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Chapter 493

Chapter 493- Palace Guards

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"Since that's the case, will your trading company consider moving your main headquarters over?"

Ouyang Shuo smoothly continued her words and directly reached his first goal.

"Moving headquarters?"

Ouyang Shuo's request left Bai Xue stonished.

"That's right!" Ouyang Shuo nodded, “If Bai Trading Company is willing to move your headquarters over, you will receive the same treatment as the Cui Chamber of Commerce. How about that?"

Ouyang Shuo immediately saw through what Bai Xue needed the most at this moment. Hence, he directly emphasized that he would grant them preferential treatment to attract them.

If Bai Xue did not agree, Ouyang Shuo could only give up and not harp on any further.

A war loomed before him, and Chiyou was grinding his blades.

Ouyang Shuo could not stay in Shanhai City for long. Moreover, before he left, he needed to settle all matters relating to the next system update.

If not, he would be wasting his revival advantage.

Truthfully, the terms that Ouyang Shuo had set out tempted Bai Xue. If the Bai Trading Company could receive the same treatment as the Cui Chamber of Commerce, their rise in Shanhai City would not face any obstacles.

Unfortunately, moving the headquarters was not something she could decide.

"I feel the Lord’s sincerity in my heart. However, this current matter is huge, so I need to ask my father before I can reply to you. Is that okay?"

Ouyang Shuo nodded; he had expected such a reply.

As expected, all decisions laid in the hands of Bai Gui.

"Naturally. However, my offer will only hold till the end of the year. After the New Year, even if Bai Trading Company is willing, it will be really difficult. Please help me tell your father this point."


Bai Xue had some doubts, but she still agreed without hesitation. She had a feeling that her father had asked her to come over because he was in truth tempted about moving the headquarters to Shanhai City.

Hence, this decision would not take long to make.

Nanjiang Governor-General Manor, Southwest Corner, an unassuming side palace. The place did not have a name. Hidden in the greens and waters; it was quiet and without people.

Even the people who walked in and out did not make a sound. In their faces, one could not see any emotion. The special aspect of this place was that the dark atmosphere that covered the area.

In the future, the officials of the territory would learn to fear this place.

That was right, this was the headquarters of the Shanhai Guards.

After a period of construction time, in addition to the support of Shanhai City, the structure of the Shanhai Guards was basically complete. Now, they were up and running.

They monitored all of the tens of thousands of officials in the four prefectures.

Before the end of the year, the Administration Department acted openly, while the Shanhai Guards moved in the dark. Both of them would cooperate with one another and complete a large-scale and total investigation. Ouyang Shuo named this operation as the ‘Sharp Sword Operation.’

Once the sharp sword leaves its sheath, blood would flow.

After a quiet noon and sending Bai Xue off, Ouyang Shuo sneakily arrived at this side palace. Behind him followed a cool-looking young man—Cui Tianqi.

Cui Tianqi and the others had complete the special forces base training topics. He had graduated from the base as first in the exams.

When Ouyang Shuo received the news, he immediately summoned Cui Tianqi to the manor to receive a new duty.

After undergoing the training at the special forces base, Cui tianqi had grown icier and quieter. He emitted the feeling that any stranger should not approach him.

The teen swordsman of old had completely transformed into a killer.

That was right, a killer.

Cold, merciless.

Cui Tianqi's personality was actually the best choice for a killer. Last time, when Ouyang Shuo ordered him to assassinate Su Qin, he performed the act cleanly like water. He did not disappoint Ouyang Shuo.

This time, Ouyang Shuo wanted to personally bring Cui Tianqi to obtain his job in the Shanhai Guards.

When Shen Buhai saw Cui Tianqi, he did not feel shocked.

When they began creating the Shanhai Guards, Ouyang Shuo had already revealed to Shen Buhai that he intended to make a special unit in charge of assassination missions.

This unit would be called the Shadow Guards.

The Shadow Guards acted as the shadow of the Shanhai Guards.

Hence, apart from the Shanhai Guards Commander Shen Buhai, who had info on them, no one else except for Ouyang Shuo knew of their existence.

The one in charge of the Shadow Guards would have the position of garrison officer, and their rank would only be lower than that of the commander. Without a doubt, Cui Tianqi was the person Ouyang Shuo chose.

Members of the Shadow Guards were mostly martial artist, equipped with god arm crossbows. They were in charge of assassinating spies of other territories, and they would even perform cross-territory killing.

Based on Shen Buhai's reaction, within Shanhai City alone, there were already many rats.

Naturally, they needed to storm and take out all these spies.

Apart from taking out such people, the Shadow Guards were also in charge of killing the traitors of the territory. Shanhai City had expanded through war, so there would no doubt be residue and evil left from the old regimes.

The Shadow Guards would show no mercy such people.

If they often sent the military to try and calm the situation, it was easy to terrify the people. Sending the Shadow Guards was different, as they could settle the issue without anyone knowing.

Hence, the Shadow Guards were a blade that Ouyang Shuo hid in the dark.

The moment he used it, blood would flow.

Of course, the Shadow Guards, and even the Shanhai Guards, were a different concept to the Ming Dynasty Silk Clothed Guards. The Shanhai Guards only had the power to investigate, and they only possessed a limited authority to capture and interrogate.

The real capture and interrogation rights remained under the Internal Affairs Department.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to monitor the people, not create an uncontrollable monster. In his planning of the system, controls and restraints were evident everywhere.

After handing Cui Tianqi to Shen Buhai, Ouyang Shuo got up and left.

The current Cui Tianqi did not need him to nag and could act independently.

Next, Ouyang Shuo visited Song Tianxiong. Then, he rushed Bing'er to make her do homework. After meeting with Song Jia, he left Shanhai City.

His entire journey was hurried.

The pressure that Chiyou gave Ouyang Shuo was simply too great.

10th month, 12th day, Ouyang Shuo teleported to Wulong City.

The same day, Wang Feng led the Divine Martial Guards and teleported over from Zhenhai City to meet with Ouyang Shuo. Before he left, the Zhenhai City Garrison Division was already in place.

After which, Ouyang Shuo did not stay in Wulong City. Instead, he led his troops toward the frontline. Before he left, Ouyang Shuo completely destroyed the teleportation formation in Wulong City.

This teleportation formation had completed its duty, so he should not leave it here anymore.

Ouyang Shuo did not want any accidents to happen.

10th month, 14th day, Ouyang Shuo led the Divine Martial Guards. They rushed to the command center that Han Xin had set up at the border.

The place he chose was a small county twenty kilometers away from the border.

Before this, Han Xin had led the Leopard Legion, including the Guards Division, in completing their preparations. Large amounts of grain had poured over.

Near the border, the army's tents had closely packed with one another.

Flags stabbed into the ground and spears stood upright.

Apart from that, the 1st division of the Dragon Legion and the 3rd division of the Tiger Legion were already ready on the hundred thousand mountains.

When the command center gave the order, the two divisions would directly strike Wuzhou Prefecture.

Similarly, Chiyou’s one hundred thousand mountain barbarian army was slowly approaching Zhaoqing Prefecture.

The scouts on both sides had already met in the wilderness and fought. Everyday around sunset, the scouting group would return with a few dead bodies.

The scouts from Shanhai City had all undergone training in the special forces base.

Even so, they still took casualties.

With that, one could see that the Chiyou Army was not a pushover.

The flames of war had been lit.

The real war was about to ignite.

In this battle, Shanhai City had sent a total of eight divisions and the Divine Martial Guards, for a total of 110 thousand troops. This was the first time Shanhai City had more troops than the opponent.

Even in the main battlefield, Shanhai City had planned 86 thousand troops, just fifteen thousand less than the one hundred thousand of Chiyou.

Despite their numerical advantage, this battle would be unprecedentedly tough for Shanhai City. One could foresee that the Battle of Wuzhou would be harder than the Battle of Zhaoqing.

Not because of other reasons, but because their opponent was the devil Chiyou and his mountain barbarian army.

Although the Military Intelligence Division could not infiltrate them, from long term monitoring, they could tell that these one hundred thousand troops were all well-equipped elites.

Especially with the news that the scouts had brought back, they confirmed it.

Chiyou had spent more than a year and a half in Wuzhou, and the entire prefecture was ran like an iron bucket, deep in strength.

Mountain barbarians were not really barbarians.

There were reason why Taiping Country was unwilling to fight Chiyou City.

The strength of the mountain barbarian army was something Ouyang Shuo was clearer about than anyone. The Er'Lai led mountain barbarians regiment was the nightmare of every enemy in battle.

And this time, Shanhai City needed to face one hundred thousand of them.

Just the thought alone was terrifying.

On the contrary, the Leopard Legion under Han Xin, apart from the 1st division, the remaining four were recently built.

What was going to happen, one really could not tell.

This was why Ouyang Shuo needed to lead the Divine Martial Guards and the Guards Division to personally take charge. At the crucial moment, they would have to send out his trump card unit.

Different from previous battles, the Battle of Wuzhou would take place in the wilderness.

Shanhai City was the one defending, but Ouyang Shuo could not allow them to cross the border. Chiyou City was the one attacking, but with Chiyou's character, he would not forget his defence.

With that, both sides would fight a large-scale war in the wilderness.

The dark clouds of battle covered the entire sky, making one feel short of breath.

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