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Chapter 495

Chapter 495- Chiyou Blood Guards

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Toward the current situation that Consonance City faced, Ouyang Shuo wanted to help, but he lacked the resources to do so.

The current Ouyang Shuo had no time or effort to bother about things outside of the direct battlefield, as one hundred thousand Chiyou soldiers had appeared ten kilometers away from the Shanhai City command center.

Ten kilometers. Even infantry would take at most two hours to easily cross such a distance. As for light armored cavalry, they could enter the enemy territory in just half an hour.

It was the same as saying that at such a distance, both sides could initiate the war at any moment.

The real war between the two sides had officially started.

Han Xin started to plan the army formations.

He named Zhang Han as the left general; he would lead the 1st and 4th divisions of the Leopard Legion. Di Qing would take the role of right general; he would lead the 3rd and 5th divisions of the Leopard Legion to act as the right wing.

Han Xin would take charge of the middle and lead the 2nd division. The Guards Division would also temporarily be under his charge, and they would act as the middle forces of the army.

Ouyang Shuo would lead the three thousand Divine Martial Guards as the backup for the army.

Eighty thousand troops spread out at the border, spanning several kilometres.

Two days earlier, Shi Wanshui and Shan Zhu had received orders from Han Xin. They were to immediately set off, avoiding the patrols and scouts of Wuzhou Prefecture to sneak attack Chiyou from behind.

Han Xin was not ready to attack Chiyou City.

It was only Chiyou City when Chiyou was there.

Without him, it was just an empty city.

Hence, sneak attacking his camp was a completely useless action. If they started fighting, no matter whether the city fell or not, Chiyou would lead his army forward.

As a result, as long as they could crush the one hundred thousand army, the Battle of Wuzhou Prefecture would come to an end.

These were just simple calculations.

Han Xin had seen through this point, so he was ready to focus all his men on attacking the Chiyou Army.

As for the current Chiyou, what was he doing?

At the highest point of the area.

The mountain was less one hundred meters in height, and Chiyou's tent stood at the peak. People would call this point the Devil's Slope, signifying the place where devil Chiyou had set up his tent.

Although the mountain was high, the trees still flourished.

The more surprising aspect was the huge cluster of osmanthus trees at this peak.

The 10th month was originally the time when the osmanthus flower bloomed. Unfortunately, the solemness and killing aura of the wilderness had destroyed this beautiful scenery. All the osmanthus trees on the mountain had withered in a night.

The osmanthus flowers that bloomed fell off their branches and onto the ground. After the mountain barbarians continuously trampled them, they were left in a terrible state.

They had become a part of the ground; the only sign of their existence was a faint smell.

As the autumn breeze blew across, the air still had some of the fragrance of the osmanthus flowers, which did not fit the seriousness of the wilderness.

Chiyou probably chose this place for this reason.

To the outside world, the mountain barbarians were uncultured. Their leader, Chiyou, was naturally vulgar, stupid, evil, and ugly.

He was a devil!

The people would fear him, but they would not worship him.

All this was merely biasness and a misunderstanding.

At the very least, Ouyang Shuo did not think of them in that way.

As one of the few Lords that had come into contact with the mountain barbarians, Ouyang Shuo did not think that they were a stupid and uncultured race.

Amongst them, there were many amazing and exceptional people.

Be it the shaman of the Xuanniao Tribe, Rui Zhi, Shi Hu, or Shi Bao, they had all left a deep impression on Ouyang Shuo.

Needless to say, the leader of the Leidian tribe, Lei Fan, had used his ability to obtain the position of Broken Blade House Prefect.

Administratively or military-wise, mountain barbarians could take up either positions.

In contrast to the trickery and cunningness of the mid plains, the mountain barbarians were more reliable and loyal.

Hence, as their spiritual leader, how could Chiyou be a stupid person? Long ago, during the olden days, Chiyou’s tribe had technology far ahead of its time.

This proves that he was actually an intelligent person.

If not, he could not have taken control of such a large area and become a huge force in the wilderness. Meanwhile, Yellow Emperor and Fire Emperor, who were from the same era as him, had disappeared.

Of course, smart did not meant that he was merciful.

The violence of Chiyou was an undeniable fact.

Every one of the mountain barbarians guarding the mountain emitted a killing aura. These Guards were his elite, the Chiyou Blood Guards.

Compared to the Han Race warriors, they had a similar height. Weirdly enough, they were actually much taller than normal mountain barbarian warriors, exceeding two meters.

Their strong muscles protruded, filled with explosiveness.

The even weirder part was their blood red eye. Even in the night, their eyes emitted a scarlet glow.

This was also how the name Chiyou Blood Guards came about.

Each blood guard was a standard human killing machine.

They had no feelings and could not feel pain.

They only knew how to kill.

The development of the blood guards was top secret. Even in Chiyou City, very few people knew about their existence.

In the city, he built a secluded courtyard to train the Blood Guards. The walls were extremely high and separated them from the outside world. Commoners of the city could hear the cries of pain from inside.

Pain was buried into their bones; their shouts were like beasts, desperate and sad.

No one knew what kind of pain the soldiers sent in had to experience.

Every day, body after body would be carried out and buried. Even the bodies taken out were covered, so no one could see their real faces.

As time went on, some secrets were no longer secrets.

Finally, someone saw the faces of the corpses. It was said that the mountain barbarian was so shocked that he had a stroke and nearly died.

A devil from hell!

The body carried out had a blurred face, while the blood vessels all around the body had exploded, and the corpse bled from all holes.

He was just a bloody mess.

No one knew what kind of method Chiyou used to train these Blood Guards.

Apart from that, there were even people who saw that large amounts of Han Race people would be sent into the courtyard. These innocent people, no one ever saw them walk out.

Even when the war started, the courtyard remained shut, and no one saw them walk out.

The long training had made even Chiyou himself violent. His eyes were like that of the Blood Guards, completely blood red.

A year and a half, tens of thousands of mountain barbarians were sent in. In the end, he had only trained up one thousand Blood Guards.

The remaining nine thousand all became cold, lifeless bodies, and they were placed to rest in the cemetery.

Such a massive death rate would have caused problems within the various tribes if he did not possess such a high reputation and prestige; he was pretty much their god.

One must know that the mountain barbarians sent to train were all chosen from thousands or tens of thousands of people. They were the elite of the elite. Such a high fatality rate was totally unheard of.

The soldiers that survived the training from hell did not seem like they belonged on this earth.

The moment they transformed, they lost their own consciousness. They were unclear about their past; they did not recognize their loved ones, and they did not even having feelings.

Only obedience and a killing instinct remained.

They would obey their master, Chiyou, to kill everything in front of them.

These one thousand Blood Guards were Chiyou’s strongest trump card.

Apart from that, there would be the changes he made to the warriors of the various tribe. Chiyou City was formed from numerous groups of mountain barbarian tribes. At the start, it was a tribal alliance.

Chiyou was the alliance leader.

The Chiyou Army in history was formed in exactly the same way. Rumors had it that Chiyou had eighty-one brothers. In truth, it was eighty-one different tribes.

In the Battle of Zhuolu, Chiyou had lost badly.

Hence, after he appeared in the wilderness, he had already learned his lesson. He was an extremely smart person, so he understood the ways the Lords used their troops.

Chiyou ordered for the soldiers of all the tribes to gather together for reorganization.

In the end, Chiyou formed ten groups of ten thousand soldiers. Each ten thousand soldiers group would be split into one thousand soldier groups. They would continue to split until they reached ten men squadrons.

Chiyou's organization of his troops was similar to the method the grassland army employed. Such an organization method was good because it was simple and did not require much ability from the commander.

Just with this point, one could see Chiyou’s intelligence, as he learned and employed his new knowledge.

After forming the military, the one hundred thousand soldiers could finally form their strength. They were not under the control of their various tribal leaders and that gave Chiyou absolute control of the military.

Apart from that, Chiyou also appointed his ten brothers as the leaders of the thousand men groups.

With that, Chiyou had a firm grasp of his army. His few brothers had gone through death with him, and they were absolutely loyal.

The various tribes had lost their right to talk in the military.

Apart from the organization of the army, Chiyou also paid a lot of attention to weapons research.

In history, the copper weapons that he used were much better than the stone ones the Yanhuang Army employed. Although they did not win the war, their weapons held an evident advantage.

Hence, in the wilderness, he naturally paid close attention to weapons research. He used the Han Race artisans in the wilderness with the secret methods of the Jiuli Tribe to create unique weapons and armor.

Although these equipment could not compare to pinnacle weapons of history like Mingguang Armor and Tang Blade, they were definitely better than the ones that the system gave.

Hence, even in terms of equipment, the Shanhai City Army did not possess much of an advantage.

Chiyou's confidence stemmed from the above three points.

Chiyou had the confidence to crush the opponent in front of him and enter Lingnan Province.

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