Versatile Mage

Chapter 137

Chapter 137 - The Second Awakening




According to Ms. Tangyue, Mo Fan had come to the most renowned Magic Association in the nation!

He could already feel a magnificent aura streaming across his face while he was still standing out in the square. This was at a completely different level than the Magicians Association in Bo City!

The passing people on the stairs were dressed no differently than normal citizens, but judging by their auras, all of them were most definitely Magicians. Some were weaker, some were about the same level as Mo Fan himself, but there were also quite a few magicians that Mo Fan wasn’t able to sense.

If he couldn't even feel the magic aura of those Magicians, it was without a doubt because they were at a much higher level than he was!

This was undoubtedly the most amazing Magic Association in the nation! Intermediate Magicians in Bo City were an existence that could be considered at the peak, while here, they could be seen as… Oh, those people were just here for sightseeing. They weren’t Magicians. That’s probably why I couldn’t feel them. Right.

The Oriental Pearl Tower was open to the public. Visitors had paths that were specifically arranged for sightseeing. Thus it was only natural for Magicians like Mo Fan to walk along the Magician’s path instead.


After passing through an exhibition hall filled with magical advances and items of historical significance, Mo Fan took the elevator which skyrocketed him a hundred meters upwards.

His current floor was called the lower sphere, and was where the majority of the Magicians gathered. Although it was a sightseeing floor as well, its main purpose was to service Magicians from all corners of the country.

After exiting the elevator, the first thing that came into his sight was a majestic hall. The structure itself was a spherical building over fifty meters in diameter. However, after examining the painting on the curved dome that had a Western Renaissance style to it, he could feel a secretive and mysterious Magic assailing him.

The receptionist, wearing a white qipao with cloud designs, asked him with a polite smile, “Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Magician?” 

“I’m here for Awakening, someone already has booked an appointment for me.” Mo Fan replied, his eyes unconsciously staring at the receptionist’s beautiful long legs. Tsk, just as expected of a grand city, even the receptionists are extremely beautiful!

“Let me check it for you, may I please have your name…?”

“Mo Fan.”

“Ok, Mr. Mo Fan, do you wish to look around, or do you wish to head to the Awakening room straight away?” the receptionist asked with another smile.

“Lets go straight to the Awakening room.”

Between sightseeing and Awakening, Mo Fan cared more for his Awakening.

After experiencing so many things, Mo Fan clearly understood the importance of having yet another Element!

As Mo Fan passed through the main lobby, he noticed a relatively interesting fact. There were many one-to-one counters. Some magicians were able to enjoy lone service by a receptionist, while the majority of the Magicians were seated on the comfortable chairs in the hall. They looked like like they were retail investors as they watchedthe giant screen, searching for the information they wanted.

“The screen will announce some bounties, as well as weekly resources issued by the Magicians Association. Those who want them can apply for them.” The receptionist seemed to know it was Mo Fan’s first time here, and explained this in a friendly manner.

“What about the one-to-one service?” Mo Fan asked.

“They either paid a large sum for this special service, or have reached the level of an Intermediate Magician. All Intermediate Magicians automatically will have one on one service. The employees will do a price estimation if they are looking to trade items, as well as methods for selling them. Furthermore, they will also properly explain to the Magician information regarding any suitable bounties. Any matters which need to be followed closely or applied will be done on your behalf. This saves time and removes many tedious procedures. But of course, there are also employees who are specialized to get information which you normally cannot!” the thoughtful receptionist explained concisely.

“So that’s how it works!” Mo Fan nodded.

Everybody thirsts for special privileges, but those who are privileged are in the minority… and I am in the minority!


Mo Fan was brought to a beautiful spherical room. The room was filled with countless amounts of Awakening balls, causing those who saw them to feel dizzy.

“Mr Guo, the… the person who is here for Awakening has arrived.” After the girl dressed in qipao arrived here, she hesitated a moment before she spoke.

“Oh, I know, instruct him to sit there.” The man called Mr Guo looked as if he was busy as he replied in a neutral monotone.

“Then… then I shall take my leave.” The receptionist peeked at Mr Guo before her face displayed some disappointment.

Mo Fan followed Mr Guo’s instruction as he sat down to the side and waited. At this moment, he was a little excited. It was just like his first Awakening held at the school’s practice grounds.

On the other side of the room, the man named Mr Guo hadn’t even looked at Mo Fan once as he carelessly walked into another room.

The room was dim. Mr Guo looked at the young woman who was his apprentice and asked, “Xiao Mian, is the Awakening Stone ready?”

“Which Element’s guiding stone should I use?” the apprentice named Xiao Mian inquired.

“Let me see…” Guo Liyu walked up to the door and looked at Mo Fan from a distance. He didn’t bother asking Mo Fan as he showed his impatience, “Lightning Element,”

“You’re not going to ask??” Xiao Mian questioned him.

“I hate these kind incompetent second generations. His age should be around 17 or 18, yet he still came here for Awakening with the belief he could use money to awaken the Lightning Element. If my Awakening house wasn’t in need of money to bring  in new stock, I wouldn’t even bother wasting Awakening Stones on these people,” Guo Liyu replied.

“How much did you charge for the service, Master?” Xiao Mian asked weakly.

“One hundred thousand yuan. The probability of Awakening the Lightning Element is just slightly higher compared to normal circumstances,” Guo Liyu replied.

Xiao Mian was shocked after hearing his reply.

One hundred thousand for just increasing the probability of Awakening a Lightning Element for a person, Master is ruthless!

Xiao Mian didn’t say much as she obediently put the Lightning Element guiding stone around the giant Awakening Stone.

This was the Magician’s Association’s largest Awakening house, the Awakening Stones they used were of the best quality. Normally the fees were relatively high, but it was a free service if it was a special case, such as a recommendation from extraordinary people.

“Come here, kid. I must tell you in advance, what you Awaken is up to the heavens and your talent. Even using an Elemental Guiding Stone, the success rate is only raised by a little. If you Awaken  the Light Element, Water Element, or whatever Element, don’t blame me.” Guo Liyu walked up to Mo Fan with the appearance of having a bad day.

“I got it. Can we begin?” Mo Fan asked.

“You may go in, we won’t disturb you during the process of Awakening…” the girl named Xiao Mian answered Mo Fan, still not knowing why they were being unfriendly to him.

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