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Chapter 479

Chapter 479- For the People

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9th month, 15th day, Wulong City.

The formerly unassuming county had become the temporary main camp of Shanhai City. The teleportation formation in the territory shone endlessly, as people traveled between the two cities.

During the military and administrative meeting, Ouyang Shuo had set the military reorganization and the Zhaoqing Prefecture structure. Both the military and the Governor-General House felt like a fire burned at their butts, as they started to get busy.

A large number of civil servants started to move over from Shanhai City to help matters.

To Shanhai City, the post-war matters were similar to the war that had just ended, only with a lack of bloodshed.

In order to smoothly integrate Zhaoqing Prefecture into the Shanhai City rule, they depended on these civil servants.

They would spread the system and ideals of Shanhai City into each and every corner of Zhaoqing Prefecture.

As the Lord, Ouyang Shuo had a sleepless night, as he planned for the future. He finally managed to fall asleep at the dead of night.

Luckily, he had a strong body that brimmed with energy. After cultivating the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique, he could instantly enter a deep slumber, where one hour was the same as two hours of regular sleep.

If he wanted the men under him to do their best, he could not slack as their Lord.

When the rooster outside his window started to crow, Ouyang Shuo had already woken up. After a simple wash up, he arrived at the empty floor in the courtyard and began to cultivate.

He did two rounds of Bajiquan to loosen up his muscles. Then, he did half an hour of spear practice. Toward the similarities between Bajiquan and the Yang Family Spear Technique, Ouyang Shuo had already caught some inspiration.

He believed that as long as he continued to diligently train, combining the two was just a matter of time.

After training his spear, Ouyang Shuo started to train his sword technique. The killing blade he trained in was like usual, without a hint of a killing aura. Rather than saying he was training his sword, it looked more like a sword dance.

But upon careful inspection, you would be astonished.

An invisible energy would slice the fallen leaves in the air in half, even before they got close to the Chixiao Sword. Although there was no wind in the courtyard, one could feel small explosion like knife cuts.

Whenever Ouyang Shuo trained his sword, the guards would run far away and stand at a distance. These guards, who had been through hell and back, were extremely sensitive to blood and killing aura.

The current silence was far better a raucous environment.

By the time Ouyang Shuo completed his training, two hours had unknowingly passed. He returned to his room and changed into a set of clean clothes before preparing for breakfast.

When he walked into the dinning hall, Ouyang Shuo instructed the guard, Chen Da Meng, "Da Meng, go call Mr. Xiao and ask for him to look for me in the reading room."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Chen Da Meng was a brute that was built unusually burly. He was 195 centimeters in height with bulging muscles. His body was comparable to that of a human-sized fierce beast.

Do not just look at his large size, which might make him look stupid. One could not underestimate his Bajiquan.

Before he came to Shanhai City, he was a hunter, and his life depended on his hunts. Apart from a sickly little brother, he had no other family members.

To treat his brother's illness, he had entered deep into the forests to fight tigers, leopards, and wolves. In his homeland, he was a relative famous as a fellow who could fight anything.

When he came to Shanhai City, he entered the Bajiquan dojo and became a disciple under Lin Yue. Who knew that this guy, who looked burly and stupid, would actually possess a super strong comprehension, and his understanding of fist techniques shocked even Lin Yue.

Lin Yue paid attention to him for three months and decided to accept him as a direct disciple, teaching him the essence of Bajiquan.

With that, his martial art skills skyrocketed.

In contrast to Lin Yue's eldest disciple, Wang Feng, who was adept at spears, Chen Da Meng loved fist techniques. A pair of fists, who knew how many heroes and soldiers had died under it. With one fist, he could even down a cow.

Apart from fist techniques, the only weapon he knew how to use was a dagger. Hence, he could only fight on the ground and not on a horse.

After he learned everything, Chen Da Meng followed his elder disciples and chose to join the military.

After a period of training, he successfully became a member of the Divine Martial Guards. Not long ago, Ouyang Shuo chose him to be the captain of the Royal Guards.

Ouyang Shuo's first bodyguard, Wang Feng, currently led three thousand soldiers. As such, it was not suitable for him to just stick next to Ouyang Shuo.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo chose another two hundred people from the Divine Martial Guards to take the role of his Royal Guards that would guard him twenty-four-seven.

Chen Da Meng was the captain and also his closest bodyguard.

In olden times, any bodyguard of the Lord had exceptional martial arts, such as Dian Wei and Xu Zhu under Cao Cao.

Chen Da Meng naturally could not compare to them.

However, for now, it was enough.

Ouyang Shuo was still unwilling to use a famous general as his bodyguard. After all, he was a player, so even if he was assassinated, he could revive. Hence, he did not need a large number of guards to protect his safety.

When Ouyang Shuo was eating, Xiao He followed behind Chen Da Meng and hurried over. Seeing that the Lord was still eating, Xiao He decided to wait outside.

"Mr. Xiao is here? Please enter."


When Xiao He heard these words, he walked into the dinning hall and bowed.

A Lord meeting an official in a dinning hall. If such news spread out, the scholars would scold him to death.

Ouyang Shuo did not care and just did what he wanted. He laughed, as he said, "Mr. Xiao rushed over, so you must not have eaten yet? Da Meng, prepare a bowl and chopsticks for Mr. Xiao."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Chen Da Meng, who stood outside, acknowledged the order and went to prepare.

When he went out to war, Chen Da Meng was both his bodyguard and his butler. To make this large man carry tea and food, probably only Ouyang Shuo could think of that.

Chen Da Meng himself did not overthink the matter. Before he lived in Shanhai City, he took care of his brother all by himself, so he was familiar with such tasks.

Washing clothes and cooking rice, he knew how to do it all.

The ones that felt awkward were only the officials like Xiao He.

Seeing this tall and fierce warrior hand over a pair of chopsticks, it truly felt weird. The small bowl and chopsticks looked like toys in his massive hand.

Xiao He was anxious that if this fellow used a little strength, the items would break.

In olden times, to eat together with a king was a considerable honour. Although Xiao He was born in the wilderness, he had probably eaten together with Liu Bang before.

However, facing the Lord opposite him, he felt a little anxious.

Although the Lord was young, he was resolute and emitted a certain aura.

Ouyang Shuo had invited Xiao He, but he did not start talking about work at the table. The olden theory of keeping quiet while eating and sleeping had its rights.

After eating, the two of them came to the reading room.

At this point, Chen Da Meng had prepared tea for them. He was of the same level as the maidservants in the Nanjiang Governor-General House. Some newcomers were not even at his standard.

"Look at this!"

Ouyang Shuo sat at his desk and picked up a document. On the document, the words ‘Top Secret’ were written in red ink. Evidently, this document was only allowed to spread to a small circle.

When Xiao He heard the prompt, he got up and walked in front to receive the document respectfully before returning to his seat.

Ouyang Shuo had prepared this document yesterday. It discussed the new department and the revolution regarding education and medical areas.

When Xiao He read the document, waves rose up in his heart.

As it was a top secret document, Ouyang Shuo had specifically detailed the areas and future implications.

Ouyang Shuo wrote about these matters to show him the importance and meaning of this revolution. He did not wish for Xiao He to possess misunderstandings that could result in the revolution being a failure.

As such, after he read the document, Xiao He felt terrified. This revolution was something he had never heard about, entirely different from the dynasties and actions of other kings.

At the same time, Xiao He was an intelligent official.

He realized the use of this revolution to the territory. Especially to the people, this was a chance to change their destinies entirely.

"Lord is a genius, loving the people like his children. Such a Lord is the blessing of the people."

Xiao He got up once more and respectfully bowed.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and looked at Xiao He. Then, he solemnly said, "I'll let you take the lead and be in charge of building the Science, Education, Culture, and Health Department. Do you have confidence?"

"To work for the Lord, even in death, I will not reject it!"

Xiao He solemnly knelt down and swore. At the current moment, an uncontrollable aspiration and pride rose up from within him.

As a famous minister of a generation, his heart had a substantial political and governmental burden. To be able to help the ruler of the world was the aspiration of every scholar.

To work for the world, to use your life for the people, to continue learning and to spread world peace.

This revolution helped to improve the lives of the people, which gave Xiao He the feeling that he was standing at the start of a new generation.

Probably, in this simple reading room, during this dull morning, Xiao He had completed his most significant transformation in his life.

The moment he was reborn and escaped from the fences of this era, Xiao He could proceed upward and assist Ouyang Shuo in the future real world.

Ouyang Shuo was the only witness to all this.

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