Versatile Mage

Chapter 124

Chapter 0124 - Tangyue’s Background




Hangzhou was very close to Shanghai, or perhaps it could be said that Shanghai’s urban area bordered the urban area of Hangzhou.

Mo Fan arrived in a small town in Jiangnan, a location in the north part of Hangzhou, following the instructions of the mature and sexy Mrs. Tangyue.

The name of the small town was Xishui, the name of it was somewhat interesting. However, after Mo Fan arrived in the small town, he realized that this place had cracked, soiled, and abandoned fields everywhere. Compared to the image of the Jiangnan waterways that Mo Fan had in mind, the difference was like heaven and earth.

What water? Let’s not even talk about a river, there was not even a brook to be seen around here. Even a small pond would be a huge problem to find.

The small town seemed to be a decent tourist attraction in the past, and it appeared to have some relatively classic inns. Following the address sent by the beautiful Tangyue, Mo Fan found the “Spaced Inn”. With a glance, he noticed the curvaceous, charming, and wonderful teacher who was sitting on the balcony, and Mo Fan felt much happier.

Her round butt, and the impressive, majestic mountain peaks. Mrs. Tangyue, are you sure your last name is not Cang?

Tangyue seemed as though she could sense Mo Fan. As her hair swept past, her eyes like limpid autumn waters were filled with joy as they gazed at the young man who had arrived.


“Mrs. Tangyue is still that beautiful person from the past,” Mo Fan couldn’t help but praise her.

“You’re not bad, either. Reaching the Intermediate level at such a young age, even amongst the large noble family and associations, that could be perceived as a genius,” Mrs. Tangyue replied with a smile.

“Mrs. Tangyue isn’t that old either, right? I have yet to truly see your strength,” Mo Fan answered.

“Alright, stop playing dumb. I know you wanted to ask where I was during the calamity of Bo City, right?” Tangyue was very direct.

“Alright, I do want to know because I feel like Mrs. Tangyue isn’t as simple as your regular Intermediate Magician… your background can’t be normal, either. The only thing is, I don’t understand why you came to teach in our Tian Lan Magic High. Is it because you did something that you can’t tell people, or is it perhaps that you are actually the mastermind behind the Black Vatican?” Mo Fan wondered aloud.

Tangyue rolled her eyes as she heard this.

This student’s imagination is quite rich.

“Do you know of the Enforcement Union of the Magic Association?” Tangyue asked him.

“I’ve heard a little about it. It is said they are a group of enforcement Magicians of the highest level, who specialize in catching Magicians who have broken the law?” Mo Fan replied.

“Yes, and I am one of them. The truth is, we were somewhat aware of the plan the Black Vatican had for Bo City. Unfortunately, we were unable to foresee that they had laid down such a large-scale plot. With my strength, I could at most subdue that guy called Salang from the Black Vatican. The rest could only be left for Zhankong and his company… It’s my fault, if I had been able to foresee their objectives earlier, then the calamity wouldn’t have happened.” Tangyue didn’t want to hide the truth from Mo Fan, so she explained things very directly.

“You weren’t at Bo City for even two years, whereas those people had been plotting it for more than ten years, assigning their personnel, and drawing up their plan. It was obvious that the higher-ups didn’t put too much importance on the matters of Bo City, or else, how could they send you as the only spy to Bo City?” Mo Fan responded.

The disaster of Bo City was clearly something the Black Vatican had plotted for a long time. Considering the Enforcement Union was somewhat aware of this, and furthermore, that they had even assigned Tangyue to remain in Bo City, that itself proved that they weren’t a group of total fools.

“As of now, the news of Bo City’s destruction has been spread everywhere. Furthermore, the news of the Black Vatican has also been made public. I have also reported what I know, and the Enforcement Union’s upper echelons have taken over this matter. I believe the Enforcement Union will be able to deliver justice for Bo City very soon,” Tangyue told him.

“Forget it, let’s not discuss sad subjects. Let’s talk about why you have asked me to come. Did something happen in this small town? Why does it look so dried up?” Mo Fan changed the subject.

“Your observation is quite sharp; it is indeed as you said. The water resources of this Xishui town have dried up, it’s nearly like the drought in the northwest,” Mrs. Tangyue said solemnly.

“Is something happening here?” Mo Fan subconsciously asked.

After being in City Hunter’s Squad for so long, Mo Fan had a habit of linking these types of things to being the work of Magical Beasts.

If people thought there were no Magical Beasts in a large city, then they’d were too naive. The bigger the city was, the more Magical Beasts there were, and more people eaten!

“I’m not too clear, it is reported that this strange thing has occurred in many cities and towns. The clues I have found so far are very limited, and that is why I need you to assist me here,” Mrs. Tangyue told him.

“Then you have found the right person. Before I became a Magician, I was determined to pursue a detective career. I have watched over six hundred episodes of Detective Conan, and am thus proficient in various…Oh, my point is, let me know what you need help with,” Mo Fan wanted to talk nonstop, but stopped in his tracks.

“My background is very sensitive, it is very difficult for people to find out. If we aren’t wrong, then the person wanted by our Enforcement Union should have an answer on him.” Tangyue pointed toward a man dressed impressively outside of the window.

“What’s wrong with him?” Mo Fan asked.

“We don’t know for now. However, going from experience, these matters tend to have Demons involved. This Demon is the usual Magician with a distorted personality. There are no lack of scheming Magicians. Even if they didn’t join the Black Vatican, they have still done many things that are against the rules of Heaven. Killing people is a normal occurance for them. Don’t judge him based on the way he is dressed, just like a little master from Hangzhou, the people they kill… More accurately speaking, the people they have killed are no less than that of Magical Beasts,” Tangyue said sincerely.

Tangyue hoped Mo Fan would understand that he wasn’t here to disturb them, but to face off against those evil Magicians. Those Magicians never considered the lives of other people, and when the casting started, they were the first to take action.

“Mrs. Tangyue, you summoned me to help deal with this kind of savage and frightening Magician… I’m afraid I might not be able to deal with them.”

“I originally wanted to call for a Lightning Intermediate Magician; however, he is very far away. If I wait for him, then the wanted person would escape during that time.” Tangyue understood this kind of thing was a bit far-fetched for students like Mo Fan. However, Tangyue didn’t want to let this kind of criminal do as he pleased.

“Mrs. Tangyue, your matters are my matters. Don’t be so polite, I will go and follow that guy, I guarantee that I’ll even grab his household register.”

“You sly little boy, I see you won’t do anything unless I give you some benefits?” Tangyue glared at Mo Fan, that lovably angry appearance was indeed particularly graceful.

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