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Chapter 476

Chapter 476-Zhaoqing Prefecture Organization

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The Military Affairs Department military rewards and military rank system similarly suited the navy. However, as a different field, they would have a different base color for their medals.

It had a blue base, representing the endless oceans and seas.

The cavalry forces had red as its base color, representing a fiery red passion. The infantry used yellow to represent an earth like solidness and resoluteness.

The three soldier types all had their own meanings.

Apart from the specifics of the military ranks and the military salary, they also set the different military rewards. They split the entire reward system into three tiers and nine grades, with grade 1 being the highest and grade 9 being the lowest.

Grade 1 to three were called top tier, grade 4 to 6 mid tier, and grade 7 to 9 low tier.

The different grades all had different rewards.

Top tier rewarded one with nobility titles, mid tier with military ranks, and low tier with monetary rewards.

The evaluation standard of their contributions was calculated from the number of kills and other factors such as leadership, logistics, strategy, and cover.

Similarly, the grading system was different from generals and soldiers of different ranks. For example, the role of a general was to lead, not to simply brutally kill the enemy.

Another example would be for the advisors, who needed to come up with strategies to achieve victory.

The possibilities and types were limitless, so they could not be specified.

The inspectors and generals of the troops would complete the evaluation of the military contributions together. The lowest rank general to take part in this evaluation was the majors.

With both sides monitoring each other, they could prevent false reports or negative issues like kill stealing or stealing other people's contributions.

Of course, the entire evaluation system lacked testing so far. As a result, problems would probably exist.

This was a test of Du Ruhui’s ability.

More often than not, you could try to create an extremely perfect system, but in execution, matters would always go south. The end result could be harmful instead of helpful.

The revolutions and changes in history had more than a few bad examples.

Be it Wang Mang, who tried to create his ideal society or Wang An Shi, they all met problems at the execution stage.

Of course, the root cause was that they did not combine their systems with practical happenings in the world. They did not try to predict future problems, so they ended up with failure.

Apart from that, one had to understand the essence of doing things step by step.

This was a game. In the real olden society, such a change would totally not happen. As an emperor, one could not even ponder such a possibility.

The moment an emperor raised such a matter up, many people would fight for their own interests or the protectors of tradition would prevent it.

The game was completely different. The entire territory lacked aristocratic families, nobles, and confucian scholars, so the people's thinkings were more open as a result.

Because of the above reasons, Ouyang Shuo was highly confident in the success of these systems.

During this period, apart from establishing the two systems, they had also made some progress in perfecting the logistical support system that Ouyang Shuo had tasked them to create.

On the military and administrative meeting, Du Ruhui made a simple report.

This time, the Combat Logistics Department targeted the normal wear of soldiers, apart from their armor. With sword-shield soldiers as an example, apart from armor and helmet, they must wear a cotton shirt and shoes.

Hence, the Combat Logistics Department had opened two large-scale clothes factories in Lianzhou and Leizhou Prefecture. They mainly produced the daily clothes, shoes, cotton socks, cotton blankets, towels and other daily products the soldiers needed.

All these items seemed unassuming, but they were highly important to the soldiers.

In the olden day armies, if they could distribute armor and weapons to everyone, that was already considered amazing. The normal clothes they wore were brought from home. During winter, they still needed their family to send them stuff.

This time, the Combat Logistics Department was caring to the maximum, and they solved all these problems at once.

Undeniably, a scientific and logical logistical support system was one of the hallmarks of a professional army.

The Combat Logistics Department was walking on the correct path.


After dealing with military matters, they would have to discuss the organization and structure of Zhaoqing Prefecture.

Ouyang Shuo still chose Tianshuang County to act as the governing base of the prefecture. They would rename it as Tianshuang City. Although it had experienced the chaos of war, its basic facilities were still the best in the entire prefecture.

Similar to Leizhou Prefecture, Zhaoqing Prefecture would also have five Houses.

After this meeting, they would occupy the current Wulong County and destroy the teleportation formation. They would rename it as Wulong City, and it would act as the governing base of Wulong House in the north of Zhaoqing.

Although Ouyang Shuo liked the teleportation formation in Wulong County, he did not dare to place the control of a teleportation formation under the hands of people he did not trust.

After Spicy Snack Prince escaped from Yun An County, he had already returned to Wulong County. Ouyang Shuo really could not give this person the same level of trust he gave Mulan Yue.

After all, both sides were not close, and it was merely a trade of interests.

After the meeting ended, Spicy Snack Prince would take up a role in a county in Leizhou Prefecture; Ouyang Shuo would totally remove him from Zhaoqing Prefecture.

In the end, Ouyang Shuo remained exceedingly wary about players.

They renamed the camp of the alliance army in Yun An County as Yun An City. It would become the governing area of the center region. They would place Yaogu County and Genglou County under the jurisdiction of the Yun An House.

Originally, Cangcheng County was much more suitable to act as the governing area of a House. Unfortunately, Baiqi had set it ablaze, leaving it in total ruins.

Ouyang Shuo did not plan to rebuild Cangcheng County. After all, such a choice might raise negative emotions amongst the locals.

As a result, the choice of Yun An House prefect was highly important. The person must have high morals and great ability, which would allow them to slowly calm the people.

In the end, Ouyang Shuo chose Lianzhou Prefecture Tianfeng House Prefect Cui Shousi.

Cui Shousi was doing excellently in Tianfeng House, and each of its indices were far ahead of others. Based on the Regulatory Division’s report, the locals all had an exceedingly good opinion of their prefect.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo believed that Cui Shousi could run Yun An House well.

Apart from Tianshuang House, Wulong House and Yun An House, there was also the Shui Tai House and the Muge House. Shui Tai House was located in the south, and Muge House was right next to Jiaozhou Prefecture in the east.

As for the governor of Zhaoqing Prefecture, Ouyang Shuo decided on Du Sijing.

After getting to know him in this period of time, Ouyang Shuo had a rough idea about him. He was vastly experienced in governmental matters. He knew how to achieve benefits while avoiding problems. He was also incredibly smooth in his work, so making him a governor was a decent choice.

Name: Du Sijing (King Rank)

Dynasty: Yuan Dynasty

Identity: Nanjiang Governor-General House Zhaoqing Prefecture Governor

Occupation: Civil Servant

Loyalty: 75

Command: 50

Force: 35

Intelligence: 65

Politics: 75

Specialty: Stabilize (20% increase in efficiency of administrative matters in the territory, 10% increase in territory prestige, 15% increase in probity standards of territory).

Evaluation: Du Sijing was born in the Pan House, and he strove to learn since a young age. He researched medical studies, writing ‘Jisheng Bacui.’

As for the remaining choices of prefects, the Administration Department would select them and ask Ouyang Shuo for his approval.

Coincidentally, the Administration Department had opened up their evaluations of officials in the entire territory. Zhaoqing Prefecture was not as rushed as Leizhou Prefecture, so all the officials must meet the standards before they could take up roles.

Undeniably, of the local officials in Zhaoqing Prefecture, they would remove a large portion of them.

Ouyang Shuo would ruthlessly handle this matter. Moreover, they had two hundred thousand troops in Zhaoqing Prefecture, so no one could truly cause any waves.

After settling the structure of Zhaoqing Prefecture, Ouyang Shuo left the remaining matters to the four departments, as well as the newly appointed governor to settle.

After the large-scale reshaping of Leizhou Prefecture, the four departments were familiar with this kind of task.

Making use of this free moment, Cui Yingyu reported to Ouyang Shuo about the finances of the 8th month.

Shanhai City handed over 95 thousand gold, Lianzhou Prefecture 55 thousand gold, Leizhou Prefecture 22 thousand gold, Qiongzhou Prefecture 84 thousand gold. Along with the direct income of the Industry Division of 80 thousand gold, the territory had earned 336 thousand gold in the 8th month.

This was a total of one hundred thousand gold more than the 7th month, a staggering forty percent increase.

In terms of good news, there were three.

First, Leizhou Prefecture had profits for the first time. Although it was not as much as the other prefectures, it was still decent.

The development of Leizhou Prefecture was enough to prove that the way of the king was to expand. Even if war used up many resources and one had to invest a lot at the start, one could make a lot at the later stages.

This deal was worth it!

Second, Qiongzhou Prefecture's earnings had doubled.

As the age of sea travel arrived, the finances of Yashan City exploded, bringing the finances of Qiongzhou Prefecture to a whole new level.

With the current situation, it was also possible for Qiongzhou Prefecture to surpass Lianzhou Prefecture.

After all, ever since Shanhai City was cut out from the Lianzhou Prefecture, its competitive advantage was weakened by thirty percent.

Third, the boom in income from shipbuilding.

Similarly, because of the age of sea travel, the Industry Division that followed Ouyang Shuo's instructions and let go of the Three Flowers Wine Factory, Leishan Minefields, and other similar industries did not lose profits. In fact, their profits grew.

This also gave rise to a small increase in the Shanhai City finances.

Based on Cui Yingyu's estimations, the bonuses from sea travel would continue for a long time.

One could foresee that in the next half a year, the territory finances would be more relaxed. This was also why when Ouyang Shuo had chosen to expand the army, the Financial Department did not make any noise or opposition.

Since the financial income increased and the financial outlay decreased, the territory made a record profit of 185 thousand gold.

With money, one naturally had more chips to play with.

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