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Chapter 456

Chapter 456- Land of Culture

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Xinan University, Philosophers’ Platform.

Kong Zi and Han Feizi did not go straight at each other's throats, nor did they try to pinpoint each other's faults. The entire debate was peaceful. Rather than calling it a debate, it was more akin to a sharing and exchanging of ideas.

Be it Kong Zi or Han Feizi, they had hung around the wilderness for a long time, so they had a clear understanding of the social structure of the wilderness. These experiences had a hefty influence on their ideas.

Not only that, the players also influenced both of them.

That was right, players like Ouyang Shuo. The China Region was so huge, and there were many hidden dragons and tigers. Even other territories would more or less use an advanced ruling system that contained elements taken from the real world.

These new and special systems and the bold ideals of these territories undoubtedly came as a huge blow to both of them.

The world in the game and the Warring States Period were two completely different concepts.

However, they were saints. No matter how the world changed, their ideals would still stay strong. From the things they learned through their travels, solely a few words about it could make one reflect and think deeply.


Within the hall, cheers would regularly erupt.

Even as you grow old, you would continue to learn.

These two knowledgeable heavyweights used their own actions to give all the philosophers a real lesson.

In the future, Confucianism and Legalism, even the rest of the philosophers, would continue to have debates. However, it would have a new requirement—they would need to accept the thinkings of other. They must not hold onto the path and close themselves up; they develop with the times.

Lastly, Jiang Shang walked up the stage.

"Philosophers, each faction and school of thinking has its strengths and weaknesses. Debating is not for deciding a victor but to motivate one another. Let's hope that this age of debating lasts forever!"

Ouyang Shuo stood up and led the applause.

The age of debating, well said.

The regret the Spring and Autumn philosophers felt was not because of who won or lost, but because the debating atmosphere and cultural platform was totally wiped away. It only allowed one school of thought and one faction to take the stage.

This action was good in that it preserved a rule, but to cultural progression and thinking, it was detrimental.

Ouyang Shuo turned around and looked at all the philosophers. Then, he made a solemn promise.

"Shanhai City will accept everyone and every school of thought. We won't cling solely on one faction or school of thought. Every philosopher can move into Shanhai City and lay their roots here."

Within the hall, thunderous applause broke out.

At this point, the philosophers’ debate officially ended.

The moment it ended, a system notification sounded out in his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyu for completing the A rank quest ‘Reappear philosopher's debate.’ Player rewarded 4000 merit points and 40,000 reputation points."


"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Shanhai City is awarded the title of ‘Land of Culture’. Please take a look."

Ouyang Shuo immediately looked at the stats that the title granted.

Land of Culture: 45% increase in education standards of people, 10% increase in culture value of territory, 25% increase in civil servant standards, 35% increase in talent attraction rate.

As expected from such a title. With it, Shanhai City did not need to worry about failing to attract talents.

This completed the grand event. However, it did not end just yet.

Ouyang Shuo had past through many trials and hardships. Now, he had finally obtained the recognition of Jiang Shang after the debate. This ancestor of the philosophers accepted Ouyang Shuo’s invitation, and he officially became the principal of Xinan University.

The moment the news went out, the philosophers were shocked.

The first to express their interest were the Confucians. Although Kong Zi still mainly took traveling and learning as his core, he announced that he would teach at the university for a month.

The moment the news went out, all the Confucians in the world were stunned.

Before this, Kong Zi had travelled around. He would hurry around and travel mysteriously, never living for long in an area. This time, he would spend a month here, breaking the old precedence. One could foresee that in the next few days, many Confucians would swarm in to Shanhai City to listen to him.

Ouyang Shuo instructed Fan Zhongyan to use this opportunity to recruit some talents.

This event wiped away the unhappiness and disadvantage Ouyang Shuo felt because of the Qin Shihuang incident. Who knows, maybe those Confucians who left Xianyang and were ready to seclude themselves would come to Shanhai City.

Apart from Kong Zi, Meng Zi also accepted Ouyang Shuo's invitation to become the Dean of the Economics College. He would help to spread and research of economics.

Along with Meng Zi, a large number of Confucians stayed too.

The economics college now brimmed with talent.

In the future, the college would produce a large number of economics professors for the territory.

However, there was still one cause for regret. Due to the presence of Kong Zi, even if Meng Zi chose to base himself in Shanhai, it did not mean that Confucianism had moved in. One could foresee that Confucianism would probably not base themselves in any territory.

Following behind Confucianism was Legalism.

The powerhouse of Legalism, Han Feizi, accepted Ouyang Shuo's invitation to set up a law college. Apart from that, Sheng Dao would also become the vice dean of the law college.

With these two huge heads forming the base of the Law Division, they would develop Legalism disciples including commissioners, jail officers, and forensics officers.

The other representative figure of Legalism, Shen Buhai, entered the Nanjiang Governor-General House to work. Compared to the others, he was more ambitious.

Not because of other reasons, but only because the main ideology his faction pushed for was technique.

His technique was a blade, a blade created for the lord. Hence his technique could only have place through serving a Lord.

Using this blade, the Lord would have the power to kill, and his position as the Lord of the territory would not be threatened

Apart from using the knife to blade, one must have the ability to control the officials.

In other words, they must have the ability to monitor, test and prevent the officials from misusing their powers.

The above two were acts that they showed to the world. Apart from such Yang methods, they must also utilize Ying methods that were hidden in the dark.

The Lord needed to place ears around, to understand the situation amongst his officials. The moment he found any problems or schemes, he could prevent or sack the related individuals.

Ouyang Shuo understood Shen Buhai's ability, so he immediately thought of a suitable position. It was the Safety Division that he had always wanted to create.

Shen Buhai was greatly attracted toward Ouyang Shuo's suggestion, so he happily accepted the job.

Just like that, before anyone else knew anything, they secretly established the biggest intel organization in Shanhai City.

Under his suggestion, they named the division the Shanhai Guards; they would guard and protect the power and administrative ability of Shanhai.

The Shanhai Guards was not only in charge of monitoring the officials, but they also kept an eye on the Black Snake Guards and the Military Intelligence Division.

Shen Buhai was appointed as the commander.

Apart from him, Shanhai City also recruited a bunch of Legalism and Mohism scholars to join in.

That's right, Mohists.

Following Confucianism and Legalism, Mohism also made its stand.

Mozi accepted Ouyang Shuo’s suggestion and became the dean of the natural sciences college.

Mohism had vast amounts of knowledge in the areas of Cognition, Logic, Geometry, Optics, Mechanics, and Engineering.

It was highly suitable for Mozi to become the dean.

The moment he accepted the role, a system notification sounded out.

"System Notification: Mohism representative figure Mozi has entered Shanhai Territory and joined the natural science college to recruit disciples. Philosophers’ school of thought, Mohism, has officially based itself in Shanhai City."


System Notification: Mohism has officially moved in to Shanhai City. Awarded the title, Land of Mohism, Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi!"


Ouyang Shuo smiled and took a look at the stats.

Land of Mohism: 35% increase in territory technology levels, 40% increase in siege weapons research efficiency, 15% increase in territory talent skill familiarity, 10% increase in territory law and order.

As expected, Mohism mainly increased the skill branches of the territory.

The research of the Mohists on siege weapons and siege tactics was first rate. Apart from Mozi, they also had another important figure who would become a chief at the Army Military Academy.

Additionally, their scholars would also enter the academy to teach matters such as engineering, city building, and sieging.

Amongst the Mohists, apart from the research faction, there was another faction adept at martial arts.

The Shanhai Guards recruited this faction. Furthermore, the commoner intel network they had created would be placed under the control of the Shanhai Guards.

Ouyang Shuo specially made one of the best disciples of Mozi the Shanhai Guard Garrison Officer, his position only lower than Commander Shen Buhai.

Hence, the newly established Shanhai Guards became a place of both Mohism and Legalism.

Although Ouyang Shuo trusted Shen Buhai, he would not completely trust him. Instead, he would try to balance the powers between the Shanhai Guards. Only then could he fully control them in his hands.

Be it Shen Buhai or the Mohists, to control the power of the Shanhai Guards, they needed the support of Ouyang Shuo.

An organization like the Shanhai Guards was the easiest way for subordinates to wrestle leadership and render it useless.

Ouyang Shuo knew the importance of the organization, so he would prevent that from happening. Apart from letting Mohism and Legalism control one another, he also had a trump card—Cui Tianqi and the other disciples training in the special forces camp.

Cui Tianqi was his real right hand men.

In the future, the kind of role he could play in the Shanhai Guards would depend on him.

Mohism now held really high positions in both the universities and the Shanhai Guards. Their position could be compared to that of Legalism and Confucianism, as expected from a large school of thought that had a solid foundation and ability.

Out of the four main schools of thought, only Taoism was determined to not stay. After the debate, Laozi, Zhuang Zi, and the rest all disappeared.

The entire Shanhai City slowly regained its calmness and peace.

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