Versatile Mage

Chapter 147

Chapter 147 - Entering the Unstable University (1) 




Jiang Yunming was very satisfied with Mo Fan, indeed! In the past, he was worried about Mo Fan being in a difficult situation. the Summoning element was Awakened as a Primary Magician’s first Element, especially for a rather poor student, it would seem more like a Trash Element. If they were to nurture that kind of student, the school would have to cough up a lot of resources. Recruiting that kind of student was of very little interest to the Summoning School.

If they were an Intermediate Magician, then it was different.

An Intermediate Magician held a certain strength all by themselves, and with enough capital, they would be able to burn more resources when Summoning a creature. That way, they would be able to nurture their Summoned creature to become even stronger.

“Are you from Bo City?” Dean Xiao slowly took off his glasses as he gazed at Mo Fan.

When he decided on accepting this student, Dean Xiao became aware the student’s record was from Bo City.

The entire nation knew of the calamity that had happened in Bo City. Thus, the entire nation gave special treatment to those who were from Bo City. During the enrollment of Pearl Institute this time, they had accepted one student from Bo City. Comparing him to the students from across the country, he wasn’t considered exceptionally outstanding...

“Yes,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Not bad, I can’t see the weak haze of the destruction on your body.” Dean Xiao smiled slightly and didn’t continue further.

Mo Fan shrugged in reply as he asked, “Can I live in the dorms?”

“Yes you can.”

Xinxia had already been accepted into Zhejiang Institute, and Mo Jiaxing was busy with work. Mo Fan also had nowhere to go, so it was better for him to stay in the school and refresh his studies.

Mo Fan didn’t have luggage or bags, so he immediately left to check in.

After Mo Fan left, the Director of the Summoning Element, Jiang Yunming, glanced at Dean Xiao Bingsen.

“This student is quite interesting. Make sure you properly nurture him,” Dean Xiao said with a smile.

Jiang Yunming didn’t quite understand the meaning of Dean Xiao’s words. However, before he could ask about it, Dean Xiao had already left with his hands behind his back.

“The Dean’s cultivation is extremely high. Perhaps he was able to see what other things the student had hidden,” the lady Examiner said as she looked at the departing back of Dean Xiao.

“There are still more hidden things? I personally don’t think that’s possible. It’s merely because Dean Xiao is benevolent, he’s more concerned about those people that survived the destruction...” the bald examiner replied.


The start of the school term was on the first of September, a very unusual day for starting school.¹

Mo Fan had already been living the dorm for roughly two months. He had a relatively good understanding of the entire Pearl Institute.

The Pearl Institute was divided into two campuses. The Azure Pearl Campus accommodated all the first-year University students and all the old students at Primary level. The Main Pearl Campus was only for those who had stepped into the Intermediate level.

The Main Campus was naturally the genuine core of the Pearl Institute. Gathered in this place were all of their outstanding young Magicians from every part of the nation. At same time, it was also the place with the most ferocious competition.

The Azure Campus could be considered a bit more fair. Gathered in this place were the new students who had entered the Pearl Institute, as well as the old students who had not made the breakthrough to the Intermediate level.


Mo Fan got up to brush his teeth and wash his face first thing in the morning. A relatively handsome man walked into the room.

He had fashionably styled, curly long hair, a face like a fairytale prince, and was wearing simple sportswear. Mo Fan looked at the first dorm mate that arrived with foam all over his mouth. In his heart, he cursed, Shit, this guy’s almost as handsome as me!

“Oh, I thought I was the first one to get here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Zhao Manyan, I major in the Light Element…” Zhao Manyan said with a warm smile, looking very friendly.

“I’m called Mo Fan...,”

“You should finish brushing your teeth, I’ll go tidy up some things… This dorm is a bit dirty,” Zhao Manyan chose the bed opposite Mo Fan’s, near the balcony. With a glance from the balcony, you could see the scenery outside of the window, as well as the dorm filled with girls.

After Mo Fan finished brushing his teeth, he began to chat with Zhao Manyan.

“You’re a Summoner? That means what the senior sister said was correct. We have a mixed Element dorm,” Zhao Manyan said helplessly.

A dorm could accommodate six people. Normally, the school would arrange students of the same Element to stay together, to make it easier for them to interact.

However, not every Element had students in multiples of six, and so some dorms would end up with students from different Elements.

“Brother Mo Fan, I made an appointment to have a meal with the senior sister, so I’ll take my leave first.” Zhao Manyan swung his hair as he elegantly left.


Not too long after Zhao Manyan left, another two people came in.

He didn’t know whether they were scared of strangers, or if they just conducted themselves in a rather superior way. These two didn’t even greet Mo Fan, who had been in the dormitory for the longest period of time. They quickly started to unpack their things.

When afternoon rolled around, a tall and skinny guy with dyed red hair appeared. This guy didn’t want to hide that he was a Fire Elemental student. He walked into the dorm as though he was in charge as he swept his gaze across the room.

“Whose bed is this?” The red haired man pointed at the bed he wanted.

“It’s mine.” Mo Fan walked over from the balcony.

“What Element are you?” the redhead asked.


“Oh! Oh…” The redhead stared blankly. It was clear that he didn’t expect Mo Fan to be an extremely uncommon Summoner.

The two dormmates who were in the middle of doing their business couldn’t help but raise their heads to take a glance at Mo Fan.

“What about this bed, what Element?” The redhead man pointed at Zhao Manyan’s bed.

“Light Element,” Mo Fan replied warily.

The redhead nodded as he strode to Zhao Manyan’s bed, and immediately put the big bag he had behind his back on it. He promptly threw Zhao Manyan’s things off to the side, and furthermore raised the corner of his mouth in a sneer as he said,” Now it belongs to the Fire Element. Let me introduce myself, my name is Lu Yunzheng.”

Mo Fan looked at the things that were being thrown to the side as he was dumbstruck.

This Lu Yunzheng seemed to be quite arrogant, he had stolen someone else’s bed just like that…


After finishing his dinner, Mo Fan received a text. He was told to come to his classroom, there was a welcoming party for new students.

After getting to the designated classroom, Mo Fan fantasized meeting a group of beautiful, youthful, and heart-moving female classmates. However, reality was cruel. The spacious classroom had no one in it!

“Did I come too early?” Mo Fan wondered, bored as he waited inside the spacious classroom.

Time passed by, the time for the meeting quickly arrived, and there was still only Mo Fan in the classroom. This made Mo Fan a bit anxious. Had he come to the wrong room by mistake?

When he was about to walk out, Mo Fan turned around and discovered the Summoning Director Jiang Yunming walking in.

When Jiang Yunming was about to say something to Mo Fan, hasty footsteps were heard from outside of the classroom. Six young men hurriedly entered the room together.

From the actions of the six students, it was very clear they were from the same dorm.

Jiang Yunming looked around at the seven people in the classroom as he casually said, “Everyone seemed to get here just in time, I see...”

Boom! Mo Fan’s chin nearly hit the floor.

Shit, everyone is here??

There are only seven new students for this Element???

Just enough to play out the Gourd Eva!²


Chapter Notes:

Translator’s Notes:

  1. To be honest, classes starting in September are perfectly common in China as well as the West. So, assume this is just a convention of the novel.
  2. The Gourd Eva is a cartoon in China, think of chibi Power Rangers, and you’re not too far off. And yes, there’s seven of them!

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