Versatile Mage

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 - Dimensional Summoning




Briiiiiing, briiiiiing…

“Ms Tangyue~~!”


“Do you know anything about the Summoning Element?”

“I know a bit...”

“That’s great! I plan on using the Summoning Element to enter the Pearl Institute. Coincidentally, the books regarding Dimensional Magic on the market are quite few in number, and so, I decided to ask my most beloved Ms Tangyue,” Mo Fan said with a smile.

For some reason, Tangyue felt like Mo Fan’s tone exhibited some malicious intent.

However, this wasn’t the important part. Tangyue was more flabbergasted about the fact Mo Fan had Awakened the Summoning Element.

“Where are you?” Tangyue directly asked.

“I am… forget it, I’ll go find you instead, how’s that?” Mo Fan said very directly as well.

“Alright, come to Xihu.”


He lived relatively close to the train station, and so Mo Fan quickly stepped on board as he once again charged toward Hangzhou.

However, as he was sitting on the train toward Xihu, Mo Fan couldn’t help but to think for himself. If he was able to successfully summon a proper Summoned Beast, and was able to control it, then wouldn’t that mean he’d have a free limousine?

So what if a man’s most beloved thing was a BMW, Audi, or a Land Rover? Even if you were to drive a Benz, it still wouldn’t be able to measure up to the unrestrained freedom of a Summoned Beast brimming with power.


Mo Fan finally arrived at the location Tangyue gave him. This was a place where in the top grade apartments you’d be able to see the whole of Xihu from your own window.

An apartment like this with its surrounding filled with bright, flourishing flowers… comparing that to his own deserted area… Sigh, being poor is a problem that gets worse by day. Once I get into University, I ought to find a job!


Within a room, Tangyue was looking into the mirror. She was pondering over whether to use the bright colored red lipstick, or the lipstick that seemed tender like water...

Putting on some light make-up was a normal thing. However, the thought of her sitting in the taxi and giving him a breathtaking kiss suddenly appeared within her head. This made her purse her lips as a blush appeared on her face.

What am I doing, I thought I already decided to never meet this guy again!

Although the matter of that was actually a year ago, meeting Mo Fan again made her cheeks really blush.

Forget it, when other people meet their previous boyfriends, they’d be magnanimous. For an adult like me, this kind of thing should just be a small matter...

It just happened that she had been locked in her apartment, cultivating for a long period of time. Having someone take a stroll with me in Xihu wouldn’t be a bad thing.


Mo Fan was patiently waiting downstairs, and finally saw Ms Tangyue walking toward him with her exquisite figure. Her unconcealed beauty once more caused a ripple in his heart. He hadn’t seen her for a year, but she was still that beautiful.

Tsk tsk, if those classmates of mine in High School knew that Ms Tangyue and I are this close with each other, then they’d definitely die from jealousy...

“Let’s take a walk. The matters concerning the Summoning Element are rather complicated, I’ll slowly explain them to you,” Tangyue said with a shallow smile.

Mo Fan realized that Tangyue’s mood was rather good, although he didn’t know why.

Mature women have good taste, it was like they were experts. If the girls were too innocent, then it’d be boring.

“Alright, it just happens that I’ve never taken a look around Hangzhou,” Mo Fan agreed quickly.

Mo Fan was a child from a poor family. Before the age of eighteen, he actually hadn’t gone anywhere.

They walked along the river of Xihu. There were lots of of people from all walks of life out taking a stroll around here. Due to it being summer vacation, there were many who took their children out on their trips.

The weeping willow on the other shore was reflected on the river, the scenery looked as beautiful as a drawing. Ms Tangyue’s steps were like a lotus, her figure like a delicate willow. The beautiful girls touring the famous Broken Bridge seemed to be even more beautiful than the location. They looked at the scenery happily, but little did they know that they were actually the best part of the view!

Ms Tangyue’s figure was particularly outstanding. A large number of people were turning their heads around to see her, making Mo Fan feel relatively pleased with himself. It was not because everyone was just people… It was because their admiration and jealousy made him feel extremely superior.

The two didn’t immediately discuss the most important topic. They talked a little about the recent state of matters, and after discussing a couple of other matters, they finally began to get into the topic of the Summoning Element.

“The Summoning Element is most likely the most unstable Element within all of the various Magicks. If you are able to properly use it, then you will be an invincible existence in your area. If you can’t use it, then you’re just like a commoner who is taking their dog out for a walk,” Ms Tangyue told him.

Mo Fan nodded, this was similar to what the old professor had said before.

Thinking about it, it sounded just about right. In terms of combat prowess, between a Primary Magician and a Minion level Magical Beast, it was natural that a Minion level Magical Beast would be stronger. A Primary Magician would need to form a squad to kill a Magical Beast of that level.

As for Summoners, if they were able to summon a creature whose combat prowess was equal to that of Magical Beasts, then that would mean they would have achieved a combat prowess equal to a squad of Primary Magicians. This was surely more monstrous than the Lightning Element.

“Dimensional Summon is a spell that is full of unknown factors. Once you’ve used Dimensional Summon, your intent will enter a plane that does not belong to our world, called the Summoned Beast Plane. In that place, your intent will quickly wander around within the Summoned Beast Plane. Furthermore, it will search for the closest creature…” Ms Tangyue continued explaining.

“Enter a different plane?” Mo Fan felt flabbergasted by this.

“There is more than one plane in this world. I’ve even heard from some old Space Element Magicians that there are many mysterious planes that are parallel to our plane. At a certain time, these planes would align... Telling you this is useless. The most important thing is, the Summoning Beast Plane is a plane which we humans are more familiar with. More accurately speaking, the Summoned Plane is attached to our world.” Tangyue continued to explain this topic to Mo Fan.

However, Mo Fan’s head was in chaos. After all, he was considered to be someone from a different plane!

“While your intent is wandering within the Summoning Plane, the summoned creatures you encounter will be completely different… and this is also why the Summoning Element is the most unstable Element. When you do your first Summoning, there’s no way to know what kind of Summon you’ll make,” Ms Tangyue said.

“I see, so the Dimensional Summon is similar to going to the zoo blindfolded as you randomly grab something. So grabbing a rat that ends up being a lion is also possible?” Mo Fan asked.

Ms Tangyue gently smiled as she slowly nodded, “That’s about right.”

“That’s interesting!” Mo Fan couldn’t help but to look forward to it.

The Summoning Element’s spells variables were far different than other Magic elements. However, this was just to Mo Fan’s liking. To delve into a Magic Element like this would only make it more interesting.

“With your Intermediate Magician’s intent, you will be able to find relatively strong Summoned Beast,” Ms Tangyue said.

“So this depends on the strength of your intent?”

“Mhm, if you are able to efficiently use the Summoning Element’s primary spell, Dimensional Summon, then it can potentially be even more amazing than Advanced Magic!”

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