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Chapter 487

Chapter 487- Setting up a War Zone

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No matter how the world changed, Ouyang Shuo still had to take matters step by step.

However, on the 10th month, 5th day, an emergency letter from the Military Intelligence Division broke his touring plans. It made him end his tour of Zhaoqing early and hurriedly rush back to Wulong City.

Just as Chensheng and Huangchao were jumping around, Hong Xiuquan, who had been holding it in, finally made a move. The moment this king made his move, Shanhai City would face a perilous situation.

10th month, 2nd day, the second day that Chensheng had established his country. Hong Xiuquan came to a tacit understanding with Chiyou. The representatives of both sides signed a peace agreement at the Wuzhou border. As a result, their people would not bother or harm one another.

One would head west, and the other would head east.

The moment they signed this treaty, the Taiping Country troops camped at the border of Wuzhou Prefecture left. They even torn down the entire east camp out of the ground and broke it down.

At the same time, the army that Chiyou City placed on the west border also left.

No outsider knew how the two sides had actually communicated. They could surprisingly reach a conclusion that let them trust each other to such an extent. It was the same as saying that both sides would not defend against one another.

The entire conversation remained highly secretive, and only the higher ups of both camps joined in. If not, the Military Intelligence Division and Black Snake Guards would have caught hold of some information.

The retreat of the troops of both sides was just the first step.

The east troops from Taiping Country gathered up with the South troops. Then, they directly charged for Mulan Stronghold. A total of 150 thousand men headed right for Mulan Stronghold with a suppressive aura.

It seems like Taiping Country was hellbent on taking the stronghold down.

Who knows what was so important about the Lianzhou Prefecture that made it worthwhile for Hong Xiuquan to gather up so many troops.

When the Military Affairs Department received the news, they immediately sent the city protection division up north. They would enter the stronghold to assist Er'lai's 3rd division of the Dragon Legion.

With that, the entire Shanhai City was an empty city with no soldiers defending it.

Du Ruhui immediately ordered the various city protection squads of the Houses and counties to enter level one alert and prepare for further orders. The only lucky matter was that the Beihai Bay Squadron 1st division had successfully returned to Beihai City.

The door to Lianzhou was temporarily safe.

The 1st division of the Tiger Legion in Qiongzhou also moved into Yashan City. If the situation changed, Fan Lihua would lead them to assist immediately.

Apart from attacking the Mulan Stronghold, Taiping Country also merged its north and west troops into a new west army of two hundred thousand, which they aimed at Kunming Prefecture of Yunnan Province.

Kunming Prefecture was the prefecture that held the largest land area in the province, about one-thirds of it. Moreover, it was the area under the control of Consonance City.

After a period of expansion, Consonance City had taken over more than half of the prefecture. However, the prefecture was just too huge. As such, for them to control the entire prefecture, it would still take more time.

However, before they could even get such a chance, this situation occurred.

It was not that Consonance City did not have any preparations for Taiping Country. The problem was that Taiping Country had three prefectures of land. Apart from going west, going north to Chuanbei or Pannan Provinces were both excellent ideas.

Who knew how Hong Xiuquan's brain worked, as he changed his strategy of attacking four sides. Instead, he focused his attack on Kunming Prefecture.

With that, the situation of Consonance City looked dire.

The location of Consonance City was coincidentally close to the intersection between Yunnan Province and Chuanbei Province. As a result, Consonance City was going to bear the brunt force of this attack.

When they received the news, the entire Consonance City went up to level 1 war alert.

Zhang Liao led fifty thousand troops and rushed toward the border to form the first defensive line. The entire Consonance City had a total soldier number of five divisions and around seventy thousand soldiers.

This time, Bai Hua was going all out.

She had no choice but to do so. After all, if Taiping Country broke through, she would lose her territory.

What made her feel helpless was that in the entire Kunming Prefecture, those territories Consonance City had not occupied just decided to stay on the fence. They did not join the alliance army.

In all likelihood, these Lords were looking forward to watching Consonance City’s destruction. They would rather such a situation than let Consonance City slowly consume them. As for how they should face the Taiping Country in the future, that was for another time.

As a result, Consonance City temporarily had no reinforcements.

All of a sudden, Consonance City cried for help.

Consonance City was a crucial piece in Ouyang Shuo's puzzle, so he could not afford to lose it.

At the current moment, only Shanhai City could help out. The other allies of Shanhai Alliance were embroiled up in their own battles.

This massive war in the China Region had finally pushed Shanhai Alliance to the edge of the cliff.

As for how to send reinforcements, Ouyang Shuo still needed to plan the matter out.

Not because of other reasons but because this move was not solely against Taiping Country.

Ever since the western border forces retreated, Chiyou had his one hundred thousand mountain barbarian army gather in the east and aim toward Zhaoqing Prefecture.

After a year of loneliness, the space of one prefecture was finally not enough for Chiyou's appetite. This devil finally bared his fangs at the wilderness.

Shanhai City was once again dragged into this affair.

At the same time, Lingnan City-State, which had just established itself, started to grind their knives. Yuan Ping announced that they would build a one hundred thousand men alliance army in the shortest amount of time. Then, they would station the army at the border of Zhaoqing Prefecture. If the situation permitted, there was a chance that they might invade Zhaoqing Prefecture.

Apart from that, north of Zhaoqing, Xiangnan Province's Caiyun Alliance had agreed to build the second city-state in the China region.

The moment they established this city-state, Caiyun Zinan announced on the forum that to protect the safety of the city-state, they were considering placing troops at the southern border.

All of a sudden, enemies surrounded Shanhai City.

Under such a situation, Ouyang Shuo had to whip his horse and rush back to Wulong City.

Initially, Ouyang Shuo was hesitating after the military reorganization. Should they attack east or west? Who knew that the enemy would make the choice for him.

Now, Shanhai City was in danger from three sides.

To break this situation, they needed a good strategy.

10th month, 8th day, Wulong City, Meeting Hall.

Only four other people attended this military meeting. Du Ruhui, who had hurriedly teleported over from Shanhai City, Commander-in-Chief Baiqi, Great General Sun Bin, and Great General Han Xin.

They were the four magical stabilizers of Shanhai City.

Du Ruhui did a simple introduction of the surrounding situation. Then, he reported on the progress of the military organization, “From the 9th month, 14th day, the military has started a large-scale reorganization. Twenty-five days have passed, and it has nearly reached completion. We only lack a portion of the equipment, which has not been transported yet because of the long distance. The various generals can start to go and collect their forces."

The moment Du Ruhui spoke these words, a burst of energy erupted within the hall. To face the situation in front of them, reaching a large scale army was their greatest insurance.

One had to say, this expansion of the army came at a perfect time. Previously ,Ouyang Shuo was still worrying about this matter. However, if he had cut out one or two divisions, their situation today would be much worse.

Based on the plans of the Military Affairs Department, the four Garrison Divisions had already moved into their bases.

The Zhaoqing Prefecture Garrison Division was housed near Tianshaung City; they were the earliest to arrive. The Lianzhou Garrison Division and the 2nd division of the city protection division had gone down south, taking a ship north of Leizhou Prefecture to reach Beihai City.

In less than three days, both Garrison Divisions would be fully prepared.

With that, the crisis in the main camp was temporarily solved. Zhao Sihu’s city protection division 1st division could also stay in Mulan Stronghold without any worry.

If not, without any troops in Shanhai City, even Ouyang Shuo would tremble. What if the adventure gamemode players caused a riot? In such a situation, he could only rely on the two thousand bailiffs.

Similarly taking a boat down south was the Zhenhai City Garrison Division.

The South of Zhaoqing Prefecture also had a shoreline. The Zhenhai Garrison Division was going to disembark from the hurriedly built harbor.

The entire journey took less than a week.

In less than five days, the Zhenhai City Garrison Division would be in place. Like that, they could release the three thousand Divine Martial Guards and allow them to teleport to Wulong County.

Apart from the Divine Martial Guards and the Guards Regiment, they could also move the three fully formed divisions.

Since Shanhai City faced attacks from three sides, Ouyang Shuo was planning to split up the three divisions with each in charge of one region.

At this point, Ouyang Shuo had a new concept of zonal fighting.

"Everyone," Ouyang Shuo looked at the three god generals under his command, "To settle the current situation and to also form up a defence zone for the future army, we need to establish a system. I've decided to establish the first official war zone in Shanhai City. This war zone will be the highest commanding organization, and it will direct the strategy and direction of the battle. The war zone will have one command center and one commander."

The moment his words sounded out, Baiqi and the others felt stunned.

Without a doubt, compared to generals, the war zone commander held a higher level of power. Moreover, he would take up some of the responsibilities of the Military Affairs Department.

Ouyang Shuo decided to set up war zones because he had considered the expansion of the territory and the military, as well as the complicated external environment. The Military Affairs Department was unable to be ready for everything.

Hence, to ensure that the frontline remained flexible and on the initiative, they could not allow the long distance to cause commanding problems.

Forming up war zones was the best choice.

Apart from big decisions, the war zone command center would be similar to half a Military Affairs Department.

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