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Chapter 457

Chapter 457- Land of Philosophers

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Out of the philosopher groups, other than Confucianism, Legalism, Mohism, and Taoism, the other factions and school of thoughts all had disciples move in. More than half chose to either study in Xinan University or accept disciples.

The philosophers were the best at the research of theories.

Hence, Xinan University was the most suitable place for them. With all the philosophers moving in, Xinan University was comparable to any learning institute in history, probably even better than all of them.

After all, which learning institute had Jiang Shang, Han Feizi, Mozi, Sheng Dao, Xu Hang, and more?

They also preserved the philosophers’ platform from the debate.

Based on Principal Jiang Shang’s plans, every month in the future, Xinan University would hold one debate.

The age of debating was slowly showing its glamor.

From this philosophers’ debate, Shanhai City had reaped insane rewards. However, amongst the joy, they also felt numerous regrets.

Hui Shi, Sun Long, Lu Buwei of the miscellaneous school of thought, Su Qin, and the others, were like Lao Zhuang. They left right after the debate ended.

Especially Su Qin, no matter how much Xiao He insisted, Su Qin rejected him. Based on Su Qin’s words, he did not want to work together with Zhang Yi. He wanted a different platform.

When Ouyang Shuo received the news, he seemed calm and composed. However, a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. That afternoon, Cui Tianqi, who was still undergoing training, was summoned to his reading room.


Since this was the first time Ouyang Shuo had summoned him, Cui Tianqi felt both nervous and excited.

"Do you dare to kill someone?"

Cui Tianqi felt a shiver run down his spine, but he cupped his hands and said, "if the Lord wants me to, I'll jump into flames without hesitation." When he trained in Yazhou, Cui Tianqi's sword had already tasted human blood—the blood of raiders.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this response, he shook his head in amusement. Who knew who he learned those words from.

Ouyang Shuo picked out a portrait from his desk and said expressionlessly, “Get rid of this person."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Cui Tianqi walked up and carefully accepted the portrait. He took a look before he stored it away. He definitely would not ask who the person was or why the Lord wanted to kill him.

No matter what the Lord instructed, he just had to act.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this, he nodded his head, pleased. Although Cui Tianqi was young, he was very mature and reliable. He knew his position and was not hot blooded, a real good seedling.

"Remember, you must keep this matter a secret. Don't let anyone know."


Cui Tianqi had a solemn appearance, and his heartbeat quickened a beat.

If this matter was revealed, even Ouyang Shuo could not imagine how he would deal with the consequences. After all, it was truly unbecoming for a Lord who announced during the philosophers’ debate that he would accept everyone and be gracious to assassinate a philosopher the next day.

Ouyang Shuo would not give any justification. However, anyone who stood in his way was an enemy. Toward any enemy, Ouyang Shuo naturally would not grant any mercy.

If you wanted to blame someone, just blame that person for not knowing what was good for them.

"Go! After you finish, go back to the base; there's no need to come back. If you fail, you must inform me straight away. Definitely do not do anything rash."

As this was Cui Tianqi's first mission, Ouyang Shuo had to specifically instruct him.


Cui Tianqi nodded his head like a little kid. Then, he turned around and left the reading room.

Ouyang Shuo looked at the fading back of Cui Tianqi and let out a soft sigh. Who knows whether leading this kid on this path was right or wrong. If Cui Yingyu knew what he did, she would probably be triggered.

At 4 PM, just when Ouyang Shuo was dealing with official documents, a system notification suddenly sounded out in his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Shanhai City's Confucius and Martial Temple has obtained the writings of both saints; its glory shines. Shanhai City awarded the title of ‘Civil and Military Assemble’.”

Xu Shuda was really efficient; he had quickly carved the words written in the morning into boards.

Civil and Military Assemble: 15% increase in quality of civil servants, 15% increase in quality of soldiers.

Although the name of this title seemed overpowered, its stats were only decent; it could not be compared with the other titles. At least, it was better than nothing, so Ouyang Shuo was still pleased.

Unexpectedly, the changes did not end there.

At this moment, another system notification sounded out.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Land of Military Strategists, Land of Legalism, Land of Agriculture, Land of Mohism, Land of Culture, Maneuvering Amongst Political Groups, Civil and Military Assemble, these seven titles can be merged."

Who knew that Shanhai City had actually amassed so many titles; it truly drove one crazy.

The last merger of titles had let Ouyang Shuo realize that merging would not result in harm. Instead, it would result in a strengthened title.

However, this time, he was not merging gold titles like Home of Fist Arts but platinum titles.


Ouyang Shuo gritted his teeth and decided to take the gamble.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Shanhai City has obtained the title of Land of Philosophers; the seven other titles have automatically disappear."

Ouyang Shuo eagerly checked out the new title, as his heartbeat quickened. He was afraid that some accident might happen.

Title: Land of Philosophers

Specialty: 25% increase in territory reputation, one grade increase in territory commoner potential, 25% increase in territory industry prosperity, 25% increase in the four territory indices.

Unique Specialty: Respect the King (25% increase in deterrence to outside races).

Evaluation: Merged from numerous titles and buffed by the philosophers; it raises every industry. Unique, cannot be improved, cannot be traded.


Ouyang Shuo let out a huge sigh of relief; he had made the correct gamble.

The original seven titles, a total of twenty-six stats, were all combined into four specialties and one unique specialty. Although each of them seemed simple, it meant a lot.

The buff to the territory’s reputation, needless to say, was a pretty standard speciality, but it was still a rare one.

However, the insane part was the increase in grade of the commoners’ potential. During the last system update, their potential was split into A, B, C, and D; a huge divide separated each grade.

This grade affected the NPCs speed in raising their skills, their ability to break bottlenecks, and increase research standards. It was similar to the bone structure stat of players.

Now, this buff would raise their potential by one grade. What kind of concept was that? It was incredibly overpowered. Just this one specialty was better than the specialities that the other seven titles granted him.

Undeniably, under this buff, the NPCs with an A grade would improve rapidly. Who knew whether those with original A grades would experience any change?

The problem was that the A grade was already the highest. In that case, did Gaia have any hidden settings planned? This problem could only be solved in the future.

Raising the prosperity of industries, be it agriculture, business, handicraft, was an overall raise.

This specialty not only took over the title of Land of Agriculture and Land of Mohism, it even improved the two stats, covering all the industries.

Raising the territory indices was a huge overall increase for the four indices. It was similar to what the Land of Culture and the Land of Military Strategists brought. Apart from that, it also helped to raise the economic index.

Last of all was a totally new concept, the unique specialty, Respect the King.

It was obvious that this stat replaced the diplomacy stat. It improved it and even directly increased the prestige and deterrence of the Lord.


When Ouyang Shuo read the information about this unique specialty, he could not help but grin.

The title of Land of Philosophers was the best explanation of this philosophers’ debate. With this title, Shanhai City was in an unbeatable position in the China region.

In terms of NPC quality, no other territory could compare with them.

In the future, the territory would explode, and they could receive endless benefits.

Along with the philosophers’ debate coming to an end, the scholars who wanted to work in Shanhai City had already expressed their intentions. They would move out of Juxian House and enter the official residence area.

Those who wanted to could even directly move into the two education areas, which had many facilities and hundreds of mansions.

Those who did not move in started to pack up and leave Shanhai City. If they were scholars from the imperial city, naturally, they left through the teleportation formation.

If they were historical people added to the game after the war ended like Lu Buwei, they would disappear into the wilderness. With Gaia’s buff, they could travel thousands of miles in a day.

Ouyang Shuo had previously asked Wei Yang about this matters.

It seem that each historical person would receive a Divine Travelling Talisman from Gaia. With this, they could travel thousands of miles in a day and remain totally safe.

If they choose to work for a territory, Gaia would take back that the talisman.

When Ouyang Shuo heard about this, he felt incredibly envious. Such a talisman was pretty much the god weapon of god weapons. If he had such a talisman, he could visit territories everywhere, everyday.

Tomorrow, Lu Buwei and the others would leave.

That night, Juxian House was bustling. The philosophers were still relishing and reliving what had happened during the day, and they only dispersed late at night.

Just as everyone fell asleep, a black dressed man sneakily arrived outside Su Qin's room. Seeing that no one was around, he carefully pushed open the door.

After he entered, he did not even stop. He directly charged straight at Su Qin, who was deep in his slumber.

Coldness flashed across the man’s eyes, as he used his hand to press onto Su Qin's mouth, while the other hand slashed at his throat.

This representative figure of diplomacy fell just like that.

The black dressed man quickly took out a black bag and placed the body inside. Then, he left the room and disappeared into the night sky.

The next day, even if people found out that Su Qin was not present, they would just assume that he had left early.

The night was just so dark.

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