Versatile Mage

Chapter 143

Chapter 143 - The Entrance Exams




The content of the Summoning Element was not something that could be explained in a couple of days.

Mo Fan oddly realized that Ms Tangyue was gradually guiding him into a secluded, gloomy forest. He watched as the people in his surroundings decreased, and Tangyue’s curvy, sexy body in the dusk...

Could it be that what happened in the taxi was not enough to fully satisfy her desires? Could this dusky forest have yet another thing happening?

“Alright, there is no one here,” Ms. Tangyue said after surveying the area.

Mo Fan widened his eyes.

No way, it really is happening!

I’m not prepared, but I do like this kind of bluntness!

“What are you looking at, I led you here to use Dimensional Summon!” Tangyue said to Mo Fan, in a bad mood.

“Oh, oh…” Mo Fan awkwardly smiled, it seems like she was afraid that the thing he’d Summon would scare other people.

Summoning Beast… To speak frankly, this was a Magical Beast that could be controlled by humans. When normal people saw Magical Beasts, they’d just pee their pants.

Tangyue didn’t think that the Magic could successfully control the Magical Beast on its first attempt. So she led him to a place where there was no people in case Mo Fan couldn’t control it.


The time given to Mo Fan was a week. During this one week, Mo Fan had been asking for guidance from Ms. Tangyue.

It just so happened that Tangyue was available during this period of time, soshe let Mo Fan keep her company as they strolle through Hangzhou.

She told Mo Fan that after she had moved to Hangzhou, she essentially did not wander around the city at all. On one hand, Tangyue was supplying Mo Fan with magic and combat knowledge; while on the other, she had him come along for shopping, sightseeing, and trying the local delicacies.

At this time, Mo Fan was rejoicing over the fact that he lived in a district that was relatively close to Hangzhou. Otherwise, he wouldn’t necessarily have had an opportunity like this, where he could walk with her so intimately.

During this week, not only did Tangyue tell Mo Fan information regarding the Summoning Element, she also imparted her knowledge of cultivating the Fire and Shadow Elements to him.

After going through this baptism, Mo Fan finally understood what it meant to have a Master impart knowledge to the disciple. In the practical classes in the past, Tangyue also gave lectures without hiding anything. However, that was a school after all, there were many things that were rather inappropriate to tell the Magic students at that level.


“I have to go, I will miss you Ms Tangyue.” Mo Fan waved his hands as he was unable to look at Tangyue.

“Be careful in the University,” Tangyue told him repeatedly.

“Careful? What do you mean?” Mo Fan asked while feeling confused.

“ University and Magic High School are completely different. The competition in the University is extremely cruel, there are many who will use their clan and background to obtain a couple of resources. The University itself is essentially a contest between the major powers from across the country. The University staffs just turn a blind eye to it…” Tangyue said to Mo Fan sincerely.

From how Tangyue saw it, Mo Fan was a smart person who knew how to survive in this society. However, she also saw that he was actually a rather rash person, and was worried Mo Fan would fall in the struggles within his University.

To speak frankly, Mo Fan came from a common family. He was completely different from those Magicians that had the wealth of their family, or a major background as a shield.

The road of a Magician’s growth was essentially burning money and resources. Mo Fan, who had to rely on himself to establish himself within the University, would have an extremely difficult time.

Even if Mo Fan had already achieved the Intermediate level, the Intermediate level Magicians in University could not be considered peak existences. A famous university like Pearl Institute had numerous monsters.

Mo Fan knows that Ms Tangyue was being considerate of him, and nodded his head quietly. “Ms Tangyue, don’t worry. I will control myself.”

Tangyue looked at him listening to her advice, she couldn’t help but smile, “I’m not asking you to swallow your anger after being bullied by others. If a family does something excessive, you can come and find me. I will support you.”

Mo Fan felt a warmth bubble burst forth inside him.

Although he only nodded on the surface, Mo Fan was actually thinking of something else.

If he were to get ravaged by some people in University, and he went whining to find his most beloved teacher, then he really would be just a little brat.

I need to be a man who is responsible. How could I possibly hide under someone else’s wing?

Furthermore, Mo Fan was also very clear that he was not a relative nor a friend to Ms. Tangyue. Mo Fan was already feeling extremely emotional about Tangyue providing him with so much knowledge without restraint on his road of growth as a Magician.

The rest was still something where he had to rely on himself!


Pearl University... 

An overweight youth stepped out of a black Mercedes-Benz.

The fatty looked around the area, his eyes revealing some disdain. “How annoying, they actually still needed one more week to make a decision!”

“Xiao Song, this is the Pearl Institute of Shanghai, after all. Capable people here not few, and the person who is competing with you is precisely a Summoning Elemental Student. That kind of people could be considered rather rare.” The uniformed chauffeur also stepped out, his face bearing a kind smile.

“Old Li, do you really think the Summoning Element is something extraordinary?” Luo Song curled his lip.

“It is indeed nothing much compared to you,” the butler called Old Li fawned back.

“Let’s go, I want to see just what kind of ability this kid has. He dares to compete with this young master!” Luo Song directly strode toward the designated practice ground.

Butler Old Li quickly followed behind him. “Xiao Song, if they don’t accept you, let’s go to Imperial. After all, that is where our foundation lies.”

“I don’t want to, I will let those people who sneered at me see that I am even stronger than them, without relying on my father!” Luo Song didn’t conceal the arrogance on his face.

“There’s no need for that. You are after all very outstanding, that’s why they give you the best resources...”

“Old Li, you don’t need to say anything more. Either way, I have decided on the Pearl Institute of Shanghai, and I will trample down on those who are full of themselves! That’s something fun to do! An example will be the fool who thinks the Summoning Element is amazing!”

“Alright, as long as you don’t attract big trouble to yourself.” Butler Li said nothing else.

After finding the designated training grounds, Luo Song walked in and found the five examiners sitting there.

Other than the five examiners, there was another youth wearing a pitch black shirt, standing out there on the white sands of the training ground.

Telling the family circumstances of a person based on what they’re wearing was usually pretty accurate most of time. After all, fashion was something that required a large amount of money to really keep up with.

Thus, Luo Song was instantly able to give that the guy taking exams an evaluation: a loser!

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