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Chapter 486

Chapter 486- World Situation

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As the flames of war brewed in China, the rest of the world was not peaceful either. Along with the 3rd year of Gaia coming along, the situation in the entire world slowly evolved.

Some small countries had limited land space, limited players, and limited population. After two years, the top powers in the country had showed themselves, as they started to consolidate the strength of the country and unite it.

The situation in the different regions grew clearer and clearer.

The most obvious one was Europe. Norway, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and other countries had already been unified. Germany, England, France, Switzerland, and the like were all approaching such a situation.

In his past life, the entire Europe Continent had even formed an alliance. The European Alliance was a mega region that the world could not underestimate.

The only group that could go up against these Lords were the aboriginals.

Similar to the peasant uprisings, Gaia had thrown in similar aboriginal powers based on their history to go up against the Lords.

All in all, Gaia would not allow the Lords to relax.

The wilderness was always a place fraught with dangers and opportunities.

Compared to them, China had a longer history. In terms of battles and aboriginals, there were many choices. Other countries were different, as their olden times were relatively non-existent.

One could even say that some modern-day countries lacked a history.

Toward these groups, Gaia also had its way.

Even if history did not record such matters, Gaia took ideas from books, films, and movies to create battle scenarios for the Lords.

If even film products were too little, Gaia could only use its robust calculation and speculation abilities to create a cold weapons era scenario.

All in all, toward each country, Gaia would try its best to remain fair.

That was right, try its best.

Still, with China as an example. China had a long history with many great talents and a more detailed recording. The numerous battles and generals were all recorded. Hence, Gaia had plentiful amount of information to work with. Therefore, regarding building such characters, Gaia could grant them higher tier AI.

On the contrary, for those characters that Gaia made up, their AI values would naturally be lower. This was a difference between cultures of countries, so no one could really complain about this aspect.

In comparison, Europe was more special.

A few massive empires that spanned across the entire continent had appeared in European history. Amongst which, the biggest one that covered the most land space was the Rome Empire.

Hence, the Lords of Europe even had a chance to compete and fight with one another.

The moment the battles reached such an era, the countries that were originally involved could all join the same battle.

As a result of such interactions, the various countries would form alliances.

Of course within the European Continent, there were many ambitious players. For example, France, who had given birth to Napolean's country, and Italy, where the Rome Empire was born.

All in all, the countries in Europe were allies but also competitors. Their relationship was highly complicated and difficult to describe in words.

Apart from that, there were two other reasons behind Europe’s strength.

Firstly, Europe had given birth to many strong seafaring countries, and even some overlords of the oceans.

Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, and England; these countries were all strong on the sea. Hence, Gaia took such matters into account when it set their technology tree.

As a result, these countries, be it sailors, shipbuilding techniques, or sea navigation techniques, they were stronger than other countries.

The navies of these countries were all progressing rapidly. Their voyagers could even start long distance adventures to open up ocean routes.

They were the greatest opponents of the Shanhai City Navy and even their enemy.

If based on wooden ships, the Ming Dynasty warships stood on the same level. However, the moment these countries developed iron-armored warships, even the strongest turreted ships could not compete.

As such, from the start, Ouyang Shuo had built up the No.7 Research Institute to research relevant technology. Although they could not compete with England and Holland, at least they would not fall too far behind.

Secondly, Europe was where the industrial revolution started.

The revolution of technology was the deadliest.

Avic Fort's steam engine research had entered its final stages. At half a year later at the most, the first steam engine would appear in the world.

The roots of the industrial revolution were slowly growing.

The moment it exploded out in England and spread out to the entire Europe, it would bring about a terrifying strength.

In his last life, China did not have the ability to fight against these countries.

Europe was a continent that they could not look down upon.

Apart from Europe, Africa, and Asia were all quickly reaching unification.

On the Africa Continent, the prominent chiefs held absolute power. Hence, they did not even need to compete and could unify their country easily.

Below them were the intermediate and small chiefs.

In Africa, chiefs were people that were feared and worshipped. They were the rulers of the tribes and had control over various factors.

In the game, people of the country were willing to unite beside the chief and aim at a common goal.

Because of the cultural elements in Africa, the continent of Africa united first. Of course, this so-called unification was just between tribes and countries.

After they were unified internally, the various countries, under the leadership of the prominent chiefs, exploded out with a pent up thirst for war because of the long period of peace.

The entire Africa Continent broke out into countries and started to war.

The frequency of wars and their cruelty toward their enemies was something comparable to the China region; it even exceeded China in some aspects.

To them, such a war that could change their lives was not a war. Rather, it was a game. As such, all of them enjoyed the craziness.

In the entire world, probably only the African players could genuinely enjoy the game. They looked like they wanted to throw out all the cries for war and thirst for blood they had stored up over the years.

Hence, they were the craziest, and they would not submit. They needed to let one country destroy the other before the war would stop. The players of the destroyed country would revive and rejoin the battle afterward.

In his last life, even after five years, the entire Africa remained a massive mess.

Even the countries of other continents did not have much interest in the impoverished African region. As a result, these prominent chiefs were able to continue their crazy wars and battles.

In the future wars, probably only Egypt and South Africa, and a small number of countries would play a role. The others were just immersed in their own little games.

Africa, an interesting continent.

The situation in Asia, apart from China, was similar to that of Europe. Of course, thanks to the influence of eastern culture, the process of unification was a little harder.

In Vietnam, Zhenhai City Lord Ruan Tianque had basically occupied the entire northern region of Vietnam. Another power already occupied the south. These two were destined to fight to the death to decide the ruler of Vietnam.

In Japan, Lord players and adventure gamemode players were each under different rules.

For Lord players, Honda Keisuke's Sanli City became the ruler of Japan. In terms of guilds, the Black Dragon Guild had completed the unification of guilds, taking control over the only imperial city, Tokyo.

The entire Japan was quickly merging and even Sanli City and Black Dragon Guild had started to work together.

The eyes of the Japanese people had started to turn from their own land to overseas. Their invasive character meant that they were not happy to just stay in one area. The vast shoreline of the China region had become the target of the Japanese.

In his last life, the Japanese had assaulted and disturbed the territories in the China region.

As a result, the players of the China region set out on a long journey over to destroy Japan.

The situation in Korea was actually similar to the case in Vietnam.

Due to historical problems, the country formed a north versus south standoff. Park Wins' Ulsan City currently ruled over South Korea.

The only imperial city in Korea, Han City, was also in a messy state.

Ambition also filled the Korean players. In his last life, the Koreans had also attacked the north region of China, amongst which was Jingdou Region.

Di Chen, in Ouyang Shuo’s last life, cared too much about the benefits in Zhongyuan, so he did not care much about the attacks. As such, the China players scolded him.

In this life, Wufu's Stone City would act as the frontline against the Koreans.

Apart from Japan and Korea, island countries such as Philippines and Malaysia also posed hidden problems. They were like a pack of hungry wolves surrounding China and staring intently.

Asia was the most complicated region in the world.

Apart from that, there would be America.

Of the Americas, the one that posed the most substantial threat would still be North America.

In North America, amongst America, Canada, and Mexico, America still reigned as the strongest.

Toward America, Gaia had some biases during the settings of the technology tree. If not, Jack Dawson would not already own a musketmen team before he upgraded to the county level.

The thermal weapons technology tree of America stood out as the most advanced in the world. Guns and cannons would all be born in America. Meanwhile China, who still used cold weapons, would face a difficult state.

This was the so-called fairness that was previously mentioned.

While China had a vast number of historical generals and civil servants, they had to bear with these countries with shorter histories owning thermal weapons.

Of course, Gaia would set restrictions on such thermal weapons.

If not, the so-called fairness would become totally unfair.

Ouyang Shuo even predicted that in the future game, Gaia would completely remove the technology tree restrictions on players. However, as for the exact time, he could not be sure.

In his last life, at least five years into the game, such a change did not happen. Of course, at that time, the world did not have the ability to cross the oceans and battle. A large-scale world war had not erupted yet.

Everything was still unknown.

All in all, the future leaders had started to bear their fangs.

The world was changing. However, China region was still trying to fight for internal control. Even Ouyang Shuo, who knew how the game went, could not get ahead.

Being in such a situation, there was nothing much he could do.

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