Versatile Mage

Chapter 140

Chapter 140 - Cultivating Four Elements Together!




After returning home, Mo Fan saw Xinxia sitting on the small balcony in peace. Her eyes were closed, so she must’ve been diligently meditating.

She planned on participating in the Magic High School Exams in the coming year, so she still needed to learn quite a few things.

Mo Fan wanted to share with her the happiness in his heart. However, seeing her earnest and dignified appearance, he didn’t disturb her at all.

Thinking about it carefully, he decided not to tell her yet. When the time came, he’d just give her yet another big surprise. 

It was currently afternoon. The bright and beautiful sunlight was like a bright-colored muslin as it softly and quietly draped itself over Xinxia’s delicate body. She sat there with a particular elegance as she slowly opened her tender lips. She looked like a beautiful girl that only appears in dreams.

It seemed she had gotten a huge benefit from cultivating. She who regarded everything lightly would not usually be in such high spirits.

Mo Fan didn’t make a sound as he stood to the side, staring at her.

Her dark black hair cascaded across her small, flawless features. XinXia did not just have a perfectly oval shaped face, her cheeks filled out and made her look incredibly cute when she lightly bit her lips. When she calmly closed her beguiling eyes, those defined eyebrows of hers made her look all the more enchanting and ravishing.

With this kind of girl, there were rarely times where you’d want to disrespect her. Adding the wheelchair to her delicate appearance only increased one's desire to protect her.

The night of the destruction of Bo City, Mo Fan had told her that if she couldn’t walk, then he would give her a pair of wings.

Magical Equipment in the form of Wings did exist.

However, their price was something a commoner couldn’t afford even in several lifetimes.

In the past, it would be near impossible for Mo Fan to fulfill this wish. However, right now… he held unlimited potential and would only grow stronger and attain even more riches. There would be a day where he would personally gift her a pair of beautiful wings and allow her to experience the incredible freedom. She will be able to enjoy the wind through her hair, and the clouds beneath her feet.

Mo Fan didn’t disturb her.

He knew what he ought to do. The joy which the dual Element Awakening had brought upon him had now cooled down. It had been turned into an unlimited expectation and thirst for the future, a self confidence that would allow him to control everything around him, and the power that burned fiercely within his heart!


After returning to his own room, Mo Fan didn’t want to waste a single second more.

Awakening four Elements did not necessarily mean that he had grown stronger. It only signified that if he was to put even more effort in, then he had even more room to improve.

He had to invest even more time into cultivation now. He had to practice the control of even more Elemental Stars, and spend even more resources.

Thankfully, the Little Loach Pendant provided Mo Fan with a great amount of assistance.

The truth is, the majority of people weren’t able to cultivate a single Element’s magic to a higher level, thus, how could they possibly have time to meditate on others? Mo Fan who planned on raising the levels of all four of his Elements, the time he was going to have to spend on them was not going to be small.

With the nourishment of the Little Loach Pendant, Mo Fan would be able to cultivate literally all day and night without getting tired.

Mo Fan simply sat in his room with his eyes closed as he spent every day like this.

The waters of the Underground Holy Spring had been absorbed by the Little Loach Pendant. Although it couldn’t achieve the same effect of the Underground Holy Spring, it was still able to double Mo Fan’s meditation speed!

A common grade Stardust Magic Tool increased cultivation speed by roughly twenty percent.

A Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool was able to increase cultivation speed by roughly forty percent.

The Little Loach Pendant that absorbed the Underground Holy Spring had evolved once more, and Mo Fan was no longer able to determine what grade it was at. However, as long as Mo Fan entered a meditative state, he’d be able to enjoy the twice the effect for half the amount of work.

It doubled over what it had been previously!

This double effect of the nourishment was a solid increase. It wasn’t that Mo Fan’s comprehension of cultivation was very high, either. The time he could spend meditating was already extremely long, and when he wasn’t meditating, the Little Loach Pendant’s nourishing would still be active. With this kind of thing influencing him discreetly, he was able to further increase his cultivation.

The effects he obtained from meditation would be different everyday. Even if Mo Fan was a Magician whose innate talent in cultivation was inferior, he would still be able to race ahead of his peers by many levels by relying on the nourishment provided by the Little Loach Pendant.


Mo Fan had completely planned his time out efficiently.

After three months of constantly cultivating, Mo Fan had pleasantly discovered that the Stardust of his Shadow Element’s development had achieved the same level it took him a whole year to accomplish with his Fire and Lightning.

The increased speed of the Shadow Stardust was just like a rocket, even Mo Fan had some difficulty believing it.

“It seems like after reaching the Intermediate level, the Stardusts are simply something familiar for the Magicians who possess a Nebula. Thus, the speed at which they increase is much faster than it was in the past.” Mo Fan mused to himself. 

The average cultivation time for one Element was roughly a day. This was something that everyone did.

The Little Loach Pendant’s nourishment was able to increase his own cultivation speed by roughly 2.5 times.

It would be logical to say that cultivation three months with the 2.5X buff was equivalent to cultivating for a little longer than half a year. However, it was actually more like a whole year worth of cultivation. If this was the annual examination, then it wouldn’t even be a problem for him to get a S!

Thinking this over, Mo Fan could only think of one reason. His meditation effect had increased by roughly fifty percent compared to before he was an Intermediate Mage!

Because he had to carefully look after the Nebula level Fire and Lightning Elements, it made it much easier for him to look after the Stardust level Shadow and Summoning Elements.

This kind of feeling was just like being a father who had already raised his two children to the age of ten or so years. Dealing with the third and fourth child would be like a casual pinch, his management over them would be neat and tidy, making them docile and obedient.

The Shadow Stardust and Summoning Stardust has already reached the level where he could cast their spells. Only then did Mo Fan begin to connect the Shadow Stars.

Similarly, the Star Path was something Mo Fan was very proficient in. Even though the Shadow Stardust and Summoning Stardust were something that required him to start from the very beginning again, he used swindling as his method to once more make the arrogant Stars obey him.

Cultivating the Shadow and Summoning Elements was much smoother compared to the Lightning and Fire Elements. He wouldn’t make any detours, nor would he lose confidence if he failed.

Control was something Mo Fan had practiced first. Normally, those who had connected seven Stars would impatiently attempt to cast spells, and put the majority of their time towards completely utilizing that spell. Considering the limited amount of time, Mo Fan had to suppress his urge to do the same thing. Instead, he put most of his time into consolidating his foundations.

When he got to the University, he would have all the time and grounds to practice at. In this desolate place with mountains around, there weren’t any pretty ladies with good figures for him to sneakily peek at and distract him...

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