Versatile Mage

Chapter 113

Chapter 113 - Losing is Not Permitted!

The Black Beast’s speed was fast, but after taking a detour around the escalator to the second floor, they had to take yet another detour to get to the elevator. Naturally, they had spent a little more time because of that. This gave Mo Fan an opportunity to take a breather, and allowed him to rush into the emergency tunnels.

Mo Fan frantically run through the emergency tunnels.

From what he could remember, the third floor of this shopping center had a very secretive control room. When he was here shopping with Xinxia in the past, he had nearly barged into someone’s control room while he was looking for the lavatory. The material of the room was much thicker than the others, so if he was able to hide there, then he could temporarily prevent the Black Beast Monsters from hurting him.

The problem is, the Black Beast Monster’s claws were really sharp; they were able to tear the iron sheet of a car in two. Thus, other than those secured warehouses that were made with special materials which they couldn’t penetrate through, the other control room for civilian use was unable to fully resist the attack of ten Black Beasts.

In other words, if he could delay them for a period of time, then that’ would be great!

Naturally, the most important thing is that Mo Fan wanted to use the control room to find the whereabouts of Ye Xinxia.

The control room was actually the surveillance room. If all the security cameras in the shopping mall were still functional, then they would be displaying on the monitors within the control room. The control room’s electricity came from the electricity generator, and so even after the shopping mall’s electricity has been cut, the security cameras should still function normally.

As he ran to the third floor, the control room wasn’t too far from the emergency tunnel. Just when Mo Fan had arrived at the door, he heard the gods-forsaken Black Beast Monster’s fast paced steps and their avaricious gasp for breath resounding within the corridor. They seemed to have knocked over some of the things in the corridor, causing a few ping-pong noises.

“Thank the heavens, the doors aren’t locked!” As Mo Fan saw the control room, he charged in without hesitation and quickly shut the door.

Just when he had tightly shut the thick iron door, a few depressions suddenly appeared on the iron door. The whole door made a shivering noise; it was clear that a Black Beast had directly slashed right onto the door.

There was no longer anyone in the control room. Mo Fan swept his gaze across the room and immediately locked onto a surveillance camera that was extremely close to the control room on the third floor. Through the monitor, Mo Fan shockingly discovered the ten Black Beasts assembled outside of the door of the control room. They were using everything they had to attempt to tear apart the control room door.

The Black Beasts were temporarily unable to break down the iron door. Mo Fan’s gaze quickly swept over the room.

In front of him was a row of computer monitors that looked like like a beehive. He was able to see practically the entirety of the shopping mall, including the Walmart in the underground floor.

The supermarket was very big, with the goods being arranged in rows. There were many places that obstructed line of sight, and from a glance, he was not able to see a single person...

Wait, there was some activity here!

Suddenly, Mo Fan saw something slowly wiggling around in the camera. From the angle that Mo Fan was looking at it, it looked as though it had climbed out from Walmart’s warehouse.

Mo Fan quickly found the camera in Walmart’s warehouse, and to his surprise, he discovered a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat digging its way out of the underground sewers, its body stained with blood.

The underground world was the lair of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats, they would be able to surface as long as there was a tunnel. At the moment, it was clear that there were two Colossal-eyed Ape Rats who had surfaced  inside of the Walmart using the underground tunnel.

“Fortunately, Xinxia is not there, or else it’d be dangerous… Xinxia, just where are you?” Mo Fan continued to look around, yet he did not find Xinxia’s figure.

When Mo Fan swept his gaze over the monitors of Walmart once more, he suddenly found a wheelchair parked right next to the large fridge.

Mo Fan immediately widened his eyes as he tried to drag that monitor closer to himself.

The control of the video wasn’t too difficult, Mo Fan quickly found it. When he zoomed in with the camera, he was increasingly confident that this was Xinxia’s wheelchair!

Xinxia isn’t on the wheelchair!

Mo Fan felt his heart being stabbed by something sharp, his brain went into a chaotic state.

Could it be she...

“Huh, what’s this?”

Just when he felt as though he was struck by lightning, Mo Fan accidentally discovered there was something within the large fridge next to the wheelchair, moving around.

Mo Fan hurriedly turned his gaze to the other screen, and once again zoomed the camera closer.

From the screen, Mo Fan shockingly discovered the large fridge that was originally used to store dairy products was actually holding a girl with black hair and silk skirt.

The wheelchair was next to it, and there was a person hiding within the fridge. She is definitely Xinxia, it’s definitely her. Even if he wasn’t able to see her face, Mo Fan was currently extremely confident that it was her!

Good, that’s really good.

Mo Fan almost cried. Ever since he had heard the people from Mingwen District hadn’t evacuated, Mo Fan’s heart had never been calm. He thought that he would never be able to see her again, who would’ve thought that she was still alive?

She was in the Walmart Supermarket by herself. It was clear that she had been abandoned by the group of people who had escaped from the Walmart.

It was also fortunate that she was left behind, or else she would have also died miserably beneath the fierce teeth of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats, just like the people from before.

However, the current Mo Fan was unable to be happy, especially when he saw the two Colossal-eyed Ape Rats that was stained in the blood of humans had already entered the dairy products area where Ye Xinxia was hiding. Mo Fan felt his own heart begin to race furiously.

Imagine that, hiding inside that fridge was the most important person to him. Two Colossal-eyed Ape Rats that were capable of taking her life away instantly were wandering near her, and this scene was visible to him through monitors. When you were gritting your teeth and praying in silence, the nervosity and insecurity would magnify infinitely, this would cause the hair on a person’s entire body to stand up.

His heart was viciously beating, and his gaze was completely focused on the screen.

Currently, Mo Fan really wished he could charge down there and turn the two Colossal-eyed Ape Rats that were getting increasingly closer to the fridge into ashes.

It’s just, Mo Fan’s current situation was not any better. Behind that iron door were ten Black Beasts whose strength was not any inferior of those Colossal-eyed Ape Rats, standing guard and attempting to break through the door. It seemed like the only thing he could do was stand there and watch.

No, I definitely cannot let it remain like this!

Whether it was his current dangerous situation, or Ye Xinxia hiding from the pace of death. If he just relied on prayers, then he definitely wouldn’t have a path to survive.

The door would be broken down soon.

There was no chance that Ye Xinxia would be able to stay hidden within that freezing refrigerator. She would be frozen to death there after all, that was a freezer at below zero!

The two Colossal-eyed Ape Rats did not discover Ye Xinxia hiding inside the freezer. However, it was clear that they were going to enjoy themselves by the meat department. The two Magical Beast definitely wouldn’t leave Walmart anytime soon, and Ye Xinxia wouldn’t be able to hide in that freezer for any longer than thirty minutes!

She was already shivering in the cold!

In order to prevent the cold-hearted animals, like the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats, from sensing her own body temperature, she hid herself inside a fridge with a temperature that was in the negative, it was covered in frost!

Seeing a helpless Xinxia inside Walmart, seeing her curled up trembling within the freezer for survival, Mo Fan’s heart nearly broke.

He had said it before, no matter what, he’d protect her. In the end, he let her suffer this kind of torture and torment.

As he ferociously clenched his teeth, Mo Fan didn’t realize that he had already bit open his lip.

He firmly tightened his fist.

He knew that if he was to wait longer, he’d just be letting Ye Xinxia get closer to death.

At last, Mo Fan suddenly sat down and tightly closed his eyes!

“Little Loach Pendant, I let you absorb all of the Underground Holy Spring… Now, I will use all of my effort to break through, please bestow me upon all of the energy that you are able to provide me with!” Mo Fan seemed to direct it toward the Little Loach Pendant, but he was actually also saying that to himself!

Back when he was still in the underground hall, Mo Fan had already attempted to attack the Intermediate level. However, he had not succeeded.

This time, he would do it with the help of the Little Loach Pendant.

The Underground Holy Spring had indeed been drunk, Mo Fan did not lie about that part. However, it wasn’t Mo Fan who drank it, it was actually completely absorbed by the Little Loach Pendant.

Currently, Mo Fan planned on attacking his own cultivation once more within this short period of time.

However, this time, he would not allow himself to fail!

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Editor: RED

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