Versatile Mage

Chapter 144

Chapter 144 - Spirit Wolf!




“Luo Song, you’re here! Come and sit by the side!” The bald examiner stood up from his place and grinned.

The bald examiner walked up to Luo Song and whispered, “You brat, why did you leisurely come to Pearl Institute, and even want to contend against a Summoning Elemental student?!”

“What’s the matter, Uncle Li, you already know the situation with me!” Luo Song had a carefree expression, it appeared that he was determined to win.

Examiner Li walked back to his place, and glanced at Mo Fan, who was already prepared.

The old professor wearing thick glasses was also judging Mo Fan. When he realized Mo Fan hadn’t brought anything with him, he casually asked, “You didn’t prepare any auxiliary equipment?”

The old professor had deliberately postponed the test for a week later. His intention was to let this student discuss with his family spending some money on equipment for assistance. Such help would greatly increase his acceptance rate.

The old professor would gladly accept Summoning Elemental students, but everything had to be justified.

“It was too expensive, I couldn’t afford it.” Mo Fan straightforwardly replied.

Mo Fan understand this auxiliary equipment’s requirements. The costs started at a few hundred thousand yuan and ranged up to millions for the better stuff. Mo Fan only had a Bone Scythe Shield from before, but that was there to save his life.

“Okay, then let us begin!” The old professor didn’t say anything further.

On the side, the young master called Luo Song couldn’t stop himself from laughing. He said to the butler Li to the side, “Old Li, this person is quite interesting! He doesn’t have the money to study the Summoning Element! If he was to study any other Element, it’d still be better than the Summoning Element!”

Regardless of what, Luo Song was still raised in a big place, thus, he knew quite a few things.

The Summoning Element was the element that burned the most money amongst all Elements. The strength between summoned creatures varied greatly. The weak ones couldn’t even match up with dogs, and the strong ones could even fight against demons. So where did the strong ones come from? One aspect would be his own cultivation, and another is from burning resources!

“He has already started,” Butler Li coughed.

Luo Song no longer said anything. However, he was actually quite confused. Just how poor must a family be if they can’t even purchase a supporting item for the entrance exams. Were those things really that expensive?


Mo Fan had already closed his eyes as he began to slowly connect the stars in his Summoning Stardust.

The Summoning Stardust appeared to be transparent, with an occasional moonlight radiance circulating around it. After Mo Fan placed the stars in the interior into an array, the moonlight radiance became increasingly distinct. When seven of the stars were connecting to each other, it looked like a crescent moon.

After the Star Trail appeared, it circled around Mo Fan’s body. It looked like the bound radiance of the moon as it slowly ripped open a tunnel leading toward a different plane in the sky.

Mo Fan opened his eyes. They displayed a vast depth as he stood there on the practice ground, his spirit seemed like it had travelled to a different, mysterious plane.

A moon-colored dimensional door was located at the end of a black tunnel. Mo Fan felt as though he had instantly bumped into an incredible Garden of Immortal Peaches through a narrow, pitch black cavern. A completely new continent had emerged in front of him.

It was like a mirage, as what seemed to be right in front of his eyes was actually relatively far away. Like a dream, he felt like a god as he quietly watched the scenery of the dream.

“Don’t forget to use your intent to subdue the creature of your choosing,” the voice of the old professor suddenly echoed around him, reminding Mo Fan who was still entranced.

Mo Fan was also very clear that the amount of time his intent could remain in this Summoning Plane was very limited. If he didn’t quickly lock onto a creature that he wanted to summon, then this summoning would be considered a fail.

As he willed his intent to move, Mo Fan could feel himself flying past the new dreamland. Those creatures that was quickly galloping through the fields was instantly left behind by Mo Fan, so far behind that you could no longer see them on the horizon.


Suddenly, a blue shadow sitting atop a tall, secluded mountain raised its head and howled into the dark skies.

Mo Fan glanced at this Spirit Wolf as his face filled with joy.

It’s you!

His intent turned into an incorporeal rope as it fell down on the defenseless Spirit Wolf.

As he reinforced his intent and pulled, the binding rope quickly broke off. However, Mo Fan’s Spiritual Print had already begun to crawl into the forehead of the Spirit Wolf. He wanted to leave a communication bridge between the summoned beast and the summoner in that area.

This Spirit Wolf refused in the beginning. However, once the sun rose, there was suddenly an indescribable mental attack toward him.

“You have to be friendly. Remember, you and the summoned creature are not a master and slave. You are using the energy of the Dimensions to request their help from the other planes to come and assist you in your battles. Thus, you need to reach a consensus with the creature, and not a forcible enslaving.” The old professor clearly seemed to be a very good teacher. Even if he still hadn’t entered the university, he still promptly assisted Mo Fan in the process of subduing the creatures.

Mo Fan realized the old professors intention, thus, he did not excessively force the second spiritual imprint.

Everytime you try to insert a Spiritual Imprint onto a summoned creature, it used up a large amount of magic energy. Even though Mo Fan’s current Summoning Stardust was at the third level, he still could not fail the branding too many times.

According to what Ms Tangyue had said, once the Spiritual Imprint successfully appeared on the body of the wandering creature, it meant the summoning was successful!

The first Spiritual Imprint was clearly a failure, probably because Mo Fan had turned his intent into a rope, attempting to abduct the wolf.

The second time, Mo Fan turned his Spiritual Imprint into a gentle radiance as he softly sprinkled it over the body of the Spirit Wolf that was still somewhat resisting him.

As expected, this guy was amenable to coaxing, but not coercion.

A few moments later, the Spiritual Imprint appeared on the forehead of the Spirit Wolf.

This imprint was actually a bridge between the two planes. When Mo Fan was about to finish the last part of the summoning, his intent quickly left this land of half-illusion and half-reality, and quickly returned to the practice ground.

Mo Fan opened his eyes, and realized the bald examiner who had just picked up his tea was actually drinking it now.

One had to understand that when Mo Fan was closing his eyes, the bald examiner was already holding onto the teacup…

His wandering intent felt like it had traveled over an entire world. However, time in the real world had passed much more slowly.

The moonlight Star Trail didn’t disappear like the other Elements. It became a crack that split open the space between two planes. The Spirit Wolf marked by Mo Fan’s Spiritual Imprint began to vigilantly yet curiously stretch its furry blue head, its vicious teeth enough to make all the observers cautious, out of the crack…

When it saw Mo Fan, it began to relax.

It directly walked out of the moonlight Star Trail to Mo Fan’s side, and began to look over its surroundings with keen blue eyes.


“Spirit Wolf?? How could he summon a Spirit Wolf on his first summoning!” the bald examiner blurted out in surprise.

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