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Chapter 714

 Chapter 714-Fall of Jiangling

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Among the Liu Bei Army, the ones who had it hardest was still the player Lords like Chun Shenjun.

General Zhao Yun and General Chen Dao only protected Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei and did not have any time to bother about the players. Furthermore, the player army was huge and was too big a target, so it was impossible for them to smoothly retreat.

In the battle map, to Lords like Chun Shenjun, their army was everything. To ask them to abandon their army to escape alone held no purpose.

Even if he could obtain some benefits from Liu Bei, it could not make up for the losses incurred by the entire army falling.

Rather than that, why not stop the bleeding?

Seeing the intensity of the fire quickly increase, Chun Shenjun could not help but grit his teeth. In the end, he could only commit suicide once again and back out of the battle map.

If this continued to drag on, his army would suffer even heavier losses.

One thing was for sure, he had lived for nothing in the Battle of Red Cliff. The battle contribution points that Pill Sun City had obtained in Changsha were not even enough to revive their fallen forces.

"If I knew this would happen, I would not have even have followed them." Chun Shenjun sighed.

He could only blame Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yun for being too tempting.

Luckily, Chun Shenjun was a god-level rich man, so he had many substitute dolls on him. If not, killing himself over and over would cause his combat strength to be too weak.

As the Lords in the Liu Bei Camp had all killed themselves, the player armies all turned into white lights and disappeared from the battle map. The Liu Bei Army became spacious and empty; they were left with less than ten thousand people, but the fire still did not stop.

Warships sank to the bottom of the river due to the flames; the whole scene was tragic to the extreme.

It was only a matter of time till the whole Liu Bei Army fell.

The focus of the battle turned to the chase on the wilderness by the shore.

Regardless of the result of the chase, the Liu Bei Army had lost the ability to fight against the Shanhai City Squadron.

Changjiang was officially in their hands. After a month, the Cao Cao Camp had once again obtained control over the river and could attack Jiangdong at any time.

The strategic goal of the voyage squadron had already been accomplished. Their next step would depend on the Jiangling situation.

If Jiangling wins, the battle map would end.

If Jiangling loses, this battle would be dragged on.

Ouyang Shuo had already turned his eyes to Zhou Yu in Jiangdong. During this battle, Ouyang Shuo did not come here for battle contribution points; he came here to recruit Zhou Yu and Jia Xu.

After this period of hard work, it seemed like Jia Xu would not be a problem.

Zhou Yu, who Ouyang Shuo cared the most about, was not even seen. Apart from his own ability, he was the key to whether Ouyang Shuo could recruit Lu Meng, Gan Ning, and the other generals.

With that, Ouyang Shuo would obviously pay attention to the situation in Jiangling.

Before leaving Jiangling, Ouyang Shuo left a Mengchong Warship. The purpose of this action was to pass the intel of the battle directly to Ouyang Shuo.

Considering the time, the Battle of Jiangling should have ended.

However, till now, Ouyang Shuo still had not seen the warship.

On the battle contribution points ranking, the ranks of Di Chen, Bai Hua, and the others had all changed. Obviously, the situation there was extremely intense. However, based on the rankings, Ouyang Shuo could not deduce the end result.

However, for these past two days, the rankings had been peaceful.

Evidently, either the battle had ended in a stalemate or the result had been decided.

"Let's hope that nothing went wrong!"

Ouyang Shuo looked toward Jiangling; his heart felt uneasy.

Wilderness on the Changjiang West Coast.

After the forces gathered, Zhao Si Hu took out a talisman and grinned.

Troop Movement Talisman: After use, movement speed of troops increase by 50%; lasts for two hours.

With this talisman that the Monarch had handed over to him, Zhao Si Hu felt confident about chasing up to the enemy. He did not hesitate and immediately tore the talisman, which turned into a white light and covered the bodies of every City Protection Legion soldier.

Immediately, the soldiers proceeded forward like they were on steroids.

Even so, to chase up to the White Soldiers was not an easy matter. Their basic speed was greater than them; additionally, they had the buffs of Zhao Yun, Chen Dao, and Zhuge Liang.

In comparison, Zhao Si Hu's buff seemed useless.

Hence, even with the effect of the talisman, the City Protection Legion had to chase for a few hours before they managed to see the Liu Bei Army.

Chen Dao and Zhao Yun were both exceedingly experienced. When escaping, they continued to change their positions. Along the way, they even left misleading signs that put Zhao Si Hu off their trail.

Luckily, they had finally caught up.

Zhao Si Hu looked toward the enemy in front of him and mocked, “Where do you think you're going!"
On the other side, Chen Dao and the rest had all noticed that the enemy had caught up.

"Lord, let me deal with them." At the crucial moment, Chen Dao stepped out and requested to be the backline.

"Be careful!"

Liu Bei had already collected his emotions at this point and immediately gave Chen Dao one thousand White Soldiers.

In history, Chen Dao led just 700 White Soldiers to stop ten thousand Wu soldiers. Who knows whether this one thousand could stop the City Protection Legion.

After a short while, the City Protection Legion had caught up.

When he saw that the enemy had only left one thousand soldiers to block their advance, he was unhappy, “Preposterous!"

Immediately, he wanted to split up the troops to chase the Liu Bei Army. He was exceedingly clear that Liu Bei in the front was the true big fish.

During this battle, Zhao Si Hu really wanted to make a big contribution to the Lord.

"You want to leave? Get past me first." Chen Dao held a spear in his hand and pointed it directly at Zhao Si Hu.


A thousand White Soldiers immediately gathered into a formation to block the City Protection Legion.

"Since you want to die, I'll let you!"

When Zhao Si Hu saw this scene, his eyes stared, “Kill them; end this!"


The City Protection Legion under Zhao Si Hu's leadership was also an ambush of tigers.

Zhao Si Hu was always the type to let his actions speak; he raised his blade and charge forward. The cultivation method he trained in was the one he had obtained from Er'Shi ridge.

After two years of cultivation, his blade technique had already reached the mastery through comprehension level. His combat strength was extremely close to breaking through to King Rank.

He only lacked comprehension and the proper opportunity.

The machete he used was a platinum weapon crafted by Ou Zhizi.

Hence, he charged right at Chen Dao. The two generals fought; it was hard to separate them, and sand and stone flew in the air.

The blade swung and the spear pierced, making it hard for normal people to get close.

At this point, the other soldiers had all engaged in slaughter. The White Soldiers were truly elite. Even though they were fighting one against ten, they were only at a slight disadvantage.

Of course, the City Protection Legion was not like the East Wu Army. Without mentioning other aspects, just their weapons alone meant that they were not on the same level.

Hence, although the White Soldiers were strong, they would definitely lose if they met the Divine Martial Guards.

As the battle continued, the City Protection Legion slowly took supremacy. The White Soldiers were strong but the City Protection Legion soldiers broke through their defense lines to continue chasing Liu Bei.

Each time, the White Soldiers would give it their all.

Such morale and determination was difficult for the current City Protection Legion to break through.

The battle slowly entered a stalemate.

The White Soldiers seemed shaky; it was like they were about to fall, but they stubbornly stood. As time dragged on, the more detrimental the battle was to the City Protection Legion. At this point, the talisman’s effect had already worn off.

Zhao Si Hu was dealing with Chen Dao while taking looks at the battlefield; the more he looked, the worst his expression got.

Just as the battle was becoming stale, the sounds of horse hooves sounded from behind.

Turning back, it was the Divine Martial Guards led by the Lord.

This time, the White Soldiers were no match. When the Divine Martial Guards and the City Protection Legion worked hand in hand, the White Soldiers were pushed back.

In less than an hour, the one thousand White Soldiers all fell.

In this nameless wilderness, one thousand ferocious soldiers were laid to rest. In the end, only Chen Dao was left, and he was still fighting against Zhao Si Hu.

"General Chen Dao, are you willing to surrender?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"You wish!"

His reply was similarly clean as he stabbed out with his spear at Zhao Si Hu.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this reply, he sighed in his heart, “Send him on his way!"

"Yes, my Monarch!"

When Zhao Si Hu heard this command, he chopped down with his machete to push aside the enemy’s spear; he used this chance to leave.

At the same time, the surrounding Divine Martial Guards held up their god arm crossbows and fired, instantly shooting him and making him look like a porcupine.

After Chen Dao died, he left a book; Ouyang Shuo picked up and smiled when he saw what the item was.

White Soldier Training Manual: After use, grasp the training technique of the White Soldiers.

"That was worth it!" Ouyang Shuo smiled, “Let's return!"

After so long, Liu Bei had already fled far away, finding him was impossible.

"As expected from a cockroach, his life truly cannot be taken easily!" Ouyang Shuo was filled with thoughts. Luckily, in this battle, he had taken several limbs from Liu Bei.  

Just as Ouyang Shuo was leading the troops, a Mengchong Warship was sailing toward the Shanhai City Squadron.

"Who are you, stop!"

The warship was stopped by the voyage squadron that was still cleaning up the battlefield.

"Ally!" The Mengchong Warship raised a golden dragon flag, and a soldier on the deck hollered, “Jiangling City emergency intel, I need to send it to the Monarch!"

"Wait up!"

After investigating his background, the messenger was sent to Dragon Head.

"What happened to Jiangling City?" Zheng He asked.

"Admiral, Jiangling City has already fallen, and Lord Feng Qiuhuang ordered me to inform the Monarch." The messenger took out a letter as he spoke.

"What? Jiangling City fell?"

At the side, Jia Xu jumped in shock, “What exactly happened?"

"This...." The messenger was a little hesitant.

"Mister, let's just wait for the Monarch to return."

Jia Xu was stunned and quickly regained his calm, “I was rash!"


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