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Chapter 620

Chapter 620-Dragon Vein

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The stone key in his storage was the one that he had found in the bottom of the box during the search for the Beihai Bay treasure. Who knew that this key was actually the key to the dragon tomb.

Fate was truly a mysterious matter.

If Ouyang Shuo had not searched for the treasure prior to the voyage, he would not experience such a fortuitous encounter.

Ouyang Shuo took it out and plunged it into the lock and twisted. With a kacha! the sound of moving mechanisms could be heard, and the huge stone door started to rise.

A rotting smell emanated from within.

The mysterious dragon tomb was displayed right in front of his eyes.

Ouyang Shuo took out a torch and walked into the dragon tomb. The golden light from the seal became more and more excited.


Just as he entered the graveyard passageway, two rows of oil lamps lit up at the same time. The automatic lighting up of the oil lamps was due to the spontaneous combustion of phosphorus; it was not anything magical.

This mechanism made Ouyang Shuo sure that this graveyard was definitely manufactured. After all, if this was really a dragon tomb, there was no way it would be so intricately designed.

After walking through the passageway, he reached the main hall.

The entire hall was over seven hundred meters wide and basically took up over 90% of the graveyard.

The most eye-catching aspect was the six hundred meters wide skeletal structure. If Ouyang Shuo was right, these bones belonged to the black dragon.

Although time had passed, the dragon bones still looked new and strong.

Opposite the huge skeleton was another skeletal structure. However, it was much smaller, just a little bigger than a Nian Beast. In comparison, it was eye-catching.

Just from its body shape alone, it would be something similar to the Nian Beast when it was alive; completely different from the dragon. No matter how he tried to guess, he could not figure out is background.

It was weird for such a bone structure to appear in a dragon tomb.

"Little friend, you are finally here!"

From within the hall, an exceedingly weak voice sounded.

"Who?" Ouyang Shuo was astonished.

Wasn’t there only one dragon spirit in the tomb? If there was more, he was so dead. The current Ouyang Shuo had used up nearly all of his primordial energy.

"Little friend don't panic, I have no ill intentions." The same voice rang out once again.

"Who are you?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

At this very moment, the Golden Qilin Seal's glow expanded and pointed toward the smaller skeleton.

"You're it?"

"That's right." The old hoarse voice broke out, “I’m a jade qilin. I chased the evil dragon till here. After we battled, both of us were heavily hurt and perished."

"Qilin?" Ouyang Shuo's eyes lit up.

He immediately deduced that this Qilin attracted the Golden Qilin Seal.

Currently, the Golden Qilin Seal was in a half-sealed state. The unsealing requirements were to inject a Qilin’s spirit. Wasn't this a Qilin in front of them?

One could say that everything was determined by the heavens.

Ouyang Shuo was worrying about where to find a legendary Qilin to unlock the golden seal. After all, setting up a country would be a joke without it.

"Who built this graveyard? It doesn't look like a dragon's grave."

Ouyang Shuo calmed himself down and carefully asked.

He needed the spirit to willingly unseal the Golden Qilin Seal.

As such, Ouyang Shuo wanted to understand the situation.

"Little friend, are you willing to listen to a story?" The old Qilin asked.

"I'm all ears."

Talking to a pile of bones was actually extremely freaky.

"In olden times, the dragon race lived in the deep oceans of the South China Sea. One day, a black dragon was born in the race; it was deemed as an unlucky dragon, so it was chased out. It bore the pain and humiliation and grew up to be a well mannered and nice dragon. The black dragon moved into this desolate island when its days were numbered and found a spiritual vein."

"Spiritual vein?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

During the cold weapons era, did spiritual veins really exist?

"To god dragons, spiritual veins are the best cultivation item. The god dragon merged with it and slowly transformed it into the dragon vein. However, such a treasure was naturally targeted by others. Those skeletons that you saw when you entered were desolate beasts and spirit beast who the black dragon killed.”

Ouyang Shuo was enlightened.

"However, killing makes one lose their personality. The originally kind and well behaved black dragon became more extreme and killing became its hobby. It purposely attracted beasts here and killed them. Not only that, it didn't follow the rules of the dragon race and broke into the human world, capturing humans to build his palace."

"So this isn't a dragon tomb but a palace?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"That's right, it is a dragon palace. Not only that, the dragon carved the entire valley into a formation. As the black dragon continued its rule, everything within thousands of miles was thrown into chaos." After he talked to this point, the Qilin sighed,"I was nearby, but when I heard about this matter, I naturally could not ignore it."


Ouyang Shuo did not expect that this old Qilin was actually a righteous warrior.

"I came to this island to reason with the black dragon, but it didn't listen. Hence, I had no choice but to try and bring him back for his race to deal with him. Who knew that this black dragon's formation was so strange. We fought for three days and nights before both sides were greviously hurt."

Ouyang Shuo thought back to the two broken peaks of the valleys, “God beasts fighting is really too terrifying, destroying the earth itself."

"You should know what happened. We both died; our bodies were destroyed, and only our spirits remained. My spirit cannot leave my body for too long; otherwise, it would dissipate. Meanwhile, that black dragon made use of the formation to continue to create problems in the valley." The Qilin's voice contained an unmistakable sense of self-blame.

"In the end, at least justice was served, and the black dragon perished. As for me, it’s time for me to return.”

"Return?" Ouyang Shuo asked with a nervous expression.

This old thing wasn't going to escape, was it?

"I didn't reincarnate because I wanted to guard against this black dragon. Now that it has perished, I can revive in peace. However…."

Ouyang Shuo noticed that this Qilin was not only righteous; it was also a depressed poet.

"However what?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"However, I have to repay your kindness. When I saw your golden seal, I realised that everything was planned, and that I did not come here by chance," the Qilin explained.


This old fellow could even bring in the heavens.

"You mean that you're willing to move into the seal?" Ouyang Shuo asked. He still did not know what would happen if the qilin spirit moved into the golden seal.

"That's right."

"Phew!" Ouyang Shuo heaved a sigh of relief.

Ambition was something that was never quenched.

Seeing that the matter was settled, Ouyang Shuo had other thoughts, “Can that dragon vein be used?"

"Naturally, it can."

Ouyang Shuo was delighted and bowed,"Thank you, senior, for your help.."

"You want to use that dragon vein to link you and your fate dragon together?" the Qilin asked.

"Yes." Ouyang Shuo did not avoid the question. Since the black dragon could cultivate with the help of the spirit vein, the fate dragon naturally could too. Furthermore, the term dragon vein and dynasty were closely linked.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo could not help but think about the possibilities.

"Why not, let me help you once." The old Qilin was a brotherly and righteous person.

"Thank you, senior!" Ouyang Shuo bowed once more.

"Amongst the dragon bones, there is a formation. Sit inside it and focus; visualize the fate dragon in your head. As for the remaining matters, leave it to me!" the Qilin said.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and followed his instructions.

The formation was extremely eye-catching, and Ouyang Shuo found it right away. He sat down and concentrated on his breathing. The scene of the battle between the fate dragon and the black dragon entered his mind.

The fate dragon, many meters long, mighty.

At this very moment, the fate dragon hidden in the clouds opened its eyes once again and responded to Ouyang Shuo's summon. This was the first time the two of them had established a connection.

A familiar feeling spread forth from the fate dragon.

The current fate dragon looked massive, but it was actually a young baby. Its feelings toward Ouyang Shuo was that of a father, a close relative.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, as a warm feeling filled his heart.

Just at this moment, a strong spiritual energy burst forth from the formation beneath him and entered his body, attacking his meridians.

Ouyang Shuo did not dare to take the situation lightly, and he rotated the primordial energy.

Weirdly, when the spiritual energy passed through his meridians and entered his dantian, it all disappeared. At the same time, it appeared in the sky and entered the body of the fate dragon.

This continued on.

Ouyang Shuo's meridians were cleaned and revitalized by the spiritual energy and grew stronger and stronger. The already wide meridians were pried open a little more. Some of the smaller branches were also appearing. The Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique was improving at a visible speed; it seemed like he was about to reach a breakthrough.

In just a short moment, Ouyang Shuo had benefited a lot.

Such a fortuitous encounter was exceedingly hard to come by.

Of course, the one that benefited the most was still the fate dragon. Its entire body was becoming more real.

Scarily, the originally half red, half white body rapidly became a pure red.

In less than an hour, two-thirds of the dragon had turned red.

Ouyang Shuo sat crossed legged; the spiritual energy showed no signs of drying up. After an hour, it was still flowing like a river, pouring into his body.

At this moment, a swelling and painful feeling appeared in his meridians.

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