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Chapter 468

Chapter 468- Chess Master

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"I do not agree!"

In the Yun An County Meeting Hall, Yuan Ping was the first to stand up and oppose Hefu's suggestion, "The war is already in our favor. Why increase the troops and raise the risk?"

Although Yuan Ping did not know the reason behind Hefu’s suggestion and the latter’s hidden motives and considerations, he knew based on his gut instincts that he could not let Hefu get what he wanted.

If not, Hefu's influence in the South Alliance would reach a simply unassailable state.

"Lord Yuan is right. Alliance leader, please give us an explanation."

After the Battle of Tianshuang County, one could not underestimate Yuan Ping's influence in South Alliance. Similarly, a bunch of allies in the alliance went up against Hefu.

Hefu had guessed that his allies would oppose the suggestion. Hence, he looked around and repeated Di Qing’s prediction, "Guys, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If we can crush them, not only will we gain fame in Lingnan Province but the entire China region."

"Apart from that, the entire south of Zhaoqing would be ours for the taking. With that, the losses of this trip would be recouped and even earned back, so why not?"

Hefu wanted to use fame and fortune to drag his allies along with him.

"This is only the judgement of Di Qing alone. What if it fails? Did the alliance leader even consider that if we utilize so many troops, the entire Lingnan Province will fall into chaos in the event that we fail?"

Seeing that Hefu’s words tempted some people, Yuan Ping stepped out once again.

One had to say that Yuan Ping had a good grasp on human nature and the human heart.

A normal Lord would not have the courage and boldness of Hefu. In comparison, they would subconsciously want to mainly protect themselves. During the Battle of Zhaoqing, if Shahai City was not about to reach their doorsteps, South Alliance probably would not have even acted.

"Anything has its risk. How is there anything with complete certainty?"

Hefu was annoyed with Yuan Ping’s attempt to stir up trouble.

"Even if there's a risk, alliance leader should not drag us all down for some personal gain."

Yuan Ping bit on; he did not want to let go. He had the intentions of taking this argument all the way.

When Hefu saw Yuan Ping’s attitude, he knew that there was no meaning in arguing with the latter. As such, why not just go around him, "Since that's the case, this reinforcement is purely voluntary. However, after the victory, the rewards will be based on the number of troops sent. How is that?"


Hefu's suggestion was immediately passed.

If one wanted to take the risk, they could increase their troops. If not, they could choose not to.

The search for riches was always dangerous; no one would force it upon others.

The truth proved that there were still many greedy Lords. In the end, they added a total of sixty thousand troops, surpassing Di Qing's prediction.

When Yuan Ping saw this situation, his expression was one of awkwardness. After all, he had lost once again.

After they dispersed the meeting, the Lords sent letters to the territory, starting to move troops and generals. Tomorrow at the latest, they could gather up at Yun An County.

When Di Qing heard this news, he decided to announce that they would rest for a day and wait for reinforcements. On the 8th month, 22nd day, they would launch their assault on Cangcheng County.

Of course, he would not relax their surveillance of the Shanhai City Army.

8th month, 20th day, Wulong County.

The night was like ink, the light from the stars dim.

In a corner courtyard of the Lord’s Manor. Although it looked unassuming, it was actually heavily guarded.

This courtyard was the place where Ouyang Shuo stayed.

The entire courtyard, apart from Divine Martial Guards, there was not even a single maid or servant. The personal Guards handled all of Ouyang Shuo's food and living matters.

In his eyes, he was fighting a war. Naturally, everything would be done according to military rule. If he arranged for maids and servants and the soldiers saw that, what would they think?

Although they would not say anything, Ouyang Shuo wanted to set a good example. During the period that he stayed in Wulong County, he did not consume a single drop of wine.

Be it nobles or merchants who invited him to feasts, he rejected them all.

Ouyang Shuo had let out the word that now was wartime, so everything should be simple. If they wanted to celebrate, wait until the war was over. Then, he would invite them all.

Not just Ouyang Shuo. Although the tens of thousands of warriors he brought along took over the defence of Wulong County, they were polite and did not do anything unbecoming toward the commoners in the city.

The warriors of Shanhai City were all professionals with huge salaries. If they still killed and pillaged to earn extra money, Ouyang Shuo would kill them.

Especially the Guards Division. As the personal army of the Lord, they faced even harsher discipline.

As a result, the commoners of Wulong County felt  a sense of security from the presence of the Shanhai City Army, rather than fear.

Just based on this point, Ouyang Shuo had gained a good reputation in the county.

The huge courtyard was completely quiet. It was like a different world, with no noise at all.

The bustle and hustle of the outside world seemed to have no relation with this place.

In the main room, through the window, one could see a orange-yellow glow, warm but quiet. The Divine Martial Guards that were on duty tonight  felt their hearts warm when they looked through the window.

They could see a man sitting up straight, reading books.

Ouyang Shuo sat in front of the table, as he dealt with all the letters that were sent here.

Amongst the letters, there were battle reports from Zhao Kuo, Baiqi, and even the latest meeting decisions from Spicy Snack Prince.

Hefu definitely would not expect that even within the alliance, Ouyang Shuo still had eyes. Every action of the South Alliance was relayed back to Ouyang Shuo through letters.

If there was a need to, Ouyang Shuo would send the intel over to Baiqi. For example, the reinforcement matter today and Di Qing's plan, Baiqi was clear about all of it.

Apart from that, there were letters from Xiao He regarding territory matters, asking for his opinion and help.

The letters on his table had stacked up to one foot high.

Apart from letters, there was secret information from the Shanhai Guards and the Black Snake Guards.

As there were simply too many matters to handle, Ouyang Shuo could only burn the midnight oil.

All of the things that had happened today were simply too much; too many changes had occurred.

Ouyang Shuo personally sat in charge of Wulong County and looked at the eye of the storm that was so far away. In truth, he was the heart of this entire war. Any movement could not escape his eyes.

The current Ouyang Shuo was not a rash Lord that dashed in head first. He was a true Lord that no matter could shock.

His heart was calm like water as he planned tactics.

Be it Baiqi, Zhao Kuo, or Xiao He, they were all chess pieces of Ouyang Shuo.

He had expected the fall of Jade Buddha County. Only the reaction of Hefu exceeded his projections. The surprises that Hefu had given him had already surpassed his expectations three times.

He was a truly interesting opponent.

In this game of chess, Hefu had bet everything. Unfortunately, he was not the chess master.

In the morning, Du Sijing followed Ouyang Shuo's instructions and sent out the emergency signal. Based on the secret letters of the Black Snake Guards, the fifty thousand iron cavalry were on their way.

This noon at the latest, the army would reach Wulong County.

The arrangements of Hefu were a step late in the end. Who knows what Hefu's reaction and expression would be when he learns that his back garden was on fire.

Ouyang Shuo could not see through such a gambler.

That was fine, as the situation on the battlefield had already reached his planned state. He was the true chess master. No matter how Hefu struggled, he could not escape.

At this very moment, Huwei General Lin Yi asked to meet Ouyang Shuo.

"Come in!"

The moment Lin Yi entered, he bowed, "Lord, everything is arranged!"

After the trainings of the few wars, this general had matured greatly, roughly having the feeling of a great general. This young general was slowly completing his transformation.


Ouyang Shuo nodded and continued dealing with the letters.

When Lin Yi heard this response, he left and lightly closed the door, disappearing into the night.

"Quick, keep up!"

On the road toward Wulong County, dust flew into the air.

Fifty thousand iron cavalry galloped across the land. Amongst the forces, there were occasionally the shouts of the generals.

Qu Yi rode on his prized mount at the front of the force.

During the end of the East Han, Qu Yi was a general under Yuan Shao. He was good at battling and earned many battle merits. In the earlier years at Qiongzhou, he was well-versed in war and tactics, leading Yuan Shao's elite forces.

In the end, because he grew arrogant from all his achievements, Yuan Shao killed him.

In the game, Qu Yi was summoned by players through the summoning token and appeared once more. Defending the backline was the mission handed to him.

For a few consecutive days, the north of Zhaoqing remained incredibly peaceful.

Qu Yi was so restless and bored that he would rather just charge to the main battlefield and fight a real war.

When he received Wulong County’s call for help, his energy perked, and he immediately gathered his men and charged. He wanted to see which idiot dared to fool around in his territory.


Qu Yi slapped his horse and scolded the men behind him. After many years of leading the cavalry, he had earned a vast experience in cavalry warfare. Such quick movement of troops was normal; it was like eating rice to him.

However, he had forgotten that the soldiers he was leading were just ordinary soldiers of the alliance army, not the elite under Yuan Shao.

Rushing day and night was something that some of the cavalry could not handle.

Seeing that, Qu Yi remained merciless.

During the period of the Three Kingdoms, soldiers were the property of the generals. If they died, they could just recruit more men. During a chaotic world, soldiers commonly thirsted to join the army. At the very least, they could get food in the army.

10 AM, Wulong County was already in their sights.

Amazingly, Qu Yi had actually reached them two hours earlier than anticipated.

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