Versatile Mage

Chapter 134

Chapter 134 - Refining the Rose Flames!




The Curse was slowly being released. The chit chat Mo Fan had with Chao He was not for naught. At least, he was able to save Mrs. Tangyue from the same fate as the other four members of the Dongfang Family.

“Mrs. Tangyue, are you alright?” Mo Fan asked of her. She was weakly leaning against a rock.

At this moment, Tangyue’s clothes were slightly revealing. With two of her hands covering her chest, it was hard for Mo Fan to figure out whether she was trying to protect her jade body from being tainted or she wanted him to directly tear her clothes apart.

“Don’t… don’t come over here…” Tangyue resisted the desires that made her nearly want to jump on Mo Fan as she forcefully made herself sit down.

Within a number of kilometers, Mo Fan was currently the only man. The deceptive things that you usually see only see on bad TV dramas could actually end up happening to her. If he was a handsome, elegant, and princely man, then she might be able to endure this temptation!

Not good! In this kind of situation, any normal man would definitely take advantage of things! She had to think of some way to get him to get away from her. If she gave herself around ten minutes worth of time, she should be able to subdue her instincts. A Magician’s mental strength was much stronger than that of a common person.

Right, Rose Flames!

Originally, this thing would belong to the Magic Trials. However, right now, she could only take advantage of it.

“You… Go and refine the Rose Flames,” Tangyue said with a deep inhale.

“The Rose Flames can be refined at any time, your safety is more important right now,” Mo Fan said in a honorable way.

Tangyue didn’t dare to raise her head to look at Mo Fan, cursing several times in her heart, Mo Fan, you mad person. Hurry up and reap the harvests, don’t tell me that you don’t know what kind of condition I am in right now, if you dare to take one step, I will feed you to the dogs!

To tell the truth, Tangyue was genuinely worried that this guy might do something to her, or she’d do something to him. Either way, she clenched his teeth and said, “The Spirit grade Fire Seed will soon disperse.”

“Oh, oh, you’ll really give it to me?” Mo Fan asked sincerely.

“Yes!!” Tangyue’s teeth clenched even harder.

“Then I hope you take care of yourself, I’ll go ahead and refine the Rose Flames, if there’s anything you need me for…”

“Get moving!” Tangyue nearly went crazy.

Mo Fan walked away helplessly, feeling slightly depressed.

His current appearance looked as though it was saying “Innocently consulting the teacher with a question, yet harshly get told to get out…” The only thing he could do was sigh in sorrow about the current teacher’s nonsensical mood, and walk out of the bathroom…

However, after thinking about being able to obtain the astronomically valuable Fire Soul Seed, Mo Fan quickly forgot everything else!

Indeed an charming man! He himself was just a trash, but, the girls who approached him just could not stop themselves from throwing themselves at him, it was like they were on drugs! As a rare man in this world, Mo Fan would definitely not… Alright, the truth was, Mo Fan had seen a ball of flames being condensed in Mrs. Tangyue’s hand.

Rose Flames were clearly not comparable to his own life.

The current Mo Fan was already extremely poor. This kind of rare treasure was not something he’d say no to!

The Dong Family, the Hunter Squad of Panxiong, and this murderer were badly injured in order to obtain this Rose Flame. Mo Fan had thirsted for this Rose Flame from the very beginning, so, he was extremely grateful for Mrs. Tangyue’s support. Otherwise, this kind of precious thing would never have fallen into his hands.

Currently, in order for Tangyue to maintain her innocent self, she had begun to resist the curse in her heart. With the treasure falling into his grasp, his hands began to tremble.

I have to hurriedly refine this and leave this place with Mrs. Tangyue. If more Magicians appear, then it will be problematic!, Mo Fan thought to himself.

Mo Fan didn’t dare to waste any more time, and he quickly put his hand on the exceptional Rose Flame.

A burning feeling immediately transmitted from his palm to the rest of his body. Originally, it felt unbearably hot, however it quickly began to feel like this Rose Flames that was brimming with spirit had no intention of causing pain to Mo Fan.

It gradually began to feel like boiling blood was entering his body. Mo Fan closed his eyes to better feel the bizarre sensation of the element.

The Flame Rose was indeed docile, like a infant; it perceived the first person that approached it as a parent. In the beginning, it was indeed vigilant, but it quickly let its guard down. It was as though it was stretching out its hands to get a hug. It assimilated into Mo Fan’s body, merging into his Fire Elemental Nebula.

This process made Mo Fan feel as though he was going through some sort of Fire Baptism. His innate flames began to transform with the Rose Flame.

The first thing that changed was Mo Fan’s body, as his skin seemed to darken somewhat. It was only slightly different from fine copper. After the Rose Flames had assimilated into him, the color of his skin gradually turned into a color that was closer to them, more glossy and smooth.

His blood seemed to have transformed somehow as well, turning increasingly redder and more energetic.

After his blood was his bones. His bones was not much different than a normal person’s, but after the baptism of the Rose Flames, his bones had turned into something like steel. Although it was not something Mo Fan could see, he could clearly feel they were different from before.

The biggest transformation was naturally the Fire Nebula inside his Spiritual World!

Originally, that scarlet red Nebula had some impurities in it. Inside the vast cosmos of the Spiritual World, it was only beautiful. When the Rose Flames arrived, they increased the Fire Nebula’s lineage by one level…

The Fire Nebula originally had a spiral around it. After the Rose Baptism, the pitch-black cosmos looked as though it had blossomed into something grander, a great and mysterious fiery rose now formed the entire Nebula!

After he had refined the Rose Flames, this was the visible result!

Even without casting any spells, Mo Fan was still able to feel that the Rose Flames held a power that was much stronger than the scarlet Common Flames!

It wasn’t lively, nor agitated. It blossomed by itself… but Mo Fan knew it was just as dangerous as the thorns on a rose!

Originally, if Mo Fan’s Fire Burst: Rupture hit a Magical Beast, then most of them would survive with a heavy wound.

Now that he had this Rose Flame, his power had nearly doubled. A Fire Burst: Rupture would essentially blow a common Magical Beast half to death, or even reach a level where he could immediately kill them!

The majority of Magical Beasts could move extremely fast, and there was no way they would just stand there and get hit by a Fire Burst. Even if other Magicians possessed the Rose Flame, it would only increase the effect of it… if it hit the enemy!

However, Mo Fan was a man with an Innate Dual Element!

First, he had Lightning Strike, so he could forcefully restrict a Magical Beast. After that, he could immediately use the Rose Flame Fire Burst: Rupture! That way, he would most definitely kill them!

Mo Fan only needed 1.5 seconds to use his Lightning Strike, and the Fire Burst wouldn’t take more then 1.5 seconds either!

As long as you gave him three seconds, monsters like One-eyed Magical Wolves, or Colossal-eyed Ape Rats, would definitely die! The power was just that unreasonable!

The mana usage of Primary Magic wasn’t too much. As long as Mo Fan didn’t get surrounded by Magical Beasts, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to kill his way out of a situation. Even if he was surrounded, he would let them have a taste of the incredibly powerful Fiery Punch!


Editor’s NoteAnd now the editor knows why they are called Rose Flames, and not Rose-Colored Tyrant Annihilating Flames, or something similarly grandiose.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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