Versatile Mage

Chapter 146

Chapter 146 - Acting Tough Will Get You Hit by Thunder




The Spirit Wolf relied on its erupting speed to escape the quicksand trap. Its sturdy body was like an arrow as it flew toward Luo Song!

“Shit… I originally did not want to expose too much. This brute animal and the kid were actually this tactless, I’ll let them experience my Intermediate Magic!” Luo Song realized that the little spell he had cast could not force the vicious Spirit Wolf to surrender. Thus, he quickly moved to the other side of the practice ground.

Most likely due to Luo Song being in a hurry, his move this time put him in a more awkward situation... as he fell face first onto the mud.

When he got up, he had a bit of anger displayed on his face, and began to arrange the stars within his Nebula.

The Star Atlas slowly emerged beneath his feet. Luo Song’s eyes was filled with disdain and ridicule as he looked at the lowly Spirit Wolf.

Since you dare to fight me, then I will teach you a lesson!

I will turn your first summon into a corpse!

“What, Intermediate Magic?!” The female examiner immediately stood up.

Originally, they wanted to use this fight as an examination as well. This way, they would be able to determine the combat prowess of the two.

However, the expressions on their faces immediately changed after they saw the completion of the Star Atlas!

After the Butler Li saw this scene, he couldn’t help but shake his head. He initially thought Young Master Luo Song could rely on his earth magic to enter Pearl Institute, but in the end, he still had to reveal his true power.

“It’s Ice element... It’s an Intermediate Ice Magic!”

A snowflake-like white Star Atlas emerged beneath Luo Song’s feet. The atmosphere in the training grounds felt like it had been condensed into ice. The piercing cold was not something simple clothes could defend against.

The ground was continuously being frozen, and the solid ice began to further spread into its surrounding...

“Ice Lock!”

Luo Song’s eyes carried ridicule. When he was chanting the name of his spell, the frozen grounds in front of them had actually been split open by something!

Icy white ice shackles suddenly flew out of the crack in the ice. They let out a sound that was similar to rattling steel chains, and quickly intertwined in front of Luo Song...

The shackles were as thick as a bowl. Each of the floating, ice-cold shackles was capable of locking the Spirit Wolf to death under the command of Luo Song!

“I can only say that you are unfortunate for meeting me, Luo Song! If your summoned beast survives this, then it will be because I was being lenient!” There was not a hint of sympathy in Luo Song’s eyes. Those who dared to fight with him had never had a good conclusion!

“Stop, stop!” The examiner with the surname Li yelled out.

However, Luo Song didn’t stop. He raised his head to say, “There are no such thing as being lenient during a battle. I will teach this guy a lesson, and he will firmly remember it in the future!”

Examiner Li had already charged onto the grounds. Originally, Luo Song thought he came to stop him, however, he realized that he was running toward the boy with the black shirt.

“Student Mo Fan, please calm down, please...” In this moment, the dean surnamed Xiao also stood up as he gently spoke.

Luo Song was completely dumbstruck.

What’s happening?

Are they telling the retarded summoner to stop?

Luo Song’s objective was the Spirit Wolf, so when he turned around to look at Mo Fan, he was so shocked that he couldn’t speak!


A magnificent, bright purple Star Atlas had blossomed beneath the feet of Mo Fan ,with countless sparks curling around his bod!

Mo Fan’s finger was pointed toward the sky, and his other hand was pointed at Luo Song’s head!

As Luo Song raised his head, he suddenly discovered a thunder cloud was shrouding the sky. Lightning that looked as though it would fiercely descend at any time was currently writhing inside the cloud.

Luo Song felt as though a shower of cold water had been poured onto him. Cold sweat began to fall from every inch of his body.

Heavens, this is the Intermediate level Lightning Magic - Thunderbolt!

Luo Song had nothing to guard against it. If the Thunderbolt landed on him, then he would be turned into mincemeat!

“If you dare to make a move against my Wolf, I will extinguish you, you god-forsaken pig!” Mo Fan said to Luo Song icily.

Shit, Mo Fan had promised Ms Tangyue to lay low, who would’ve known he would meet such a person before he even entered University!

So what if you use Intermediate Ice? All you did was to force me to use my power!

Mo Fan had always thought that he was already a big showoff. Who would’ve thought that there’d be someone who was a bigger showoff than him, he was unable to endure it!

The entire practice ground immediately turned incredibly tense...

The chins of the Examiners had nearly dropped to the table.

First it was two Primary Magic students comparing their skills, and in the next second, there was two Intermediate spells being drawn!

Examiner Li nearly passed out. He actually knew of the true strength of this Young Master of his family. Within his heart, he had also hoped the Young Master would lay low. Who would’ve thought that he’d meet his demise so quickly! What seemed to be a normal summoner student had actually concealed the monstrous power of an Intermediate Mage!

At this rate, he might as well beat his own face until it was swollen.

How could Luo Song possibly dare to continue the use of his Intermediate Magic? He withdrew the ice shackles as his two legs began to feel weak.

As Mo Fan saw the fatty being a bit more tactful, he decided to not continue dealing with him anymore.

Mo Fan quickly calmed his lightning, and the clouds in sky also slowly dispersed, quickly returning to a clear sunny day.

“Little Wolf, return to me. Your performance was not bad at all!” Mo Fan waved at his own Spirit Wolf.

The Spirit Wolf obediently ran back to. Its eyes, which originally inhibited a lofty indifference, were currently showing new respect for Mo Fan.

The greatest honor for a Summoned Beast was when its owner was stronger than itself!

“Alright, it’s only an exam. There is no need to be angry. Mo Fan, although we don’t understand why a Lightning Magician like you decided to cultivate the Summoning Element, we do respect the choices of the students. From today on, you will be the newest summoner student of Pearl Institute!” Dean Xiao’s face carried a smile.

This Fatty really was something. Being so young yet daring to be so impulsive! There were many gifted people in Pearl Institute. If he showed off here, he’d get hit by lightning sooner or later!

Luo Song walked off the practice ground in disgrace. His face no longer held the belief that he was the number one under the heavens.

“Little Fatty, you’ll also enter the Ice school. You have learned an extremely important lesson at the start of the school, this will be very beneficial for you,” Dean Xiao told him.

“I…” Luo Song’s pride was shattered.

Originally, he could have easily entered the Pearl Institute by showing his true ability. In the end, it seemed like they had accepted him out of pity!

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