Versatile Mage

Chapter 115

Chapter 115 - The Violent Fire Element, Fiery Fist!




“Simultaneous breakthrough!” Mo Fan looked at the countless amounts of abundant magical energy, the feeling in his heart couldn’t be described as just mere excitement.

Normally speaking, as long as either Stardust broke through to a Nebula, then he could be regarded as an Intermediate Magician.

Thus, whether Mo Fan’s Lightning Stardust or his Fire Stardust became a Nebula, he would still be able to enter the Intermediate realm. However, he had actually broken through with both of his Elements, this was something that he had never expected.


An ear-piercing shriek shook Mo Fan’s ears, following which was the noise of the iron door being torn apart by the Black Beasts.

Mo Fan was standing in front of the door, his eyes held an inextinguishable flame that was completely fixated on the greedy, ugly things.

The Black Beasts were the symbol of the Black Vatican. They actually weren’t summoned beasts at all, they were creatures that was created using parts of human corpses and demonic energy. They were closer to being undead spirits.

Other than liking massacres, their biggest hobby was to make everyone else into a slave of the darkness, just like them.

This kind of jealousy and hatred was infectious, it motivated them all.

How could a small iron door resist their thirst? When their avaricious tendencies were not being shown, they were just freaks that enjoyed tormenting others. When it came to killing, their avaricious tendencies would be increasingly frightening!

Their green eyes, and the saliva that was dripping down from their jaws. Their restlessly agitated claws, and their hungry calls...

Perhaps half an hour ago, if there were more than two of these creatures appearing, then it would be a nightmare for a Primary Magician like Mo Fan. Their speed was enough to dodge a Primary Magic spell, and they’d slyly collaborate in battle.

However, now, this crowd of creatures was just like a group of pitiable fools in Mo Fan’s eyes, poor little clowns. His transformed eyes were no longer showing dread, they were showing disdain and arrogance, like a higher class creature was looking down on them.

Mo Fan was standing there, letting them tear off the iron door.


The iron door was finally torn open, and in that time, the few Black Beasts that were at the very front began to frantically squeeze themselves into the place. It was like they thought biting his flesh would cause their evil souls to rise to a higher level.

Their heads were fiercely moving closer as their bodies were still stuck in the hole of the door. The Black Beasts in the back was urgently squeezing in as they let out anxious shrieks.

The Mo Fan who saw this scene was not flustered at all, he slowly withdrew his Star Atlas Book.

The Star Atlas Book was clutched in his hands as he frantically poured Magic Energy into it. The Book suddenly floated in front of Mo Fan, and before his eyes, it turned into specks of Stars...

As the book disappeared, the bizarre Star Atlas on it shot into Mo Fan’s pupils.

One Star, Two Stars, Three Stars...

The Star’s of Mo Fan’s Fire Nebula seemed as though they had received a summons, they impatiently began to link to each other.

First, they were linked into a Star Path, and for Mo Fan, this was something he was overly familiar with. It was precisely the bridge he had formed when he was doing Primary Magic...

However, what Mo Fan cast this time was definitely not Primary Magic!

The Star Path was currently being linked, and the second Star Path had finally emerged within the Magic Star Nebula...

Stars forming into Star Paths, and the Star Paths were interweaving with one another. Their fantastic interweaving had turned into a beautiful and moving Star Atlas within the Nebula!

This was a Star Atlas!

This was the bottleneck of an even higher Magic, this was the door to Intermediate Magic!

Forty-nine Stars, they became a beautiful Star Atlas under the summoning of the Star Atlas Book, these patterns didn’t just sparkle within Mo Fan’s pupils. Their traces appeared beneath his feet!

A Star Atlas beneath his feet...

A colossal power began to frantically pour into Mo Fan’s body, and his body began to boil.

“Fiery Fist!”

Mo Fan fiercely chanted the name of the Fire Intermediate Magic, his blood was completely boiling under the heat! 

His gaze was proudly fixed on those Black Beasts that wanted to kill him, and from within the flames, one could see Mo Fan had a frenzied smile on his face.

“I’ll deliver you to the heavens!” Mo Fan declared, word by word.

In a split second, the fiery flames within his body were completely concentrated on Mo Fan’s right hand and within his tightly gripped fist.

Within his fist, a ball of fire was curling around, a ball that was able to kill everything in its way!

Bearing his anger for these creatures that attempted to destroy his hometown, and their massacre of the people he cared for, the raging flames that were ready to erupt at any time fiercely shot out at the roar of Mo Fan.

The raging flames covering Mo Fan’s fist were shot out. The surroundings of Mo Fan’s fist were turned into a gigantic blazing halo, and following this came the all-devouring flames. The raging flames were in the form of a gigantic fist, it was nearly as big as a wall!

What iron door?

Mo Fan’s Fiery Fist exploded upon the entire wall!

So what if those massacring Dark Beasts were charging in?

Mo Fan’s Fiery Fist was massacring all of the Black Beasts!

The majestic flames were burning, the entire wall was turned into black ashes beneath the power of the gigantic Fiery Fist.

Within the red flames, the first Black Beast that was met with the colossal Fiery Fist had turned out just like the wall, you could clearly see that it had turned into scorched ashes beneath the powerful explosion.


On the corridor, the Black Beasts that were going to throw themselves upon the delicious food were now frantically shrieking.

Just the heatwaves touching their body caused them to be so scared that they wanted to flee anywhere. When the colossal, destructive flame fist arrived, those Black Beasts that were unable to flee in time had been turned into ashes at the very center of the flames.

The temperature around the Fiery Fist weren’t very high. However, that didn’t mean the Black Beasts with good reflexes were able to escape.

They were thirsting to be the first one to taste Mo Fan’s flesh, and thus, they were all initially stuck in the door. As Mo Fan threw this one fist over, he had essentially caught all of them. Additionally, the area of effect of the colossal fist of flames was about the size of a wall, what could they do even if they were to run?

Bang!! Bang!! BANG!!!

The first wall of the control room was turned into black powder.

The opposite wall of the corridor was blown into pieces.

The external reinforced glass was split open, the force of the colossal Flame Fist immediately poured into the dining room to the right, filling it to the brink, and then it wrecked the windows of the dining hall as the flames poured out.

The Black Beasts that weren’t being scorched into ashes by the high temperature were all blown into the dining hall from the corridor, and then hurled from the window to the outside.

They could no longer scream, the six Black Beasts that were enveloped in flames ruthlessly fell from the third floor of the shopping center. At same time, the entire sky was filled with glass and fragments of tables that were completely immolating as they rained down.

The entire floor was hit by a shockwave, and the entire shopping mall began to tremble from it.

The destruction caused by Fiery Fist didn’t last for long, but it had turned a wall, a corridor, and a western-style dining hall into nothingness in an instant!

Four out of the ten Black Beasts had directly perished. Even if the remaining six were alive, it was probable that they would no longer be able to climb up again. They were all collapsed outside of the shopping mall with burning parts of the building accompanying them.


Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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