tim

TL: The author uses an idiom (心血来潮 as the title, which means “to be prompted by a sudden impulse”. However, he does not use it in such a manner, but rather a medical condition as you will come to understand.

The man turned around and entered the grass hut. After noticing that the floor and furnishings had been cleaned spotlessly, he fell silent for a while. Afterwards, a fragrance filled his nose, and he found the rice and salted fish that had just been cooked. Also, he saw the basket full of bok choy on the kitchen table. He used his hand to comb the messy hair in front of his eyes away and turned around to look at Chen Changsheng. However, he did not say anything.

Chen Changsheng guessed that this disheveled man was the owner of this grass hut. He walked up and grabbed a piece of pork skin that he had already prepared beforehand, and he rubbed it on the hot metal pot. Afterwards, he threw the bok choy into the pot and cooked the vegetables in no time. This was accompanied by the movement of the spatula and a series of sizzling sounds.

After serving the bok choy onto a plate, it was not very fragrant due to the lack of oil, and it also did not have a nice look. However, when Chen Changsheng ate, he had always paid particular attention to less oil and salt. When he still lived in Xining Village, he would often just eat boiled bok choy, so he did not feel that this was inappropriate to eat. Afterwards, Chen Changsheng cut the steamed pieces of salted fish into parts, sprinkled some thinly sliced scallions over it, and started serving it as well.

The steaming white rice was placed on the table. The man took up his chopsticks and began eating without a hint of politeness. Chen Changsheng served himself a bowl of rice, but after turning around, he discovered that there was actually an additional person at the table. He did not know when Zhexiu had walked over from the other side of the wattled fencing. Zhexiu sat on the chair expressionlessly, and the message he conveyed was extremely clear.

Chen Changsheng shook his head helplessly and placed the bowl of rice in front of him. He then began to serve the third bowl of rice.

There was not much bok choy, and it was finished off with just a few chopstickfuls. The salted fish was very salty, and it went extremely well with the rice. However, just like what Tang Thirty-Six had said about Zhexiu at the Grand Examination, Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu both ate at a very slow pace. When they were still eating their first bowl of rice, that man had already finished four bowls and placed his chopsticks down.

Chen Changsheng poured a cup of tea and passed it to that person.

Zhexiu glanced at him but did not say anything.

The man rubbed his belly in a satisfied manner as he drank the tea. He produced a very inelegant belch.

From start to end, these three people had not spoken a single word. The meal was very quiet, and the atmosphere was very weird.

Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu finished eating at almost the same time. Zhexiu stood up and began clearing the bowls and chopsticks. He began to boil water and wash the dishes. While watching this happen, Chen Changsheng thought to himself but did not fight over it with him. He poured tea into another two bowls.

After washing the bowls, Zhexiu casually dried his hands on the front of his clothes. Sitting back at the table, he lifted up his own bowl of tea and finished all of it in one go. Afterwards, he looked at Chen Changsheng and said, “You still owe me something.”

When he had said that, he did not even glance at the man who currently had his eyes closed and was resting. It was as if that person did not even exist at all.

Chen Changsheng said, “I know. I have been continuously waiting at the Orthodox Academy the past few days for you to come over.”

“I already have enough money. The payment Tang Tang gave was very generous.”

Zhexiu looked at the remaining spoilt tea in his bowl and remained silent for a while. Afterwards, he said, “I need you to help me with something.”

Chen Changsheng said, “Speak. If I can help, I will definitely help you.”

During the Dueling Stage of the Grand Examination, Tang Thirty-Six represented the Orthodox Academy and formed an agreement to work together with this Wolf Tribe teenager. In the following Dueling Stage processes, Zhexiu followed this agreement very resolutely, especially in that battle with Gou Hanshi. The battle lasted for a very, very long time. He made a very large contribution to Chen Changsheng obtaining first upon the First Banner.

Zhexiu raised his head and stared into Chen Changsheng’s eyes. He said expressionlessly, “I have problems with my meridians.”

Actually, Chen Changsheng had already guessed what Zhexiu needed help with, so he was not surprised when he heard what was said. He asked, “Are you sure I can help you?”

“If you can help Her Highness Luoluo, then you might be able to help me, even if it is only a possibility,” Zhexiu said.

In the later generations of offspring from the marriage between the Fae and human race, there were often problems that occurred with the fusion of the two different bloodlines. There was a chance that a genius would be born, as well as a huge chance that a cripple would be born. Even for the later generations with better bloodline talent, their bodies would often also have many dangerous problems internally. Since the bloodlines of Luoluo’s parents were too powerful, the problem was relatively easier to deal with. However, Zhexiu was not so lucky.

Not only did problems with his meridians affect his cultivation, the scariest part was that it had affected his resolutions and even his life.

“When the outbreak occurs, it is very painful. In the most severe cases, I will lose all rationality. Rather, speaking more accurately, I will go crazy. I don’t know what I will do after I go crazy, perhaps, I will randomly kill people. Otherwise, I would not be abandoned or kicked out by my tribe when I was young.”

Zhexiu spoke apathetically, as if he were speaking about other people’s affairs. There was no change in his expression at all.

Only now did Chen Changsheng understand why Zhexiu had said before that living or dying soberly was the most important thing outside the wattled fencing.

He thought for a very long time and said, “The likeliest cause is that the meridians connected to your sea of conscious have problems and are somewhat deformed.”

Since his own meridians were broken, he had always studied information regarding meridians within the Daoist Canons. After researching this for a very long time, very few people knew more than him when talking about problems with meridians. Afterwards, when he had instructed Luoluo and Xuanyuan Po, his experience actually grew extremely rich. Therefore, when Zhexiu finished sharing about his own situation at the time, he understood where the problems were very quickly.

Zhexiu did not seem excited from seeing a sliver of hope and said expressionlessly, “The Council of Divine Ordinance also said something similar.”

Chen Changsheng looked at him and asked after thinking a little, “How do you want me to treat you?”

“To live a little longer is obviously the best. However, if that is impossible, then at least promise me that I can always stay sober. Living or dying soberly. So long as I am sober, that is enough.”

Zhexiu stared at him in the eyes and said, “I don’t want to live without knowing anything. Living muddle-headedly and living obliviously is living just like a dog.”

He was a lonesome but proud wolf. He would walk thousands of li to eat meat and was unwilling to eat sh*t.

“I cannot guarantee anything, but I will try my best to find a way.”

Chen Changsheng spoke before extending his hand to help feel Zhexiu’s pulse.

His forefinger and middle finger were together, just like two swords of different lengths. They were placed gently over Zhexiu’s pulse. It was just like a frame that exhibited weaponry. They seemed to be very casually placed, but they were actually very sturdily placed.

lub-dub. lub-dub. lub-dub. lub-dub.

His fingers could feel a distinct pulse. Chen Changsheng discovered that this Wolf Tribe teenager was the same as Luoluo. His heart rate was extremely fast, just like the continuous beating sound of a war drum. Also, his heartbeat was abnormally strong. His skin was like the light, stretchy skin of a drum, slightly vibrating constantly. It had even caused his fingers to become slightly numb.

Suddenly, a type of power burst forth from Zhexiu’s pulse. This increase in power was not sharp nor forceful, just like the rising tide. However, it was extremely sudden, as if the tide had completely submerged the rocks at sea in a flash. Chen Changsheng was not prepared for this at all, and his two fingers were forcefully pushed away.

He looked at Zhexiu in shock. However, Zhexiu still had not revealed any expression, and he was still very apathetic. However, there was a change in one detail —— the light within his pupils became very gloomy.

What was going on?