Versatile Mage

Chapter 150

Chapter 150 - Supreme Magic





The most heated topic of the day was naturally the Beast Combat Competition in the afternoon. This event had been the most important thing happening at Pearl Institute Azure Campus during the past couple of years.

There were banners with Summoned beasts displayed on them at all corners of the campus. Furthermore, there were rumors that there were large posters of those who had displayed an incredible performance in the past competitions still in place on the walls of the entrances to the commons. That sounded really cool!

Mo Fan started to sort out his appearance and clothes first thing in the morning. He had to look his best for the lovely ladies…!

Looking at it from a different angle, the Summoner students were also the focal point of the competition this time.

His Spirit Wolf was still sleeping, so Mo Fan thought he had nothing to do here. Originally, this was a chance for him to display his talents and good looks to the entire school, but now he could only show off his incredible handsomeness.

“Brother Mo Fan, since we’re in the same dorm, you should tell me a bit about your Summoned beast. Give us something to work on?” his dorm mate Zhang Pinggu asked with his eyebrows raised.

“There’s nothing to hide, it’s a Spirit Wolf,” Mo Fan replied directly.

Beside him was Zhao Manyan, who was also fixing himself up. He turned around as he commented in surprise, “A Spirit Wolf is the favorite beast for Primary Summoners. Furthermore, that thing’s combat prowess is even slightly higher than a Minion level Magical Beast!”

“So it’s a Spirit Wolf… I reckon we wouldn’t be able to win against you even if the entire dorm was to group up,” Zhang Pinggu said with a bitter smile.

“Hehe, don’t use your standard to determine everyone’s prowess!” Su Long, the last one to arrive in the dorm, said with a touch of ridicule.

There were a total of five people in Mo Fan’s dorm, and the one he got along best with was Zhao Manyan, who had the bed opposite him.

Zhang Pinggu was a pretty shameless guy. He didn’t argue with anyone, and was able to banter with anyone.

Su Long was the last person to arrive. This guy seemed full of himself. In the beginning when Zhang Pinggu tried to welcome him, he was given a cold stare in reply, scaring him away.

The other two… Mo Fan still wasn’t able to remember their names. Either way, they’d been doing their own thing since the first day of school. They were relatively quiet, and they didn’t try to talk to others. Only Zhang Pinggu was relatively familiar with those two, Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan just acted as though they didn’t exist.

“Good luck,” After Zhao Manyan tidied himself up, he patted Mo Fan on his shoulder before leaving.

Mo Fan couldn’t do anything else other than silently await the tragic Welcoming Competition.


After arriving at the Azure Battlegrounds, Mo Fan and his dorm mates parted ways.

The Summoner students were the main characters of the competition this time, it was natural that they had to go to the back of the stage to prepare.

The Azure Battlegrounds was a huge construction. Inside the place was a space that was a bit bigger than a soccer field.

Normally, this place was a grand arena, but today, the arena had already been turned into a colossal cage, called the “Beast Battle Cage”.

Surrounding the Beast Battle Cage were mat seats in the form of ladders. The mats were placed neatly, and closely. He estimated that accommodating ten thousand people wouldn’t be a problem at all. Perhaps only Pearl Institute was able to construct such a battleground of this size.

Students came into the building in succession, the lines starting right after lunch. The tide of people had already started disrupting the grand atmosphere of the building.

After three o’clock in the afternoon, the entire building was filled with students. Faces filled with vitality and pairs of beautiful white thighs filled with youth. Other than a concert or school, where else could you see such a large group of young girls coming in!


“Shit, there’s a lot of people. I’m feeling nervous…” Yang Yi said at the back of the stage, his face filled with worry.

As he looked into the arena, there were a multitude of faces they hadn’t seen before, and that was only a part of the arena. Seeing this made his heart began to race. When he was in the middle of the arena, and numerous pairs of eyes were looking at him from all directions, it would definitely make him so nervous that he would forget what Element he studied!

“That’s not a problem, I like this kind of situation. Today in the common area, cafeteria, and even on the way to the arena, I had heard people talk about our Summoned beasts. There was even a couple of them saying how they’d casually annihilate our Summoned beasts… I laughed. My White Armor Battle Cocoon¹ will let them know the definition of complete annihilation!” Hai Dafu was definitely excited!

Zheng Bingxiao was standing at the side, as calm as always.

The other three people didn’t have much of a reaction. However, from the occasional glow of confidence beaming from their eyes, Mo Fan could tell that they were actually extremely excited about this Beast Battle Competition!

The Pearl Institute chose the most elite Magicians from the competitions across the nation. If they were able to distinguish themselves in this kind of place, then wouldn’t that be enough to prove themselves?

Who didn’t want to be known for their mettle? Who didn’t want to bask in glory during University?


As the Ceremony began, the first person to make a speech in front of ten thousands of people was naturally Dean Xiao. “Before I make my speech, I want to confirm one thing with everyone.

“If you aspire to be a Magician who wants to be revered in society, with a high salary, and live a high quality life… then as the person in charge, I am obligated to tell you that you’ve come to the wrong place.

“The Magicians who graduate from Pearl Institute are bound to have the strength to change the world. They are heroes who protect humanity. If any of you pursue the former, then we will give you the certificate of Pearl Institute and a letter of recommendation right now, and you will be able to live that kind of lifestyle. Please don’t take up the precious spots, wealth, and reputation of our Pearl Institute. We don’t lack those things, we only lack an eternal heart that pursues the Supreme Magic!”

Mo Fan was standing at the back of the stage, not too far away from where Dean Xiao was making his speech.

He carefully observed everyone’s reactions toward what Dean Xiao had said. Every single one of them had something flickering in their eyes.

Those words were quite domineering. In a time where everyone was pursuing reputation and wealth, the Dean told the present people that receiving a certificate from Pearl Institute would allow them to obtain all of that. However, the Magic students who had been accepted into this kind of nationally reputable Magic Institution, did they truly only want those things?

In front of the Supreme Magic, all fame and profit was just like floating clouds!

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Translator’s Notes:

If you are thinking that a soccer arena that only holds 10,000 people is pretty small, I agree with you. College stadiums in the US avg 80-100k.


If you are wondering what a Battle Cocoon is, break out the Pokemon cards. It’s not a caterpillar’s metamorphic case, I guess!

(Keep in mind that RED is older than many of us, hence, he calls it 'Pokemon cards'. - Tofu)

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