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Chapter 483

Chapter 483- News About Fan Li

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Shuangyun Palace.

"Father, what items will the family Chamber of Commerce sell?" After talking about the Yuan Family, Song Jia took the initiative to change the topic once again.

"I still have no idea."

Talking about this point, Song Tianxiong had a massive headache, and his eyebrows locked tight.

The game had a lot more item types that they could sell compared to reality. But any special items needed the related technical manuals, which already formed up a sort of technical barrier. For example, stationery. The large Chambers of Commerce controlled the raw material market for items like jade and gems.

It was not easy to slash their way out of this competitive environment.

On the other hand, work occupation guilds like Thread directly avoided the competition between NPC Chambers of Commerce and targeted adventure gamemode players, earning beyond their wildest dreams.

Song Jia's brows trembled, as she said with uncertainty, "I keep hearing Wuyi say that us players landing in the game world is the same as collectively teleporting to olden society. Can you discover some new item channels from this perspective?"

When Song Tianxiong heard these words, he felt amused. Since a young age, his precious daughter had been a strong woman with her own views. Ever since she started to follow Ouyang Shuo, who knew how he had influenced her. Now, her words would echo his.

Although he felt amused, his daughter's idea had lit up a light bulb in his head. However, he was a traditional merchant, so he did not understand much about the passing through time thing.

"What new methods?"

Seeing that she had captured her father's interest, Song Jia eagerly started rambling on, "Since we went back in time, we must invent something that the olden times did not have, like glass, perfume, soap, and the like."

"Perfume? Soap?"

A baffled expression appeared on Song Tianshuang's face. According to what he remembered, these things did not fit into the background of the game.

"Will that work?"

"Yes, it can." Song Jia gave him a confident expression, "There's a book called ‘Elite Product’ that got really popular. The main character got rich by selling perfume and soap."


Song Tianxiong was not convinced. After thinking for a while, he hesitated and said, "Do you know how difficult it is to make such products in olden times?"

"Father, you're really out with the times. Do not forget that we can log onto the forums at any time and check for information. Furthermore, these daily products are not restricted by the technology tree, so Gaia will not prevent us from researching them."

"Technology tree?"


Song Jia facepalmed, as she realized that her father had such a low understanding of the game. Of course, all these ideals and ways of thinking spread from Ouyang Shuo to her.

Helplessly, Song Jia could only explain about the settings of the technology tree to her father.

The moment her father heard this information, his eyes brightened. He was a merchant after all. Although he did not know much about technology, he had an extremely sharp eye for the potential market reaction.

Just as Song Jia had said, if they really managed to invent perfume and soap, they could create a massive moneymaker.

"Great, let's take a gamble!"

Song Tianxiong smacked his palm onto the desk. As a merchant, he brimmed with an adventurous spirit. He finally had a direction for the future of the Chamber of Commerce, making him feel a lot more hope.

When Song Jia saw such a response, she gave out a slight smile.

Just as Song Jia was talking to her father, Shanhai City had once again welcomed another special guest.

The new arrival was a vibrant and exquisite woman. She had bright eyes and white teeth; she wore a white dress and rode a white horse. Behind her was another girl dressed up like a maidservant; they both looked pretty cute.

"Miss, is this the Shanhai City that mister is working at? It's so boisterous; comparable to Xianyang City." The maidservant was really energetic, as she looked at the crowds of people and exclaimed in awe.

The white dressed woman did not reply, as she used her eyes to judge the shops on both sides of the streets. She was a merchant that had a unique smell for various goods. In such a short amount of time, the business atmosphere in Shanhai City had astonished her too.

Master and servant, especially the white dressed woman, even in Shanhai City, they were bright existences. As they asked questions on the streets, they caught the eye of anyone that passed by.

The moment they entered the city, the Shanhai Guard spy had already started paying attention to them.

When Shen Buhai had established the Shanhai Guards, Ouyang Shuo's first order was for him to have a death grip on Shanhai City. Based on what he said, nothing that happened could escape the eyes and ears of the Shanhai Guards.

Out of the funds that Ouyang Shuo had prepared for them, more than thirty percent was used on building up an intel network in Shanhai City. The eyes and ears that Zisu had set up through the Lord's Manor was also merged into this network.

Hence, in a short period of time, the Shanhai Guards managed to set up a network to monitor the entire city.

The unassuming sellers at the city gate, the owner of the inn, the coolies at the pier, and other such individuals; they acted as eyes everywhere.

No matter what stranger entered Shanhai City, the Shanhai Guards would immediately monitor them.

The master and servant duo were so eye-catching. Naturally, more emphasis was placed on them.

The petite maidservant suddenly approached the white dressed woman and whispered, Miss, someone is spying on us." Who knew that such a pure looking girl would actually be so sharp.

The white dressed woman did not react and smiled, "It's okay."

The two of them walked and shopped. From the side door of the north gate to the north city region, the middle region, and the west region. Their last goal was the imperial city located in the southwest corner.

This whole trip took the entire morning.

At noon, when the two of them arrived at the main gate of the imperial city, they guards stopped them.

The current main gate was a prohibited zone for the common people. Hence, the Guards Division had specially built a city guard regiment to guard the imperial city.

"The imperial city is a sacred ground; strangers cannot enter!"

"What are you getting so fierce for!"

When the petite maidservant saw the guard, she felt no fear. It was evident that she had a special identity and was a person that had experienced a lot.

When the white dressed woman heard these words, she stopped the maidservant and said warmly, "Please inform Wei Yang that Bai Xue is here to visit."

Seeing that she was not ordinary, the guard did not dare to take her lightly and asked, "Is that the Internal Affairs Director Mr. Wei Yang?"

"That's right."

"How are you related to him? I apologize for this, but this is my duty."

Being a guard was also a tough job. Being too harsh would make enemies of those with noble identities but being too nice would make them easily played and taken advantage of.

"Listen well; she's his wife."

The maidservant could not help but step out and answer.

When the guard heard such a claim, he quickly said, "Please wait up!" He turned around and left hurriedly.

In less than twenty minutes, Wei Yang followed behind the guard and ran over in a haste.

That's right, he ran.

This internal affairs director looked really strict and fierce usually. At the same time, he emphasized the law, so something like running on the streets was unheard of.

This moment held a significant meaning.

Wei Yang had entered an emotional state, and he was unable to pull himself out of it.

When he saw her, it was like the entire world suddenly stood still. In his eyes, there was nothing else but her.

At this moment, Wei Yang felt like he owned the world.

"Bai Xue!"

A simple greeting held such a profound feeling.

Wei Yang instantly choked up, as his eyes turned red, and he dashed across.

Such a scene even stunned the guard.

"Bai Xue!"


The white dressed woman laughed brightly.

Her smile was like a lotus blooming, as if the world rotated around her.

This smile filled Wei Yang's heart with warmth and happiness.

"Bai Xue!"

Wei Yang could not help it anymore, so he walked up and hugged her.

These two lovers had once again reunited after thousands of years.

Seeing such a scene touched everyone.

Even the maidservant was on the verge of tears.


She walked up and bowed to Wei Yang.

"Mei Gu!"

Wei Yang let go of Bai Xue and smiled warmly. From this moment on, Wei Yang became a person with flesh and blood. He was not the cold internal affairs director.

"Bai Xue, Mei Gu let's go."

Wei Yang collected himself, as he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and led the way.

Who was Bai Xue?

Bai Xue, Warring States Period Wei Country merchant. Not only did she have a beautiful appearance, she also had rare knowledge and intelligence too.

Although she was the owner of the Bai Trading Company, she did not fight for gold and power. Instead, she supported Wei Yang all the way, affecting his life.

The Bai Trading Company that she ran not only sold items, but it also built up a unique intel network that spread across the land. With her addition to the wilderness, the Bai Trading Company also appeared in Xianyang City.

Apart from coming over to reunite with Wei Yang, Bai Xue also brought clues about Fan Li. This could be considered a special gift that she had prepared for the city.

When Ouyang Shuo received the news during his tour, he immediately ordered the Black Snake Guards to go all out to find Fan Li.

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