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Chapter 459

Chapter 459- Territory Law System

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Ouyang Shuo looked toward Wei Yang before continuing.

"Apart from establishing a system, we must also develop professional officials. Luckily for us, we can make use of the recently built law college. Including the law system of the territory, we can use the resources of the law college."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Wei Yang nodded, highly motivated.

If one said that the Shanhai Guards supervised and monitored in silence, the Internal Affairs Department acted as the supervisory system. The Shanhai Guards were the method, while the department was the way.

The law system reflected the way of the Internal Affairs Department. With the system, the department would have something to rely on to solve and deal with cases. They would not have to based decisions solely on one person's deductions and experiences.

Only with the law system could the Internal Affairs Department have something to fall back on.

One could say that the law system formed the core of the entire department.

The law system was something that Ouyang Shuo had talked to Wei Yang about when the latter first took up the role. He only did this because the matter was too complicated, and it involved many aspects. It concerned too many things, so it was not something Wei Yang could handle alone. 

The arrival of Han Feizi, Sheng Dao, and Shen Buhai let Ouyang Shuo heave a sigh of relief.

When the four heads of Legalism were free, they all showed a great amount of interest in the territory’s setting of the law system. This was also the reason why Han Feizi and Sheng Dao were willing to teach in the Xinan University.

For Legalists, if they could craft a suitable system, it would naturally be much better than any theory they could think up.

A system was a raise in the entire Legalism culture.

The four of them were confident that with the potential and development speed of Shanhai City, their system could radiate through the entire wilderness.

In this way, no matter what faction, they could not look down on Legalism.

However, due to these factors, they also needed to exercise extreme caution. Based on the calculations of Wei Yang, if they could finish a draft by the year end, it would be remarkable.

Apart from the four of them, the team also consisted of law experts from real life.

To these professionals, they had two motivations for joining in the creation of the system.

Firstly, they could use the chance to understand the thinking of the Legalists and open their own eyes. Although Legalism was different from modern day thinking, there were certain areas that overlapped.

Hence, be it for Wei Yang or the law professionals, working together presented a learning opportunity.

Wei Yang and the others were also very interested in the theories the law professionals pushed out.

Secondly, the law professionals wanted to make use of the chance to try out and explore.

In the future, when the spaceships reached planet Hope, the laws of the Federal Government would also need to change because of the societal structure and the running system changes.

The law professionals were exploring the section on laws for the Lord. How should the laws grant the Lord enough power but also monitor and supervise his or her actions?

This was a problem that the law world had not faced before. After all, the model of the territory on planet Hope would not have the same restrictions on the Lord. If not, it would affect their eagerness to explore.

Undoubtedly, this was an interesting question.

Hence, the law professionals living in Shanhai City saw the opportunity and decided to try out ideas and experiment.

Of course, there existed a time difference, one was olden times, the other modern. Their current law system would not work on planet Hope.

However, some of the laws were similar.

The law professionals were bored after all this time, so they naturally held a trying attitude and threw themselves into this project. Their eagerness even shocked their own family members.

Not only that, they also spread the news out amongst the law world, which made interested folks teleport over.

Amongst these law professionals, they had people who covered business laws, administrative law, economic law, and various important law topics. They greatly helped Shanhai in setting a law system.

Of course, when Ouyang Shuo met these professionals, he made it clear that this system's main goal was to protect the sole rule of the Lord.

If not, he definitely would not support the law system they designed. Ouyang Shuo naturally would not allow ideas like all humans are equal, freedom, and other such sayings.

His shamelessness shocked the professionals. Where would they find such a person, who could openly pronounce that he was the only one to hold power? Weren't such words supposed to be spoken in the dark?

Some professionals could not accept his attitude, which they perceived as arrogance, so they directly left. Ouyang Shuo politely sent them away; his attitude sincere and resolute.

Hence, even those who left could not say much. After all, each person had the right to chase for their own interests. Furthermore, this was just a game.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo’s attitude also left some of professionals awed. In their eyes, the exploration of planet Hope needed a talent like him.

Only an overlord could calm a chaotic time.

All in all, everyone had their own tastes.


After dealing with the Internal Affairs Department, he was left with the Financial Department.

"The Financial Department also has two matters to handle. Firstly, adjust the role of the Industry Division. The future Industry Division must focus on setting and leading the industrial strategies of the territory. As for the running of the territory, this aspect should be left to the locals. For example, the Three Flowers Wine factory, and the Langshan Minefields can be passed to Shanhai City. The hands of the Industry Division only needs to hold the mines, the military industry, the shipbuilding industry, and other core matters."

Cui Yingyu nodded to show that she had remembered his words.

Apart from the military industry, the future shipbuilding industry also had a bright future. Its profits could compare to the military industry.

Aside from the various Chambers of Commerce, adventure gamemode players also bought ships.

As they slowly opened up Yashan City, merchants ships and small-scale warships became hot products. Especially after Lin Jing’s exploration team found a treasure island; the other guilds went crazy, and they each formed their own exploration teams.

To players, it felt great to have the opportunity to explore the unknown. All of a sudden, sea exploration became a new craze.

Now, if a guild did not have a sea exploration team, they would not have the face to show themselves.

Based on Sun Xiaoyue’s words, the influx of people had reach nearly two thousand a day. Solely collecting teleportation fees was enough to cause their hands to ache.

Apart from that, when the various guilds went out to explore, they only had Yashan City as a supplies base. These sales alone generated more than half of Yashan City's income.

Ouyang Shuo saw the business opportunity, so he directly sent the excess equipment from the Shanhai City military to sell there.

The empty islands that players found came in a huge variety; there was a chance to encounter desolate beasts, rare mines, and even the burial places of pirates.

There was even a chance that they could find aboriginals. If they were unlucky, they might land on an island that pirates had taken as their base.

Of course, they were most likely to find an uninhabited island with nothing at all.

As there were many possibilities, the players felt their blood boil.

Of course, exploring came with risks. Amongst which, the part that gave the most headaches were naturally pirates. The Yashan Squadron had only removed the pirates in the vicinity of Yashan City.

Apart from pirates, deep in the oceans lurked giant beasts that also posed a huge threat to ships.

Rather than putting their hopes on the Yashan Squadron, some guilds like the War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group started to form up their own elite navy squad to face the pirates and water beasts.

After all, be it pirates or deep water beasts, although they were terrifying, they would leave behind amazing rewards if defeated.

A chase of riches and excitement aptly described the current situation.

Amongst the adventure gamemode players, especially the leaders of guilds, there were many with foresight. They had another goal—to prepare for the future country battle.

Everyone knew that in the future country battles, the enemy would most likely attack the various island countries. Especially Japan, which saw China as a nail in their sights that they needed to remove.

Maybe because the Lords had too much to consider, so they had some doubts. Adventure gamemode players were different. When their blood boiled, they were willing to do anything.

The various guilds did not lack hot blooded individuals.

Even Ouyang Shuo had participated in the war against Japan in his last life. The animosity and patriotism they felt was not something that players from other countries could understand.

Ouyang Shuo could still recall the high intensity of that battle.

In the end, the troops from the China region suffered heavy loses and retreated. This was the second exploration mission that the China region had formed up; they would not rest until they destroyed Japan.

Thinking about this matter, coldness flashed across his eyes.

The regret of his last life, he would end in this one.

Because of such considerations, the various guilds were eager to explore. The two navy squadrons that Shanhai City had built was also a clear sign.

Toward the foresight of Ouyang Shuo, the leaders of the guilds felt really respectful.

All of this was the result of Ouyang Shuo’s silent manipulation, and Lin Jing's exploration was also instructed by him.

To obtain victory in a country war, they needed to develop a strong navy. Solely depending on Shanhai City was not enough, so he needed to borrow the strength of the entire region.

Ouyang Shuo was playing a massive chess game.

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