Versatile Mage

Chapter 120

Chapter 120 - Moving Locations




Mo Fan also wanted to help Xu Dahuang’s group. However, he was too far away from them. His Fiery Fist couldn’t possibly reach that far. Also, Xu Dahuang’s party was surrounded by Magical Beasts, whether they could survive or not was a question still to be answered.

After finishing his moves, Mo Fan lifted Xinxia up and quickly fled the building. Those Magical Beasts weren’t blind, and having been so flagrant disturbed them. Even if you were an Intermediate-class magician, they wouldn’t give up. Intermediate-class magicians were strong, they could instantly kill a Magical Beast if their skills were perfected. But at the same time, if there were many Beasts, the number of Beasts could also take down a magician.

Furthermore, if the Beasts couldn't kill a magician, they could always cry out to their leaders!  The General class of Magic Beasts would never fear an Intermediate Magician!

As expected, not so long after Mo Fan used his skill, this whole building were surrounded by dozens of Magic Beasts and there were loads more on their way to the building. Luckily, Mo Fan had fled the building quickly along with Ye Xinxia. If not, he would have paid his life for nothing after saving her.

Mo Fan now had only one Star Map Book left. Unless those dozens of Magic Beasts were obedient (and stupid) and grouped themselves up in a circle so Mo Fan could hit them all with a Fire Fist, one Intermediate-class magician was certainly not enough to kill them all.

Mo Fan quit while he was ahead, fleeing as fast as he could. Not long after, Mo Fan arrived at the Jia Mei Gao Bridge.


At the bridge, there was still a dark motorcycle left by the military. If they didn’t meet a General-class Magical Beast, they could basically reach the Safety Shelter safely.

The night was getting darker, and a fierce wind whistled in their ears. The night was black as a panther, and blended into the dreary view. From Jia Mei Gao Bridge, it was easy to see Bo City covered in darkness.

From time to time, some bright magic spell could be seen from some streets, and there was also some growling to be heard coming out from the buildings… After so many decades of peaceful times, who would’ve thought that this kind of catastrophe would fall upon this city? Or was this just saying that this world was never peaceful, war could always happen? It was completely different from the world Mo Fan was born in.

There, humans were always starting a war with other humans. In here, it was hard for humans and Magical Beasts to live together!

Mo Fan didn’t know if Bo City would change or not at the next dawn, or if the magicians would be able to fully drive the Magical Beasts out of the city. He could only follow his own beliefs when Xinxia was hiding, and was now in deep sleep in his arms….

It was when Zhang Xiao Hou cried out and said those words, “I must make myself stronger!”. I am lucky, because the person that I care the most about didn’t die in this catastrophe, but I don’t think I will be lucky all the time… If I arrived at the freezer, and was holding Xinxia’s ice-cold corpse, then I would have blamed myself my whole life, why didn’t I become stronger? 

”Xinxia, we’re nearly there.” Mo Fan eyes were set on the Safety Shelter. Along the way, the butterflies inside him still had not settled.

 “Mm.” Xinxia took a deep breath. The feeling of being alive felt so good! 

“I heard that there’s a one-winged magic item. If your legs still aren’t healed, I’ll make you into a fairy?” Mo Fan asked her.

“It’s very expensive.”

“Doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, your brother, I, is good at earning money! I also can buy you a different style, bird-type, butterfly-type, fairy-type, monster-wing type… uh, uh , that’s disgusting, doesn’t fit our pretty style...”


Finally arriving back at the Safety Shelter, the rest of the night quietly passed.

At daybreak, the clouds were overcome by the sunrise, the bright rays were trickling down to the hills, rivers, and city.

Mo Fan was half-leaning on one side of the wall, and hazily opened his eyes.

He could hear people cheering, but didn’t know why. After seeing the snow white Sky Eagles coming from the direction of the sun, Mo Fan couldn’t help himself, and grew excited.

They were reinforcements!!

Reinforcements have finally arrived!!

One big group of Sky Eagles, every Sky Eagle was equivalent to an Intermediate-class magician!

This southern city had encountered such a disaster, everything was so sudden, and on top of that the location of Bo City was relatively remote. If the military called for backup, it would normally take some time.

But, from the look of this flying wing of Sky Eagles, the higher-ups must be quite indignant. If not, why would they transfer such super elite Sky Eagle magician troops forward?

Intermediate-class magicians in Bo City itself were quite limited. Those nine Sky Eagle troops that were under boss Zhan Kong were all fighting alongside him against the Darkwing Wolf. Whether they were dead or alive, he didn’t know. It was hard to have enough Intermediate-class magicians to fight those murderous Magical Beasts again, especially with that General-class creature, who was like a living nightmare.

The army troops on Sky Eagles swiftly flew over Bo City, and landed on the watchtower.

Watching each high and grand white eagle landing, seeing those military magician’s aura given off, he knew that Bo City was finally defended.


The purpose of the Sky Eagle team was very simple. It was to hunt and kill the General-class Beast roaming around the city.

Once the General-class Beast was dealt with, then the Servant-class monsters couldn’t defend against the magician’s bombardment.

The night before, the magicians needed to hide in the Safety Shelter, using a defensive position to fight against the Beasts. But now, all the magicians had split into small groups. They were using the Safety Shelter as a strongpoint to deploy from and hunt the Magical Beasts in Bo City!

The entrances of the Beasts were being destroyed in succession. Killing one Beast in Bo City meant having one less threat. The whole place was turning into an extermination zone.


The extermination had been going on for the whole week. It included the sewer being relentlessly cleaned a few times over. Maybe there were a few Rats left behind, but they definitely wouldn’t come out to the surface.

After many days of hunting, Bo City finally returned to a peaceful state.

Only, Bo City wasn’t what it was before.

There were destroyed buildings everywhere, fallen bridges here and there. Everything was a mess, and occasionally there was some corpse found by children playing, scaring and frightening them.

This Bo City wasn’t the old Bo City anymore, that evil rain had left many people with a shadow on their hearts. They couldn’t sleep, and were even afraid of the rain.

The whole city was bathed in grey-white. Many people lost relatives, and tens of thousands of people had died. Even if this city still stood, it was no different than a graveyard.


“Ai, everybody is leaving.” Mo Jiaxing was sitting in the house, smoking with a sad face

Mo Fan’s auntie Mo Qing was still alive, but his uncle’s fate was still unknown. The list of confirmed dead didn’t have his name, so it was entirely possible that his corpse was gone.

“The government means that us Bo City citizens will be placed in another city,” Mo Fan explained.

“It’ll feel the same as a refugee; displaced, living under others. I’ll just stay here, you guys can go,” Mo Qing said with a depressed face.

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