Versatile Mage

Chapter 145

Chapter 145 - Spirit Wolf vs Luo Song




Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Mo Fan, and then they locked onto his summoned creature. It was clear that this was a Spirit Wolf with an incredibly robust physique!

“Mo Fan, it seems like your intent was even stronger than what we had expected,” the old professor pushed his glasses up as a smile appeared on his face.

“This shouldn’t be your first time summoning, right? Summoning a Spirit Wolf on your first try should be extremely hard,” the female examiner next to him asked, suspecting something.

“It is indeed his first time summoning, I know this for sure… Dean Xiao, our Summoning department wants this student,” the Dean Jiang Yunming said.

Luo Song and his caretaker were standing to the side looking at the very live Spirit Wolf standing next to Mo Fan. The expression on his face showed his astonisment.

You’re kidding me, right?

I’ve never heard of someone summoning a Spirit Wolf on their first attempt!

The combat prowess of a creature like Spirit Wolf was comparable to a Minion level Magical Beast. This means that its combat prowess directly passed other Primary Magicians by several times.

He didn’t use any auxiliary items, and it was even his first time Awakening… Just what kind of luck does this kid have! And just how stupid can this Spirit Wolf be, being subdued that easily!

“Little Song, it seems like the Dean Jiang Yunming is set to have the summoner,” Butler Li awkwardly told him.

“They want him? Why!?” Luo Song immediately fell into a bad mood.

On the other side, the five examiners began a discussion among themselves.

As the director of Summoning division, Jiang Yunming was very emphatic with wanting to recruit Mo Fan. If his Summoning division did not accept more people, then the entire division would be shut down.

The person called Dean Xiao was precisely the old professor wearing the glasses. It seemed like he had approved of Mo Fan since the very beginning. He was in favor of the suggestion.

The other three people were clearly hesitating, as they were considering whether Mo Fan had the qualifications to enter the Pearl Institution.

“Summoning a Spirit Wolf is nothing impressive. Doesn’t Pearl Institute pay more attention towards their combat prowess? I could single-handedly extinguish this Spirit Wolf,” Luo Song jumped down from the stage without listening to the decision of the examiners.

He was extremely skilled in Earth Ripple. He quickly moved in front of Mo Fan with a single step, borne across the stone.

Luo Song didn’t seem afraid of facing a vicious Spirit Wolf. Instead, he looked at Mo Fan in didsain, “Let me play a little with your Spirit Wolf. Let’s see if he’s just a decoration or not.”

“That’s fine, I was just thinking of how to use him!” Mo Fan displayed a smile.

The main purpose of summoning the Spirit Wolf was to fight a battle. It was Mo Fan’s first time summoning it, yet it was only for examination purposes. This made it a bit difficult for him to explain to the wild Spirit Wolf.

Mo Fan glanced at the Spirit Wolf, and similarly, the Spirit Wolf turned its large, malevolent head to look at him. Its long mouth and its bold, powerful face was right in front of Mo Fan, so close that he could feel its breath blowing onto his face.

In the past, Mo Fan would have definitely been scared to death. However, the Spirit Wolf that he had summoned gave him a different feeling, it was like they were old friends.

Mo Fan patted the head of the big guy as he said, “Since he wants to challenge you, then you should take the challenge,”

The Spirit Wolf immediately turned its head around, fixing its gaze on the bloated figure of Luo Song with a chilling threat. Its eyes displayed fighting spirit and enmity.

“A lousy wolf like you is no different from a dog in my family,” Luo Song ridiculed it.

Mo Fan’s new Wolf companion seemed like it could understand the taunting, its eyes immediately narrowed dangerously!


The great jaws filled with fierce teeth opened. The observers could see a turbid energy generating in the depths of the Spirit Wolf’s throat.

As the Spirit Wolf exhaled fiercely, its breath instantly turned into what seemed to be a vicious storm swirling the sands of the floor!

Flying Sand Stones!

Mo Fan’s face displayed a certain glee!

Recalling how Bai Yang’s Spirit Wolf using the Flying Sand Stones to cause incredible pain to his group of Magicians made Mo Fan feel happy. His own Spirit Wolf’s aura seemed a bit stronger than Bai Yang’s wolf! What his Spirit Wolf breathed out seemed just like a sandstorm, a raging Sand Dragon as it flew toward Luo Song!

Luo Song didn’t panic, nor was he impatient. He took a step to the side.

His body instantly moved, and the Flying Sand Stones quickly brushed by him without wounding him.

Within the eyes of the Spirit Wolf a light moved, it looked like he was thinking, This fatty is quite nimble.

After the Spirit Wolf gave up on the Flying Sand Stones, he directly moved forward with his four powerful legs.

His gaze fixed on Luo Song, the Spirit Wolf’s back limbs ferociously stomped down. Its body flew out, bursting out at an incredible speed that shocked everyone!

When the four limbs stepped into the sands, it left behind a deep footprint. The incredible force that split open the air in front of it made Mo Fan wonder what kind of feeling it would be like riding on its back?

The Spirit Wolf’s eruption of power was extremely dreadful, its speed even faster than the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat. Coordinating the speed with the wave of its claw, it could instantly tear the creature in front of it into two pieces.

Mo Fan, however, wanted to see how this stuck-up fatty was going to deal with the Spirit Wolf’s violent claw.

Luo Song was already relatively far away, but he realized the Spirit Wolf had caught up to him with just a couple of steps. His expression displayed a bit of confusion.

“Earth Ripple, Subsidence!” Luo Song quickly finished the Earth Star Path as his two hands heavily smacked onto the ground.

In a split second, the entire practice ground’s floor displayed a visible wiggle. The originally solid ground had been turned into a soft layer of mud under the control of Luo Song.

This layer of mud was quickly moving away from him, just like a stream flowing the wrong way.

While the Spirit Wolf was charging, a clear effect was visible. As it entered the area of rippling earth, it was clear that its speed had drastically decreased.

The speed of its charge being slowed due to the influence of the soft mud was one thing, but the ground was also constantly moving the Spirit Wolf backwards.

Luo Song’s ability to control the ground was superb. He was able to turn the ground around the Spirit Wolf into a trap. Added to this was the fact he could continually pull the Spirit Wolf toward the center of the effect, making into effectively a large area of quicksand!

The quicksand continuously sank. The Spirit Wolf was constantly being dragged toward the middle of the quicksand.

Faster, faster! Jump!, Mo Fan was standing in the distance, yelling inside frantically.

The quicksand was slow, after all. If the Spirit Wolf increased its speed, it is very possible that it outrun the force of attraction, as the draw would be less than its speed.


The Spirit Wolf sounded infuriated. It raised its formidable head as it howled.

At that moment, the Spirit Wolf heavily took a step, forcefully pulling its legs out from the shifting ground.

It began to increase its running speed. Its legs were moving faster and faster...

Its legs were soon moving too fast for the naked eye, racing against the quicksand. The quicksand had maintained the same speed as it pulled the Spirit Wolf backwards, but the Spirit Wolf was outrunning it in its fury!

Finally, the quicksand was no longer a hindrance to the Spirit Wolf...

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