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Chapter 460

Chapter 460- Era of Sea Travel

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Apart from adventure gamemode players, Ouyang Shuo also treated lord gamemode players  the same way.

In the future, if those territories located around the sea wanted to buy warships from Shanhai City, Ouyang Shuo would not reject them. He wanted to raise the navy strength of the China region from the start to prepare for country warfare.

As for whether doing so would in turn increase the navy strength of other territories and threaten Shanhai Territory, Ouyang Shuo did not fear such a scenario.

It was not due to arrogance or magnanimity. Any person with foresight could look past the obvious interests to achieve long run gain.

As the territory continued to expand, Ouyang Shuo had grown more confident, and his attention had started to break away from this small area. He had started to pay attention to the entire China region.

The higher you stood, the further you could look.

Strengthening oneself and forever suppressing your opponent was a reliable method. Moreover, it was time to place the Yashan and Beihai Bay Squadron under some pressure.

Ouyang Shuo was confident that Shanhai City could easily reign as the overlord of the seas in the China region.

Based on what Cai Mao mentioned in the letter, Yanhuo Yaonie had performed stellarly in the 1st division of the Yashan Squadron, and he was improving at godspeed.

A naval star general was slowly being born.

Ouyang Shuo believed in Cai Mao's judgement. As such, before the Yashan Squadron set out, he promoted Yanhuo Yaonie to the position of deputy general of the Yashan Squadron 1st division, his position only lower than Cai Mao’s.

When the Yashan Squadron reached Jiaozhou Harbor and returned, if Yanhuo Yaonie performed well, Ouyang Shuo would allow him to lead a navy squadron. Moreover, he would grant Yanhou Yaonie the rank of chief general.

The island exploration boom did not just stimulate the shipbuilding industry. It also increased the trading in Yashan City.

For the rewards they gained from the explorations, some of the players were not willing to go back to the imperial cities to trade. As such, they directly dealt at Yashan City. Thanks to this, a bunch of guilds started to solely collect items from adventure gamemode players.

Amongst which, the biggest purchaser was Thread.

Just from relying on the resources gained from Five Finger Mountain and the islands, Thread managed to solve their resource problem. Under the leadership of Qing Sikou, the guild quickly moved onto the right path.

From the money spent by the adventure gamemode players in Yashan City, at least 10 percent entered the pockets of Thread. Thread produced everything adventure gamemode players needed, be it medicine, equipment, special items, bags, or anything else that adventure gamemode players needed.

Apart from that, as Thread was the first guild to move into Yashan City, the shops that they bought were all in prime locations and would definitely prosper.

Not talking about other matters, as Yashan City prospered, solely the value of the shops that Thread owned had doubled. Obviously, Qing Sikou would not stupidly sell her shops.

All of the above proved that Ouyang Shuo had fulfilled his promise to Thread.

Of course, Yashan City and Thread were both in a win-win relationship.

The rise of Thread was no doubt a huge humiliation and insult to Xingzhe Zichen and his associates. Some people had already predicted that in less than a year, Thread would regain their position as one of the top 10 guilds.

In comparison, Star Alliance was having a tough time.

Under the silent support of Shanhai City, Shadow Alliance, and Yimeng Pavilion had risen through the chaos and entered a stalemate against Jianqi Zongheng and Star Alliance.

A single party did not rule the current Jingdou. Instead, they formed a four way deadlock.

As a result, the growth of Star Alliance stunted. If Di Chen had not lent a helping hand at the crucial moment, Star Alliance would most probably fade from existence.

Putting it another way, the current Jingdou was a battle between Di Chen and Ouyang Shuo. The two guilds that they each supported were pitted against one another.

Star Alliance, who were able to gain the limelight for a while, had totally fallen. They were now just a chess piece.

The trading interests of players had let Yashan City become a trading city.

The development of Yashan City was enough to prove the strategic foresight of Ouyang Shuo. The potential of island cities was enough to make Lords located along the sea red with envy.

Ouyang Shuo had heard news that Xiong Ba had started to turn his attention to Yizhou Island. Similar to him, many other Lords had the same idea, including Xunlong Dianxue.

As an island that was similarly famous to Qiongzhou Island, and after witnessing the money making ability of Yashan City, Yizhou Island became a sausage that everyone wanted a bite of.

Even Ouyang Shuo had such thoughts.

However, Shanhai City was facing their own problems, so it was not the right time to join a battle for Yizhou Island.

No one knew who Yizhou Island would fall to in the end. However, no matter who took it, Ouyang Shuo planned to steal it sooner or later.

He was just so obnoxious!

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and looked toward Cui Yingyu, "Apart from that, the Industry Division needs to establish a freight squadron to totally open up the trade routes between the three prefectures. This trade can help stimulate the economy of the territory."

Ouyang Shuo also had another goal for building the freight squadron; he wanted to form a solid base for future long distance trade. It would help them develop talents and amass experience.

The next step naturally had to do with Jiaozhou Harbor, which would help to open up sea trade between Shanhai City and Lingnan Prefecture. After that, he would turn his eyes to the Quanzhou Harbor of the imperial city.

Step by step, they would set up Shanhai City’s sea trade network.

Undeniably, sea trade would be the core adventure of the territory. Ouyang Shuo had taken this point into account since the county grade.

Ouyang Shuo’s plan this time had something to do with the upcoming third system update. Now was the end of the 8th month, just four months till the 3rd year of Gaia.

Based on normal circumstances, Gaia would have one system update at the third year.

If nothing changed, according to his memory, the third system update would bring about a huge ecology change.

Naturally, Ouyang Shuo would use his advantages to plan for the future.

After Cui Yingyu nodded her head in acknowledgement, Ouyang Shuo ended the meeting.

Although Ouyang Shuo had just spoken a few words to the four departments, they would have to expend a lot of effort to achieve his goals.

As for the normal matters, Ouyang Shuo believed that they had the ability to decide for themselves. Even if they did not have the confidence, Xiao He was present to help settle problems.

Such a plan, even without Ouyang Shuo here, the territory could still develop as he had envisioned. He would quickly blow his competitors out of the water.

Ouyang Shuo could finally rest his worries and start leading his troops.

During dinner, Ouyang Shuo did not see any signs of Qing'er.

Although the Lord's Manor had expanded, they preserved the tradition of eating together. Although he had grown colder and colder, he did not really want to become a complete loner.

"Qing'er, that little brat, why isn't she here?"

"I know why." Cui Yingyu, who was sitting opposite to him, placed down her chopsticks, "Big Brother is going out tomorrow, right? Because of this, Qing'er wants to rush the inner armor and boots."

"That brat." Ouyang Shuo shook his head, as he felt warmth in his heart. These two little sisters were so smart, so smart that it made one’s heart feel pained, "Zisu, prepare a lunch box and send it to Qing'er."

"Yes, my Lord!"

"I also want to go!"

Bing'er, who was sitting to the left of Ouyang Shuo, started to become restless.

Ouyang Shuo knocked her little head, "You're not going; don't disturb her."

"Hen, Brother is so evil. I just want to go see sister; I won't be naughty." As she spoke, she turned her head and made an angry expression.

When Ouyang Shuo saw her response, he laughed in amusement.

"Hei, you still dare to spite your brother. I still haven't taught you a lesson for drawing a turtle on my face." Ouyang Shuo brought up an old matter.

When Bing'er saw him bring this up, her face turned bitter, and she did not dare to throw a tantrum. This matter had become a blot in her life. The smart Bing'er should not have acted so careless, allowing her brother to have something over her.

After dinner, Ouyang Shuo dragged Song Jia to talk.

Ever since Tianshuang County fell, Song Jia had stayed in the Governor-General House and had not returned to the sect. She only felt relieved after she learned that her family had reached Cangcheng County.

Even so, her eyebrows were tightly locked every day.

The fall of Tianshuang County was a huge loss to her family. As one of them, she could not do anything, so she naturally blamed herself for the matter.

These few days, Ouyang Shuo was busy, so he did not have the time to console her. Tomorrow, he was going to leave, and who knows when he would return.

"Jia Jia don't worry. The fall of Tianshuang County is not a bad thing for the Song Family."

"En?" Song Jia felt confused; she laughed, "Blockhead, don't try to console me."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Do you think that I'm lying to you?"

"Then tell me why it isn't a bad thing."

Hope filled her eyes; she was like a drowning person that yearned to grab onto something. She knew that Ouyang Shuo would not spout things randomly. Since he spoke such words, he might really have something in mind.

"Although your father managed to win over power, he didn't win it cleanly. Your second uncle and some of the family still weren't happy, and the Yuan Family butted in. These uncertain elements all disappeared with the fall of Tianshuang County."

Along with the fall of Tianshuang County, Song Tianli had lost the faith of his father. After experiencing blow after blow, Song Jia's grandfather had decided to retire and live life happily.

As for the Yuan Family, they still had a score to settle. How would they interfere in the Song Family business?

With that, Song Tianxiong taking over control of the Song Family would not face any obstructions. The only bad point was that as the Lord, Song Wen had to take responsibility for the fall of Tianshuang County.

He had to take responsibility for this failure.

Luckily, still had Ouyang Shuo’s support behind them.

In truth, the fall of Tianshuang County was something that Ouyang Shuo held the most responsibility for, and he should take most of the blame. At the appropriate time, he would compensate Song Wen.

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