Versatile Mage

Chapter 131

Chapter 131 - Violent Fire Tangyue!




Chao He turned around and saw Tangyue. He didn’t even seem slightly surprised. Instead, he had a sly grin his face.

“I believe I should have two more charges, and one of them is for killing a member of the Magic Trials.” Chao He locked his eyes straight onto Tang Yue, as if he wanted to tear apart her soft clothing.

“There’s nothing more to say to a scum like you!” Tangyue didn’t bother any further. There was an outline of Fire Star Atlas slowly being formed beneath her feet.

“Do you think I’ll go down like this, Miss Tangyue? Aren’t you a little naive?” Chao He expressed an even more uncanny grin.

Tangyue face darkened. Just as she was about begin to fight, she suddenly realized there was a cloudy thing quickly surging out to the side of her. It then floated in the sky above the small reservoir. It assembled rapidly and formed a dark cloud-like thing, throwing the whole field into darkness.

The dark clouds were so dense that rays of sunlight couldn’t shine through. The density of the dark cloud even devoured the Fire Soul Seed’s bright flame.

The area instantly turned pitch black.

As for Chao He, his shadow was also assimilated into the dark, or to put it another way, there was now no shadow at the place where he stood.

Chao He was released from the restriction. He shook his head and then burst out into an evil laugh.

“I forgot to tell you. I was aware that you were trailing me. In the past few days where you pretended to be a traveller and ate in the restaurants, I secretly put things in them,” Chao He spoke leisurely. He didn’t appear like a criminal who had met his judicator.

Tang Yue face’s began to stiffen again. She had already foreseen that the enemy still had a card up his sleeve. This convict Chao He had escaped from the Magic Trials several times before, so clearly, he wasn’t easily apprehended.

According to what Chao He said, he had poisoned her food. Tang Yue would never believe that.

As a member of the Magic Trial, if you weren’t aware of your food being poisoned, then you’d be the same as an idiot!

“I knew you wouldn’t believe it, but surely by now your lips are feeling dry.” Chao He didn’t look anxious at all.

After Tangyue heard this, she subconsciously licked her rosy red lips. Truthfully, she already felt that she was thirsty and dry, but she didn’t give it any second thoughts. She thought the reason for this was the dehydrated environment.

“It is impossible to make a member of the Magic Trial eat poisoned food. Thus, even if I am an Apothecary, I did not put any poison in your food. However, I’ve placed substances that are beneficial for your body…” Chao He narrowed his eyes to a line while staring at Tang Yue’s beauty, then slowly uttered “To explain it elegantly, the substances are good for women, they smooth the blood circulation, but, to put it bluntly… oh, you’re already having a reaction.”

Just as he spoke, Tangyue slowly went from feeling dry and thirsty to having inexplicably flushed red cheeks.

Her blood circulation speed increased, the frequency of her heartbeat has also spiked. The most important thing was that she felt like there’s something gently biting on her skin, making it hard to concentrate.

Her breathing slowly became heavier, as if she want to gasp out the thirst from her throat. Her whole body felt weak, unable to muster the strength to stand. While at same time, she felt herself immediately becoming a greedy cat that was unable to control itself from jumping into a certain chest...

“Shameless, shameless!!!” Tangyue finally realized what the substances were in the poisoned food. She trembled with embarrassment and humiliation all over.

“The Magic Trials wanted to learn the source of the Violent Spring from me, thus sending such a beautiful lady judicator like yourself to subdue me. Don’t they know that apart from a magician, I’m also a remarkable apothecary?? I have various methods to deal with women. Oh, didn’t I mention earlier that there’d be two more added convictions toward me, one for killing a judicator, another …. Tsk tsk , we’re all adults here, I know you’ll understand what it means.”

During the whole progress of trailing Chao He, Tang Yue was very careful. She couldn’t figure out how this shameless convict knew she was trailing him.

Moreover, Tang Yue had been vigilant. She already knew that the psycho was an apothecary, so she had been very wary of things, including nourishment...

Unfortunately, she had been continuously taking precautions against things that were harmful to her, never realizing that Chao He would not poison her at all. Instead he chose to use those things that stimulate your body. No wonder when Mo Fan pressed against her under the shadows of the tree earlier, Mo Fan suddenly emanated an unspeakable attraction. It turned out to be she was under the effect of the stimulants, making her amorous.

Bastard, this damn wretch, why does the world have such a despicable human being!!


Deep inside the woods, Mo Fan had seen the mishap. He was also taken by surprise. He was also an adult, but how did he not figure it out?

At this moment, Mo Fan still couldn’t make up his mind whether to make a move or wait a bit longer for an opening.

Mo Fan certainly wouldn’t watch his beloved Mrs. Tangyue be murdered in cold blood. The problem was, could he even fight against this psycho?

“You swine! I’ll burn you to ashes!!”

While Mo Fan was still struggling to make up his mind, he heard Tangyue roar.

In an instant, a tremendous wave of flames started to spread in all directions with Tangyue as the center. Where Mrs. Tangyue stood, her long hair was even blowing without restraint, like an noble and beautiful phoenix releasing its anger.

“Phoenix Flame!”

Tangyue stood there proudly and gracefully in the raging inferno. Her eyes revealed an amazing scarlet red color. There was a hint of killing aura displayed on her beautiful face.

“Fiery Fist!”

The flames rose to another level!

“Jiu Gong!”

The last was said respectfully. Mo Fan was fairly familiar with Tang Yue’s starting position at releasing Intermediate Fire Elemental Magic, but it also felt different!

First, the flame which Tangyue controlled was not the common red flame that was regularly seen. She named her flame the “Phoenix Flame”, as it presented an overbearing scarlet red color, as if she had noble blood in her!

Second, her Fiery Fist was not the level one Fiery Fist, Exploding Heavens. It had reached the third level, Nine Palaces!

Now that Mo Fan had seen her Phoenix Flame, he had no idea how strong it was compared to common flames.

For the Nine Palaces, when Tangyue agglomerated all the the surrounding waves of flames into her left hand, she threw them ferociously at the ground. It was then that Mo Fan finally experienced what the Fierce Fist Nine Palaces was. Mo Fan was struck dumb at the shocking sight!!

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