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Chapter 462

Chapter 462- Blessed Land of Artisans

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The moment Ouyang Shuo opened his mouth, Song Jia cleanly agreed without hesitation.

"Eh?" Ouyang Shuo was pretty astonished.

"In truth, I wanted to help you out long ago." Song Jia turned her body to face Ouyang Shuo; her eyes incredibly alluring and stunning, "Everyday, I see you so busy, but I was unable to help you. I could not stop worrying."

"What about your dream of being a heroine? Jia Jia, I don't want to burden you."

This aspect worried Ouyang Shuo.

"Who says that without a sect, I cannot become a heroine? Furthermore, at the current stages, there are no proper sects and factions of the martial way yet, so there's no rush."

After staying at Dongli Sword Sect all day long, Song Jia had started to feel a little bored.

"Since that's the case, I have nothing to worried about."

Ouyang Shuo immediately announced this matter through the alliance channel. From this day on, Song Jia would represent Ouyang Shuo in the Shanhai Alliance and coordinate all alliance matters.

Song Jia officially announced herself at this forefront stage.

This legendary woman, what kind of the role would she play in Shanhai Alliance?


After the talk, Ouyang Shuo did not return to Wuji Palace. Instead, he went to Qingji Palace.

Qingji Palace was the sleeping quarters of Qing'er. Qing'er had specially ordered people to build a tailoring workspace inside it. As such, when she wanted to research her art, she did not need to run all the way to her shop.

As Shanhai City expanded, Qing'er's tailoring shop had shifted to seven to eight kilometers away from the Lord's Manor.

Within the hall, the flames flicked, indicating that the owner of the hall was not asleep. Upon seeing Ouyang Shuo, the servants within backed off to the sides and bowed.

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and told them to not disturb the owner. Then, he walked toward her workspaces in the west courtyard.

The entire west courtyard had five to six rooms, but in actuality, they were mostly her workspaces. There was the leather storage room, the garment storage room, processing rooms, and two rooms for disciples.

Apart from, there was the blueprint room, the technical manual reading room, and her workstation. There were so many things, which packed up the entire west courtyard.

The Qingji Palace completely did not look like a sleeping quarters of a girl.

The moment this little sister dedicated and focused herself on something, like tailoring, others could not help but respect her.

Ouyang Shuo walked across the corridor and stood outside of the workspace. Then, he looked in.

The huge workspace only contained Qing'er. The oil lamps around her let out small, flickering sounds, while the mighty wind caused the flames to cast shadows onto the walls.

Under the light, Qing'er focused, and the needle in her hand moved like the wind, leaving only afterimages behind. An inner armor was slowly taking shape, and it seemed like she would complete it very soon.

The magical part was that her needle easily penetrated the originally tough king beast scale armor like paper. Ouyang Shuo guessed that this was a result of her skills.

A master tailor definitely was not ordinary.

Apart from that, the needle in her hand was not some common item.

Last year, Ouyang Shuo had gifted her a dark gold tailoring kit. However, she recently used her own money to purchase a platinum tailoring kit.

Just these tools used up half of the money she had accumulated. This money freak was incredibly obsessed with her savings, so Ouyang Shuo could imagine her pained expression when she bought this item.

Hence, that unassuming needle was likely a platinum item.

Ouyang Shuo also noticed that beads of sweat had formed on her forehead. Obviously, such a high difficulty job took a huge toll on her physical strength and stamina.

Not far from the workstation was a food box.

Needless to say, this brat had not touched the food box that Zisu brought over.

Ouyang Shuo did not want to disturb her, so he quietly waited outside of the door.

In about half an hour, she formed the inner armor. An ecstatic look appeared on her face, while her soft cheeks looked extremely cute and beautiful under the shine of the candles.

At the same time, a system notification sounded out in Ouyang Shuo's ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations Shanhai City for giving birth to the first grandmaster tailor. Shanhai City awarded the title of Home of Tailoring; please take a look."


Qing'er had finally, through the help of the king beast scale armor, taken an important step and successfully upgraded to the grandmaster rank.

Ouyang Shuo stood outside and checked out the stats of the title.

Home of Tailoring: 10% increase in speed of tailoring in territory due to tailoring skill familiarity raise, 10% increase in territory tailoring bottleneck breaking chance, 25% increase in territory attractiveness to tailoring commoners.

Amazing, this girl had made a huge contribution.

Compared to the Home of Tailoring title, that inner armor was nothing in Ouyang Shuo's eyes.

Ouyang Shuo believed that currently, the tailoring players who had not fallen asleep would feel excited. Just this small title, who knows how much effort it could save them all?

Shortly afterward, another system notification sounded out.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, territory titles Home of Smithing, Home of Shipbuilding, and Home of Tailoring can be merged."

Not long ago, Zheng Dahai had become a grandmaster shipbuilder, so the territory had obtained the title Home of Shipbuilding.

Home of Shipbuilding: 10% increase in speed of shipbuilding in territory due to shipbuilding skill familiarity raise, 10% increase in territory shipbuilding bottleneck breaking chance, 25% increase in territory attractiveness to shipbuilding commoners.

Along with the rank up of Zheng Dahai, the territory’s shipbuilding industry had welcomed a titanic explosion. Till date, apart from Beihai Harbor, the territory also had large-sized shipyards in South Mountain Harbor and Leizhou Harbor.

The three shipyards would all have daily profits.


This time, Ouyang Shuo did not hesitate.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Ouyang Shuo, territory titles merged successfully. Shanhai City has obtained the title of Blessed Land of Artisans."

Title: Blessed Land of Artisans.

Specialty: 10% increase in territory reputation, 10% increase in speed of skills due to territory skill familiarity, 10% increase in territory bottleneck breaking chance, 25% increase in territory attractiveness.

Specialty: Spirit of the Artisan (15% increase in beneficial effects to artisans)

Evaluation: This title can be upgraded to Land of Artisans. Upgrade condition: possess two more skill titles."

When Ouyang Shuo read the stats, he let out a long sigh. This was an all-round buff for talents in the territory. It seems like members of Fallen Moon Guild and Thread would feel delighted.

Of course, the one that benefited the most in the end was the territory.

Which was why Ouyang Shuo really yearned for the title of Land of Artisans. This was not a result of blind confidence but because of the philosophers that settled in the city.

With the buff of this title, those unassuming legacies would give birth to two to three grandmaster rank talents.

Ouyang Shuo could even imagine the future, where talented individuals would rise up in the city. Just as Ouyang Shuo stood stunned outside, Qing'er noticed his presence.

"Big brother, why are you here?"

Surprise and tiredness filled Qing'er's voice.

When Ouyang Shuo heard her words, he raised his head and walked into the workshop. Then he said in a caring tone, “You, ah. Silly girl." He took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

When Qing'er heard his words, she felt happy deep down.



The servant, who stood at the corridor, quickly walked in.

"Instruct the kitchen to prepare a meal. I’ll eat together with the second miss. Also, ask them to prepare a ginseng chicken soup for her."

"Yes, my Lord!"

The servant quickly backed off and left.

The kitchen of the Lord’s Manor was open twenty-four hours a day. As such, when Ouyang Shuo wanted to eat, there was food waiting for him.

Needless to say, Zisu had especially instructed the kitchen to ready themselves to prepare food at any time.

It was obvious that Zisu understood Qing'er's personality well. She knew that the moment the latter started to get busy, she would forget all about food.

"Big brother, it's already so late. I can eat by myself. You need to leave tomorrow; go rest."

"It's okay!"

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and asked her to stop attempting to persuade him.

"See, this is the inner armor I made. Take a look; there's a surprise."

The inner armor looked simple and was deep grey in color.

The magical part was that the entire inner armor lacked signs of being welded together, despite being made from the scale armor. It just seemed like a full armor in the first place.

Ouyang Shuo was quite curious about this armor, so he took a look at its stats.

Name: King Beast inner armor (Platinum)

Type: Light Armor

Weight: 2 kilograms

Defense: 105

Toughness: 85

Specialty: 20% increase in internal cultivation technique speed.

Evaluation: Made from the rare king beast scale armor, it is high quality and can be improved using primordial energy. Channeling primordial energy into it can raise its stats and even upgrade it.

The entire inner armor only weighed two kilograms, but its defense and toughness were higher than the General Mingguang Amor. Who knew how she performed this feat.

The more amazing aspect was that Qing'er had actually used the specialty she understood from the training uniform on the inner armor, and she even improved it.

As for the possible upgrades through primordial energy, it was the specialty of the king beast scale armor itself.

With the way Gaia was, Ouyang Shuo predicted that things were not as easy as they seemed. It would not only take a few simple months to upgrade it. The process would probably take a few years before he gained a chance.

"Amazing." Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Little brat, you're really a genius."

"Of course."

Qing'er, this little girl, was so happy that her face squished together, and her eyes formed a single straight line.

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