Versatile Mage

Chapter 111

Chapter 111 - Meeting the Black Vatican Again!




To the side of the plaza, a purple radiance suddenly flashed, following which numerous traces of lightning were enveloping the body of a One-eyed Magic Wolf, its mouth now filled with blood.

As the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s body was completely charred by the Lightning, its eye was filled with anger.

It was completely unable to move its body. It wanted to slit open the tiny human’s chest in front of it with its claws, but it was unable to do so.

At last, the One-eyed Magic Wolf collapsed under the repeated bombardment of magic. From the beginning to the end, it did not have a single opportunity to even touch the human Magician.

“Fortunately, I discovered it and seized the opportunity.” Mo Fan took a long breath as he looked at the already dead One-eyed Magic Wolf.

This was his first time facing a Magical Beast by himself. If it wasn’t for his Lightning Spell, then he could’ve easily gotten torn into pieces by the vigorous and powerful One-eyed Magic Wolf. Just now, Mo Fan had used his Lightning Strike to first control it, and then switched to Fire Burst’s Rupture effect to deal with the completely unprepared One-eyed Magic Wolf.

After passing through this small valley, the Shopping Mall was just ahead of him.

Mo Fan looked for a relatively safe passage to approach the shopping mall.


Beside the Shopping Mall was a balcony located ten floors up.

On the balcony was two men wearing black clothing. They looked as though they couldn’t be found by Magical Beasts as they were scanning this city area with ease.

“There was a purple radiance appearing just now, it should be a Lightning Magician… Oh, he has appeared. It looks like he’s walking toward the shopping mall.” Among them was a man with hawk-shaped nose.

“It’s actually him!” The other man with his face wrapped had a flash of hatred appearing within his eyes.

“You know him?” The hawk nose man asked.

“Of course I know him. Stay and guard here, I will go and kill him!” the man with his face wrapped said.

“Don’t take too long, we still have a mission to do.”

“I know, however, no matter what, I will slaughter this person!”

After saying this, the man with his face wrapped issued a command. Soon enough, a few Black Beast Monsters appeared to his left and right, and began to jump toward the shopping mall.


On the other side, Mo Fan had already arrived at the flight of stairs within the Shopping Mall.

His luck was very good. Although there was a few Colossal-eyed Ape Rats within the large Shopping Mall, they hadn’t detected Mo Fan’s presence, allowing Mo Fan to successfully arrive at the flight of stairs.

The shopping entrance had clearly been destroyed. Mo Fan cautiously scattered the Beast Seeking Powder to prevent falling prey to a surprise attack from the Magical Beasts on the first floor.

As the Beast Seeking Powder scattered, this dandelion-like special medicine slowly drifted toward Mo Fan’s surroundings. It was evident that it was telling Mo Fan that there was a creature quickly approaching from his right side.


Suddenly, a black shadow quickly scuttled toward Mo Fan’s whereabouts. The sharp claws sliced through the glass door as it flew ferociously toward Mo Fan.

Mo Fan subconsciously dodged to the glass door by his side, dodging this ferocious attack.

The black shadow continued to attack, it was clear that it didn’t care about the glass as its head smashed into the glass doors, while at same time the glass fragments began to fly everywhere.

Mo Fan hurriedly hid inside. As he lowered his head, he discovered that there was a very deep wound on his arm. It stretched from a location slightly lower from the shoulder all the way to his elbow, and a scorching pain quickly followed.

Shit, what is this, its speed is actually that fast!

Luckily, Mo Fan had scattered the Beast Seeking Powder. It just happened to find that there was a creature off to the side, or else what would’ve been ripped apart could very possibly have been his own chest.

Mo Fan quickly ran away, when he turned his head around, he happened to see the creature that had smashed into the glass looking confused as it climbed up.

Black Beast Monster!

Mo Fan was shocked. Isn’t that human-figured monster with an extremely ugly monkey face the symbol of the Black Vatican, the Black Beast Monster?!

Could it be that there are people from the Black Vatican here?

“You’re quite fast in hiding. Unfortunately, this time, it will be impossible for you to survive to see the sun of the next day!” a cold and gloomy voice slowly called out from the location of the door. A person with black clothes had appeared by the door, his entire face covered by a black cloth.

“Who’s this person?” Mo Fan felt that he had heard this voice somewhere before, he couldn’t think of just which scoundrel it was.

“You don’t recognize me...Hahaha, alright, I’ll let you see just who I am!” The man from the Black Vatican began to laugh loudly as he raised his hand to slowly unwrap the wrapping on his face.

Soon enough, the bandages that was around this person’s face had dropped. However, what entered Mo Fan’s sights was a face that looked slightly frightening.

The skin on the left side of his face looked as though it had rot. It felt like it had been melted by some kind of acid, his left eyeball had no skin covering the eye socket, making it look huge and quite  frightening.

His right face however, Mo Fan had seen before. It’s just Mo Fan had never thought that this person would actually be a person from the Black Vatican!

“Do you recognize me now?” The man from Black Vatican slightly leaned his face to the side, allowing Mo Fan to see his entire right face. The somewhat stiff face maintained a strange smile.

“So it was you, is this your new mask made to scare little kids? It doesn’t look too bad.” Mo Fan felt shocked, however, his mouth didn’t show it as he directly mocked him.

“Shut up!!” The Black Vatican man’s two disharmonized faces immediately distorted. He ferociously turned the other ugly side of the face over. He carried an immense hatred and anger toward Mo Fan, desiring Mo Fan to be skinned alive and directly eaten!

“Having the opportunity to be a good young master of a noble family, yet, you decide to be a dog for the Black Vatican,” Mo Fan coldly replied.

“My face was granted to me because of you!” the Black Vatican man yelled out with a painful voice.

“What does it have to do with me?” Mo Fan said.

“The person who should’ve entered the Underground Holy Spring is me, it should’ve been me! If I gave the Underground Holy Spring to Senior Salang, I would’ve been able to become a Deacon in the Black Vatican! For this plan, just how many years did I pay? Ten years, for ten years, I have been a dog for that old scoundrel Mu Zhuoyun! I obeyed everything he said, I served him like I would’ve served my biological father! I obtained his trust just so I could take the Underground Holy Spring that day! In the end, you destroyed my secret plan of ten years, and caused my current appearance!! Do you know the pain when Senior Salang put my face into the Acid Ghost Water?! Now, I will have you get a taste of that! Not just your face, I will have your entire body bathed in Acid Ghost Water! I will turn you into a slave like the Black Beast Monster!!” the Black Vatican man hysterically roared toward Mo Fan.1

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

Chapter Notes:

1. (Ed. Note: A good villainous rant! Bravo!)

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