Versatile Mage

Chapter 118

Chapter 118 - Warriors of Bo City




After pushing Xinxia out of the shopping mall in her wheelchair, Mo Fan saw the few remaining Black Beasts, who were crawling around in pain.

The corpses of three of them were in many parts, it looked like they had been ripped apart by other creatures. Fortunately, the ones that had survived the fall were able to jump to another location. However, these kinds of Magical Beasts that had sustained great damage were even more tasty than humans to other Magical Beasts. They would probably be eaten if they were to walk away.

Outside of the city, the Magical Beasts would attempt to kill each other. This was because a Magical Beast’s body emits an energy that was similar to a Magic Stone. Due to this reason, there were many Magical Beasts who would fight to death in order to obtain the carcass of a creature of a higher level.

“We have to get to the Jiamei highway, that way it will be much safer for us to get to the Safety Shelters,” Mo Fan told Xinxia.

“Mhm,” Xinxia nodded. However, her face displayed a trace of worry.

Mo Fan smiled slightly as he said to Xinxia, “Don’t worry, we won’t encounter any Magical Beasts.”

Xinxia looked at Mo Fan in confusion.

This area is clearly surrounded by Magical Beasts, so why did he say we won’t encounter any? Aren’t those words of consolation a bit too far-fetched?


Mo Fan pushed Xinxia along the avenue.

He would sometimes walk, and sometimes stop. Sometimes, he would suddenly increase their speed, and other times, he would find a place to hide...

However, his seemingly strange actions allowed them to avoid the wandering Magical Beasts in the surroundings. This made Xinxia think someone was giving Mo Fan directions through the use of a satellite.

As they continued walking, there was indeed not a single problem. Occasionally, there would be a few Magical Beasts appearing. However, it looked as though they were frightened of something, and thus decided to turn around and leave.

This was all seen by Xinxia. After continuously moving down the street for a long time, she couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Mo Fan, why does it look like they’re actually afraid of you, instead?”

Indeed, even when these wandering Magical Beasts saw them, they would intentionally avoid the pair. This did not conform to the typical traits of a Magical Beast, who would try to eat everything they met. Furthermore, Xinxia was able to see traces of fear within the eyes of those Magical Beasts.

“That is because they aren’t stupid. They were able to sense that I’m stronger from the aura emitted from my body,” Mo Fan said with a smile.

“Your aura is stronger than theirs?” Xinxia lowered her head and thought it over. A few seconds later, she suddenly came to a realization before an emotional smile appeared on her pretty face. “Brother Mo Fan, you are already… you’re already an Intermediate Magician?”

“That’s right, hahaha! If these little Magical Beasts don’t form a group, then they’d be sending themselves over to die!” Mo Fan gave her a splendid smile.

The difference between Primary and Intermediate Magician was like heaven and earth. When he entered the shopping mall, he was cautious and advanced gradually, as he was afraid of alarming any Magical Beasts.

Now, Mo Fan was able to leisurely walk in front of them, and they would not dare to do anything to him. If they did anything, then he’d be able to kill them in just a single move.

Naturally, Mo Fan would not personally go and look for trouble.

The truth was, he had not completed his Intermediate Magic. The reason he was able to cast the Intermediate-grade Magic was because of the four Star Atlas Books given to him by the great beauty, Mrs. Tangyue.

Mo Fan had already used two books, and his hands were currently holding the other two Star Atlas Books. This meant he was only capable of using Intermediate Magic twice from now on, and furthermore, the consumption of Magic Energy was high. Thus, Mo Fan would also not purposely provoke them.

“I see. In that case, Brother Mo Fan’s perception has also gotten much stronger?” Xinxia happily asked.

“Yes, I am able to sense any activity of Magical Beast in the surroundings, even if they are two streets away,” Mo Fan confirmed.

Intermediate Magicians possessed the ability of perception. This kind of perception was not only able to quickly sense the activity in their surroundings, but was also able to quickly feel fluctuations of energy.

If someone tried to mount a sneak attack, then they’d be within the scope of an Intermediate Magician’s perception. This allowed the Intermediate Magicians to immediately counter such attacks.

This made them much stronger than a Primary Magician!

Xinxia’s joy was displayed on her face. Her rosy face coupled with excitement made her extremely adorable, and made Mo Fan want to give her a kiss.

As Xinxia was about to say something, she suddenly found Mo Fan creasing his brow as his entire person seemed to become increasingly solemn.

“What’s wrong?” Xinxia whispered.

“Shit, don’t tell me there really is a group of Magical Beasts coming for me, let’s hide first!” Mo Fan cursed.

Mo Fan hurriedly pushed Xinxia toward a building.

Without listening to Xinxia, Mo Fan directly carried her as he quickly ran toward the top of the building.

Usually, Mo Fan would definitely smell the fragrance from Xinxia’s body, and take advantage of her waist or something. But Mo Fan didn’t dare to let his imagination roam at this moment, as he sensed a large group of Magical Beasts in the vicinity.

These Magical Beasts were running, their movements were extremely fast. By the time Mo Fan had gotten to the inside of the building, he was able to hear the rumbling noise that came from the streets far away.

Mo Fan carried Xinxia as he ran to the fifth floor. He was able to see an uncountable number of Magical Beasts in the street next to them from the window!

One-eyed Magic Wolves, Colossal-eyed Ape Rats; these malevolent things were like a tide as they quickly filled the streets. Furthermore, they looked as though they were frantically chasing something.

As Ye Xinxia was being carried by Mo Fan, she also did not dare to take any deep breaths.

She was also able to sense the torrential aura of the Magical Beasts engulfing the place. If they were discovered, then even if Mo Fan was an Intermediate Magician, they would also be engulfed by this tide of Magical Beasts.

“It’s the Instructors!” Mo Fan finally saw a group of people who were running frantically.

On the street, Instructor Luo Yunbo was flying by using Wind Trail, and the person he was dragging along was precisely the female Instructor, Pan Lijun.

The other Battlemage was also fleeing on the other street. Guiding these fleeing people was precisely the Captain of the Hunter Squad, Xu Dahuang.

From Mo Fan’s location, he was able to see Mingwen Girls Middle School. As he looked that way, he discovered that there was a massive collapse of the school building, especially around the cafeteria. There was no longer any trace of the cafeteria or the playground, it had turned into a large crater.

“They succeeded!” Mo Fan was ecstatic.

The Magical Beast’s entrance inside the Mingwen District was extremely large. If they were able to destroy it, then it could be considered as stopping the advance of the Magical Beast horde, and Bo City could be considered saved!

What about Officer Cheng?

Mo Fan quickly noticed that this person was nowhere to be seen. It appeared as if these four being chased were all that remained. Furthermore, it was clear that Luo Yunbo and Pan Lijun had been surrounded by the Magical Beasts, and they would definitely be engulfed by the Magical Beasts very soon.

They all died?

Mo Fan’s face revealed helplessness.

This was indeed a mission you didn’t return from; even Officer Cheng, an Intermediate Magician, died in that place.

“Xinxia, let’s go to the roof…” Mo Fan carried Xinxia as he walked toward the roof of the building.

They were the warriors of Bo City; no matter what happened, Mo Fan couldn’t just sit there and watch them die!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

Chapter Notes:

(Ed and Translator Notes: No, we don’t know why Xinxia is not famous in the city, as being a Healer is far, far more rare than being a Lightning Mage. She’s literally one in a million.

(We’re not sure why it was never mentioned that he was using up another Star Book with his second Fire Fist.)

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