Versatile Mage

Chapter 128

Chapter 128 - Intermediate level Battle!




It was clear that the man wearing a Tang suit had been at the Intermediate level for quite a while. The fluency of his casting was much more proficient than Mo Fan, and the most important thing was, the other person was using his own Control to draw the Star Atlas...

As the three people dispersed, a colossal fist of flames suddenly rumbled down from the heavens. The small mountain ridge seemed unable to endure the power of the flames as it began to tremble fiercely.

The heat became increasingly violent. Some of the surrounding trees quickly snapped off, and the treetops were so bent that it would have reached the ground.

As the colossal fist of flames barged in, the Hunter Magicians began to scatter in fear, leaving only the Cowboy standing there. There was no sign of him evading the spell, his eyes even revealed a bit of disdain!

“Rock Barrier; Stone Range!” Cowboy Man yelled out, his two hands beginning to push out.

Within the tongue of the flame, you could see a rock wall emerging. It formed into a rugged barrier of massive rocks!

The rugged wall of stones looked like a shield that protected the people inside it, so thick that nothing could break into it.

The colossal fist of flames that exploded at the top of the mountain actually left behind an imprint, but the waves of flames could only flow out into the surrounding area as they followed the stone barrier.

Mo Fan gaped as he watched this scene.

Mo Fan knew the power of Fiery Fist. The strongest part of Fiery Fist was the very center, which was able to burn buildings into ash. The attack power was enough to destroy an entire bungalow! However, when the incredible might of Fiery Fist smashed into the stone wall, it had actually been blocked. The Cowboy Man who was standing up against the Fiery Fist was unharmed, and so were the rest of the people behind him!

“Intermediate Rock spell, Rock Barrier. The formerly strongest defensive spell of Intermediate level.” Tangyue was very suitable to be a teacher, immediately explaining to Mo Fan the unknown information of the Intermediate realm.

“Impressive!” Mo Fan exclaimed.

At the Primary level, everyone only possessed a single spell. Thus, in a magic duel, it’d be each one taking turns to attack. In the Intermediate level, everyone possessed four spells. A duel between Magicians became a battle of tricks, with tactics of attacking and defending.

Although the Hunter Magician squad wasn’t born famous, their match up was incredibly reasonable.

After Cowboy Man finished his defensive tactics, the man with scars on his face also finished casting his Wind Intermediate Magic from beneath the rocks.

“Wind Trail, Tornado!”

In an instant, the reservoir within the mountain range felt as though


A gale suddenly erupted. The dry and warm air was quickly blown away by the evil wind. The people who were standing by the small reservoir was clearly feeling the air within a hundred meters of their surroundings frantically flowing into a designated area. The streams of air congested into the most constrained point of the air, causing it to slowly swirl around and build up into a frightening tornado!

The tornado spun the dust into itself as it formed into a hazy yellow dragon extending across the sky. Even the trees in the surroundings were unable to endure the strength of the wind, and were nearly pulled into the tornado!

As the frenzied winds blew into his face, they began to hurt a bit. Mo Fan was no longer able to clearly see the situation by the small water reservoir. All he could see was that Wind Trail, Tornado that was like a vicious monster, turning the entire place upside down.

Mo Fan had experienced the Intermediate Magic of Wind element, and seeing it again this time made his heart surge once more. Compared to the Primary level Wind Track, the Intermediate Wind spell was like a Tyrannosaurus; the destructive power was incredibly frightening!

After the tornado passed by, the small reservoir had changed in form. The bent trees were bent, the collapsed had collapsed, and stones were everywhere.

In the center of the chaos were precisely the four Magicians from the Dongfang Family. It seemed like they had used some kind of Magic Tool to defend themselves, as they weren’t spun up into the air. If not,, they wouldn’t even have half of their life remaining if they had fallen from such a height.

Although the four did defend themselves against the spell, their appearances showed they were in a difficult situation. The man who was wearing a Tang suit seemed to have some anger revealed on his face.

Both of the sides were burning with rage, and the Magicians were no longer cautiously using their Intermediate spells. Mo Fan and Tangyue specifically retreated over fifty paces in order to avoid the crossfire.

The fight continued for ten minutes, and Magic Tools were brought out as well. Ultimately, the man wearing the Tang suit used a Deathstrike Magical Tool to cut down the scarred man’s rock shield. The Hunter Magician squad retreated in shock.

Once their defense was taken away, the group of Hunter Magicians who needed a whole team to compete were completely overwhelmed by the four Intermediate Magicians.

“Today, I will give your Hunter Union some face. If you don’t get out now, then I will burn all of you into ashes! When the Enforcement Team comes, they won’t be able to find a single trace of you!” the man in Tang suit yelled out angrily, and a golden ball of flame emerged from his hand!

Xiong Pan and his people were incredibly reluctant, but they had no ability to stand up for themselves.

It wasn’t that their skills were not on par, it was the fact that these Family members just had way too much Magical Equipment on them. With great difficulty, they were able to suppress their opponents in term of skills, but they ended up being easily defeated by the Magical Tools!

At this time, the difference between an influential family and a grassroot Magician became very clear.

“We’ll go!” Xiong Pan clenched his teeth as he carried his teammate who had been knocked unconscious.

What they could rejoice about is that no one had died. The truth is, the people from the Dongfang Family were completely capable of killing them right now; however, they chose to not do so due to potential repercussions from the Court Association.

Magicians fighting over treasures in the outside world was a common occurrence. Magicians who had reached a higher realm most likely had their hands stained with the blood of their comrades. The Hunter Magicians believed their own lives were more important than the Fire Soul Seed.

Their group quickly retreated. They did not linger around this place as they seemed to be completely out of energy.

The four people from the Dongfang family let out long breaths, finally relaxing after seeing the Hunter Magicians retreat.

“Shit, they even dared to mess with us. I reckon our loss was quite big as well, my Nebula is nearly exhausted,” the handsome spiky-haired man cursed out.

“Yeah, it was thanks to what Brother Jun said; directly scare them away.” 

The face of Tang Suit Man hadn’t relaxed. Those Hunter Magicians usually fought against Magical Beasts; they were more powerful than the Intermediate Magicians who usually stayed within the city. Thankfully, he had brought these three people who could be considered to be Elites within the family, or else he would’ve died here. The people from the Hunter Union were indeed not people they could easily provoke!

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