Versatile Mage

Chapter 119

Chapter 119 - A Fist Dropping From the Heavens!




As evening approached, Bo City was still shrouded in a dim layer of mist.

Usually, there’d be shining lights in Bo City around this time. Now, other than the misty drizzles within the dull gray area, there were the non-stop growls and roars coming from around the city. This made the survivors wonder whether this was a city for humans to live in, or just a hunting ground for the Magical Beasts?

In Mingwen, there were corpses lying everywhere in the area, making it look inescapable. Every second, there were people being dragged out of their hiding places, and quickly becoming food in the bellies of the invading Magical Beasts.

Just at this moment, as the sunset left a ray of dim light through the dark night, many hordes of Magical Beasts were rampaging through the streets. They were extremely furious because a group of cursed humans had destroyed their precious passageway!

There were still many Magical Beasts who had yet to taste this the beautiful gourmet dish called humans. Their passageway into the city was unexpectedly destroyed before they were able to completely conquer this place...

The Magical Beasts nearby were angry, frantically hunting down those humans who had destroyed the passageway. They definitely would not take a step back from this matter, even if there was an Intermediate Magician amongst the humans.

That relatively powerful human had already been killed by them, leaving behind four people who were fleeing like rats.


“Yunbo, forget it. We can’t run anymore.” Pan Li Jun looked sadly at Luo Yunbo, who was using all of his energy to run away, her face resigned.

She was prepared to never return the moment she had joined the mission squad.

With the entry tunnel destroyed, along with the sacrifice of Officer Cheng, how could mere Primary Magicians possibly escape from the pursuit of the Magical Beasts?

“What stupid talk, their speed can’t match mine. Believe me, we will definitely escape!” Luo Yunbo cursed.

Luo Yunbo hadn’t given up yet. There was no officer who wasn’t afraid of dying, they were just more resolute compared to common people. They would not hesitate if there came a time where they had to sacrifice themselves.

The mission was complete. Officer Cheng used his very last magic to open up a passage for them in hope that they wouldn’t give up.

Life was precious. Tens of thousands of people had already died in Bo City. Luo Yunbo grew up in this city, and didn’t wish to see any more casualties. Furthermore, he didn’t want to see his comrade Pan Lijun fall into the jaws of the Magical Beasts.

In short, he wouldn’t give up. He wanted to live. He still wanted to see Boss Zhankong’s glorious return with the Darkwing Wolf’s head. He wanted to see every one of the Magical Beasts banished from Bo City. Furthermore, he wanted to see Bo City’s rapid restoration to its old peaceful days, with no miserable shrieks nor sounds of cries...

Luo Yunbo didn’t want to die, he also wouldn’t allow Pan Lijun to give up like this!

“Ah Woo, Ah Woo~~~~~~~~~~~~~!”

Suddenly, there were six One-eyed Magic Wolves blocking Luo Yunbo and Pan Lijun’s escape route at the intersection ahead.

On this long road, there was no other alley to use. There were hundreds of Magical Beasts chasing behind them, and these two people simply couldn’t push through with their insignificant strength. There were even six One-eyed Magic Wolves in front cutting off their last way out.

Pan Lijun displayed traces of relief on her face. She didn’t want to put up a pointless struggle. She was going to die either way, and she felt that it was pointless for her to live in this world by herself.

Luo Yunbo was not resigned to his fate!

Even if there were hundreds of Magical Beasts chasing them, they could only dream of catching up to him, unless there was a Warrior-class Magical Beast amongst them.

They would still have had a chance at survival after they passed this long street. Unfortunately, there were six wandering Magical Beasts here. It was clear that they were called by their packmates to block this route.

I won’t give up! If I was just a little bit stronger, the result would’ve been completely different...

Luo Yunbo swept his surroundings in hopes of finding a chance at survival. Alas nothing was there. However, he didn’t know why there was the glow of flames on the roof of a building…



Within the dark night, a fire like a falling meteor dazzled Lou Yunbo’s eyes, it was brimming with the aura of destruction. 

That fist would surely be my, the great Mo Fan’s, Fiery Fist!

Fiery Fist!!!!!!

Day and night had practically reached a boundary point at this moment. At this exact moment, a fiery blaze began to illuminate the entire shadowed street area from the roof of a building.

With his entire body covered in flames, he stood on the corner of the roof, looking like a crazed Blaze Demon. Standing on top of the city, the fire blazed in the dark night as a wave of heat heavily slapped onto everything.

The air temperature had nearly achieved the point of combustion. As Mo Fan frantically brandished his Fiery Fist, the gigantic fist of flames broke through the dark night like a power resisting the god of darkness.

The surroundings had been lit up brightly. That gigantic fist of flames had even evolved into a burning meteor. It beautifully flew past a few buildings, heading straight toward the crossroad!!!!

Peng!!! Peng!!! Peng!!!!!!!

That fist of flames was born to destroy. Those six greedy One-eyed Magic Wolves never imagined that flames would come down from the sky, just like a giant heavily throwing his punch on them. The One-eyed Magic Wolves were flustered as they attempted to escape, but it was too late. They still were engulfed by the wave of flames.

At the intersection where the humongous fist of flames landed, a massive fiery crater suddenly appeared. Those six One-eyed Magic Wolves that had blocked the path of Luo Yunbo and Pan Lijun were burned into ash, along with some fleeing piteously.

“This…..” Luo Yunbo and Pan Lijun were shocked.

It was like a blessing from the heavens, a fist of flames suddenly saved them at the moment they were stepping into the gates of hell. Their current emotions could not be described with mere words.

Luo Yunbo’s reaction was very fast, he cast Wind Trail once again to flee with Pan Lijun. When passing by that massive hole, Luo Yunbo couldn’t help but turn around to see where the bright flames came from.

The shadow in flames…

Why did it look so familiar? Why did it look like Mo Fan, who had gone off to find his relative?

Could I be mistaken?

Pan Lijun also turned around to see. She had never imagined that a miracle would happen when she was on the verge of death. This miracle came from the mysterious man on the rooftop!!

Who is he?

Were there still experts in Bo City that we did not know of? Why was he willing to save us?


When the radiance of the flames slowly faded, the district descended into darkness once more.

Xinxia was quietly sitting on the rooftop. The teenaged girl’s elegance fluttered along with the waves of flames. Together with her dark hair, the rooftop had formed into an aesthetically moving piece of art.

However, her beautiful face didn’t hide her astonishment.

Her pretty eyes were focused on the shadow on the edge of the rooftop. Even if she knew that he had reached the Intermediate level, Xinxia felt that Mo Fan's entire temperament had changed, along with the overbearing flame aura enveloping his entire body as he shot out a fist of flames into the night.

In Xinxia’s heart, Mo Fan had always been a heartwarming ruffian who was always sharing silly thoughts with her. It was hard for her to imagine that he had grasped such a solemn, absolute power.

Mo Fan turned around as he realized Xinxia’s gaze had never once left his face, before he subconsciously asked with a bashful grin, “Didn’t I look cool?”

Only now did Xinxia realize how she seemed a bit silly as she stared at him. Her face immediately turned bright red. She averted her gaze as she no longer dared to look into Mo Fan’s eyes.

At this moment, Xinxia finally understood what it meant to have butterflies in her stomach.

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